DDF official held for poaching

MANICALAND District Development Fund (DDF) boss Robert Chawatama has been arrested in Chipinge over allegations of poaching.


Chawatama (52) was arrested alongside his farm manager Didymus Nyaumwe (59) and supervisor Cephas Chezuro (39).

The trio reportedly killed a buffalo worth $8000.

Upon their arrest, they were found in possession of two rifles which they allegedly used for poaching in the Middle Sabi.

The trio appeared at a circuit court in Middle Sabi charged with “hunting any animal on any land without permit”.

They were not asked to plead when they appeared before magistrate Farai Gwitima last week.

It is the State’s case that on October, 21 2018 during the late hours, the trio proceeded to Farm 9 in Middle Sabi, Chipinge.

It is alleged that they were driving a truck and upon arrival, they shot a buffalo.

Lovemore Mwatisiya from the Zimbabwe Parks Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) who was on patrol heard some gunshots and informed his bosses.

Mwatisiya and his bosses launched an investigation and found out that a buffalo was shot.

Spent cartridges were recovered from the scene, according to the State.

The Zimparks team reported the matter to police. An investigation was launched, leading to the arrest of Chawatama and his accomplices.

They were, however, removed from remand and will appear in court by way of summons.

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