ED, minister sucked into missing $6,4m mess

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa and Mines minister Winston Chitando were yesterday dragged into a case in which $6,4 million pumped into Hwange Colliery Company for exploration, allegedly disappeared, while board members were kidnapped and held hostage by an operative linked to the two with assistance from police officers.


Government on Monday put the troubled coal producer under reconstruction and appointed Bekithemba Moyo of DBF Capital as its administrator.

The move also suspended the functions of Hwange Colliery’s board of directors.

But members of the board, led by acting chairperson Juliana Muskwe, yesterday appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Mines, which is chaired by Temba Mliswa, to shed light on the goings-on at the mine.

She also spoke on the abduction of company secretary Allan Masiye and internal auditor Gilbert Mudenda by Shepherd Tundiya with the assistance of the police.

“There was a lot of mismanagement of funds by Shepherd Manamike (financial director) and Thomas Makore (former managing director) to the extent that Makore was even said to be paying a journalist at ZBC and when we demanded to know how much, Masiye was arrested and when we called for an enquiry on May 23, Makore resigned,” Muskwe said.

However, Makore reportedly continued getting payment under unclear circumstances even though he had been given his statutory retirement package.
“The $6,4 million for (exploration of) the western area was used without board authority,” Muskwe said.

“When we suspended Manamike, Tundiya stormed in with two police officers during a board meeting with our lawyers in Harare. They grabbed Masiye and Mudenda and threw them into a car without number plates.”

Muskwe said that Tundiya owned two companies — Phil Cool and Avin Investments — which had contracts to transport coal from Hwange to a Zimbabwe Power Company plant in Kwekwe and bragged that he was connected to Mnangagwa and Chitando and was taking instructions from the President’s office.

“When we suspended Manamike, Tundiya called me to say that Mnangagwa wanted to see me and I must report to the President’s office,” Muskwe said.

“When we went to the President’s office, we only saw a director (name not given), who instructed that we should work well with Tundiya. He (Tundiya) then took control and ordered the board to reinstate Manamike. He also called for another meeting at Chitando’s office where he gave instructions and surprisingly Chitando was quiet and did not say anything.”

Another board member, Edward Tome, said the financial problems at Hwange were caused by gross mismanagement.

He said a European company, Motor Engine, which was contracted to mine coal by the Hwange Company Scheme, had not been paid, alongside several other creditors and workers as management allegedly embezzled funds, while Tundiya called the shots.

“When we suspended Manamike and Makore for the second time, we were told that there were instructions from the top to reinstate him,” Tome said.

Former board member Ntombizodwa Masuku said they later heard that the instructions allegedly came from Mnangagwa, who said that Manamike was his neighbour and so could not be suspended from Hwange.

Tundiya allegedly owes Hwange more than $200 000 after he diverted coal for his own use.

After the board directed that a forensic audit be carried out, Chitando put the company under reconstruction.

The board members said they learnt of the development in newspapers as they were not consulted.

In an Extraordinary Government Gazette published on Monday, Chitando said Hwange owes the government over $150 million, with its liabilities far outstripping the value of its assets.

Hwange Colliery Company Scheme chairperson Andrew Lawson told the committee that placement of the coal producer under reconstruction was unlawful because it was publicly listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

The miner also lost the Western area concession, with businessman Billy Rautenbach telling the board that it was now his, Lawson told the committee.

Government has 37,1% shares in Hwange, Messina Investments 16,76%, Meikles Steel 9,76%, London Register 6,87%, National Social Security Authority 6,45%, Hamilton and Hamilton Trust 4,9%, Local Authorities and Pension Funds 1,2%, as well as several minority shareholders (4 401 in total).


  1. You have very bad things to say about our president based on mere hearsay. So this is what you believe is the most important news to share with the world? What do you think about the discovery of gas and oil which will start tn benefit our economy in less than two years time? Don’t you think it’s much better news for the progress of our nation?

    1. Musorobhangu(G40)

      They will loot the gas and oil as well,so don’t pin your hope on that or any other so called discoveries or mega deals. These are hardcore criminals,they will keep on lining their pockets.

    2. ED appears in UN reports on corruption etc. Even the plunder of DRC diamonds…and he continued at Chiadzwa as well as midlands gold. imbavha yemakoko iya.

  2. ED is the godfather of corruption. It is also disheartening that minister Chitando is in support of corrupt and bad corporate governance practices.

    1. just as chamisa is in support of violence and incidentally a godfather in that respect as well

      1. u need a psycho review ….

      2. Clutching at straws…….

  3. Haikona kungoita basa rekuvukura zvisina nebasa rose. Do you have any proof of what you are saying? If Ed is a godfather of corruption, what are you you yourself godfather of? Mabhoi muchatinyadzisa, hamuzivi zvamunoda. Basa nderekuchiva nyika dzevamwe uchisvibisa yako! Mugabe ainzi hatimude. Ed nhasi hanzi hatimude zvakare! Hazvishamise Kuti Kana newe wacho pachako hautozvidi. Uri mambara anokwesha musoro nebwe.

    1. Then if he is not the godfather of corruption where is the progress mdara..haa msadaro murimunhu mkuru, wekuziva futi just admit kuti Zanu Pf has failed coz they are corrupt and embrace the fact that they will never change their ways as long as vachingoshandisa chiComrade in whatever they do..we’re now in a new world we appreciate what those folks did for us, liberating this country, but hondo yakapfuura they played their part now takuda development havachakwanisi kuita work with these new technologically evolved systems ndavachisiirao vechidiki vaite.

    2. Pfuteki..Ediot..

    3. Mugabe na ED wacho hativade vese. Tinoda Chamisa chetechete…

  4. chivhayo is not alone, injakenjake nhaka yemakonzo

  5. how can an individual be given contract to transport coal to munyati power station when national railways was doing that all the years with less costs. why do you make someone to be powerful using the name of the President and the president does not rebuke that person. We are in the same error of Mugabe. This is Zanu pf it does not repent .The people are suffering cant afford a meal but such things are happening .

    1. I never heard of anywhere in the story where the President was seen or talked to. Former board member Ntombizodwa Masuku said they later heard that the instructions allegedly came from Mnangagwa, who said that Manamike was his neighbour and so could not be suspended from Hwange. “When we went to the President’s office, we only saw a director (name not given), who instructed that we should work well with Tundiya. He (Tundiya) then took control and ordered the board to reinstate Manamike. He also called for another meeting at Chitando’s office where he gave instructions and surprisingly Chitando was quiet and did not say anything.” Can someone produce prof of these alegations please. Who is the Director??? any written communication or recording or whatever prof???

  6. mbavha imbavha kuita president hakumisi hunhu wekuba

  7. Guys as much as you may want to defend ED to your graves it’s all of no use. It’s now clear as daylight that ED is corrupt to the core & a disappointing failure & it’s only a matter of time before his own party turns against him

  8. ED wako hasiriye here akaramba Mugabe?

  9. ED have no moral upright to end coruption because he is the godfather of coruption. Go and ask ma korokozas in Kwekwe, His neighbors in Mt Pleasant, he is a muderer hauna kunzwa nyaya ya majonga

  10. ED is too much wo, yesterday it was Queen B, today it’s Hwange Power station, zvakaoma

  11. Takagara tazviona kuti MBAVHA iyi ihombe by stealing MDC election now you are going to steal state resources.

  12. Farai J Nhire is just a wonder who neither sees nor hears evil as long as it concerns the president and gvt. Are you aware that the board members when they appear before Parly are under oath? Why would they lie to a whole Parly Committee only to be arrested when it is realised they lied under oath? Wake up and smell the coffee. Just tells you how much our Executive is captured by a myriad of individuals. And that we have individuals who benefit from the corrupt system and will do everything in their power to protect and maintain it in the form of Nhire. Cry our beloved country!

  13. If somebody say something without proof would you believe it? Did you meet Mnangarwa no, but a certain director, name not supplied. Ava vanenyaya yavo ichabuda. If the President knew that he is involved he shouldnt have allow the parl portifolio commit to do its works b4 that money availed. If I say Chamisa stole my money you would believe, but is it true, no. Wait for the parl portifolio committee findings.

  14. Why do you always have to jump into unjustified conclusions? Can you specificaly tell us how Ed is connected to the 6.5 million dollars? You are just bringing in Ed’s name merely because you hate him not because there is any shred of evidence. If someone committs a crime using another senior person’s name during that senior person’s absence, do we automaticaly and reasonably conclude that the person whose name is being used is in agreement with that kind of behaviour? Do you now see that there are two things to prove in order to find Ed guilty of any wrongdoing? 1: We need to prove that those individuals ever mentioned Ed and Chitando when they commited the crimes, the thing which has no known proof yet! Who said people do not lie under oath??!??!!! 2: If those criminals mentioned Ed for real, do we automaticaly and reasonably conclude that those dishonest people were telling the truth then?? Ahh come on guys. This is the very same error of mdca when they brought foward their electoral petion.

  15. If you rely on lies and untraceable testimonies, you wont anywhere. No wonder MDCA lost in the concourt they take legal matters on layman’s point of view. No votes were stolen but it was a thunderous win for ZANU PF.

  16. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    Its well known ED is far from clean or at the very least his name has been well used for corrupt and criminal activities especially. I don’t even know if a thorough investigation of this issue is even possible in Zimbabwe, but its up to the President to clear his name.

  17. pliz shut up @ black and nhire

  18. ED = thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief……..thief!! One year after restore legacy not even one person gone to jail for corruption

  19. The regime of cruel, greedy and corrupt leaders. whatever is said by their appendages here to cover them, we know the truth, we are not fools. one day zvichapera chete zvechizanu zanu izvi.

  20. Why do you want Ed just to vindictively point at anyone and ask the individual to be taken to jail? Is that how our state operates realy? Ed is the president but he is not a prosecutor and judge. The law does not allow him to do things that way. Each arm of government has its own limited jurisdiction including the executive which Ed is part of. Ed cannot force a magistrate to convict or to exonerate the acused. What now? You want to find an excuse to lebel him a dictator and a tyrant don’t you? This is why the president has recently decided to resort to the section of the costitution which empowers him to aply presidential powers but only for so long. Yavako commission muoffice yapresident yekuona nevanoita uori and ramba wakavhura maziso nenzeve uchanzwa vakawanda vochema varumwa nechokuchera.

  21. John has run out of steam. Contribute not to tell us to shut up. Chamisa during his campaign said he is going to get 15bn fm a certain country, where is the money. In a case he represented, Zuva petrolium, he caused us jobless. Now he is busy chasing legally elected Moyors replacing them with his close friends who lost elections. Presently he is building a comfortable nest for the congress. He decided to have sunctions, ZIDERA tell us the meaning, renewed single handedly. Now who is corrupt.

  22. Nonsense, during operation restore legacy ED said he was going to remove corrupt elements in government & lock them up, today you are now telling us that he is not a judge or prosecutor, what is that crap?

  23. Your Name (required): Special Black

    John, John, have you run out of steam to tell others to shut up? One of you is saying they dont want Mugabe and ED but Chamisa, how many are you to vote him to power? Just yesterday one of you said MDCA is a youth party not old apes found in ZANU PF so minus old ones. So you have heard those over fifty leave a youth party alone. I just feel pitty for my old friends in MDCA. Have you tried to stop Chamisa fm removing legally elected Mayors?

  24. Having evidence or not the truth remains the same. Defending or not defending the culprits the truth of what had happened remains. Evidence might not be found to proof but that does not mean the crime was not committed. We have many things that had happened but the evidence was destroyed but that will not mean that the happening did not happen. Everything will be revealed one day this I tell you. Corruption hide what is real and promote lies. I had someone commending on the issue oil and gas, my friend exploitation of these resources is different from operating a tuck-shop. These resources can not be exploited in such a small space of time.

  25. Mukashanda zvakanaka naTundiya anokuTundyayi

  26. When I mentioned about the oil and gas resourses, I was just making one very simple point if you look the context in which i made that remark. The point was that the discovery of such riches puts us at par with nations like Angola, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Russia etc. That actualy makes that fact a very big news item than the unfair and unprovoked demonisation of our head of state. These national leaders will never be perfect whereever you go in this world. Why not focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. Yes you had your own choice for president but the results did not favour you but life should go on man. You cannot spend the rest of your life lamenting over spilt milk. Life has to carry on and after all you and me and Ed and Nelson are related literaly ukada kuzvitsvakisisa. Tese tiri hama nehama saka tinopedzerei simba redu nenguva panezvinhu zvisina pundutso?

    1. Nyamuchengwa Mazuru

      One thing you should remember is that aprt from that oil and gas , we have diamonds which have become a curse instead of a blessing.Nothing will stop them from looting the resources as they have done before. Nothing has changed and its aluta continua.The scricpt sounds very similar to Bob

  27. Your Name (required): Special Black

    Well said Farai but some of MDCA supporters have their own mission and scores to settle. Some of those who were asikari aRhodesia have overdosed youths with lies. They hate,HE ED, Liberation war fighters, the old povo and ZUNU PF in general. This the true face of MDCA. All mineral resources that being discovered its the God of Zim no matter how long it will take its for the next generation.

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