Chaos reigns as police eject MPs

Violence broke out in the National Assembly before Finance minister Mthuli Ncube announced the 2019 national budget statement after the Speaker Jacob Mudenda unleashed police officers on MDC Alliance legislators to forcibly remove them from the chamber for refusing to stand up for President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


The rules and decorum of Parliament require that MPs must stand up in respect of the President whenever he visits Parliament, but MDC Alliance legislators remained seated as Mnangagwa entered in protest of the July elections, which they still claim were stolen.

This did not go down well with Mudenda, who ordered the MDC Alliance legislators out of the House, but they defied his orders.

“MPs on the left, you did not stand up for the President, can you leave the House?” Mudenda ordered.

When they remained seated, police officers were then brought into the chamber to forcibly remove them one by one, resulting in the opposition MPs being roughed up in the full glare of visitors who had come to listen to the budget statement, who included United Nations Development Programme country representative Bishow Parajuli.

Female MPs were handled very badly by the police officers as they forcibly pulled them out of the House, with some unfortunate situations to the extent that their skirts were pulled up, resulting in their undergarments being exposed. Ads

The violent scuffles continued for about 30 minutes, as the opposition MPs resisted the violent ejection, and Mnangagwa and his two deputies, Kembo Mohadi and Constantino Chiwenga, who were present in the House, just sat stone-faced and watched as the opposition legislators, females included, were roughed up.

Seeing that the violence was now serious, about 30 opposition MPs that were yet to be forcefully removed then decided to leave without any more violent scuffles with the police.

“I would like to humbly receive the President and Head of State and Commander of the Defence Forces, and I want to apologise for the delay. It is wrong that MPs cannot respect the Head of State at a time when the international community has accepted that the President is the Head of State. No other person, including MPs, can be allowed to have a different view, and Parliament administration shall take appropriate action,” Mudenda said.

Zanu PF MPs then filled up the benches after the opposition MPs had been ejected.

At a Press briefing held outside Parliament Building, as the Budget presentation was going on, the MDC legislators said Mudenda’s decision to eject them was illegal
MDC chief whip Prosper Mutseyami said: “What the Speaker did, I’m sure it has a lot of enthusiasm which is being put across negatively. In a way, what the Speaker did came from his wisdom, it’s not coming from Parliament procedures. So if it’s not in the green book, if it’s not in the Constitution, then it’s illegal. But then, I wonder how would an advocate move something illegal? I’m sure it’s pressure coming from his politburo.”

Several MDC legislators were said to have gone to for treatment at a local hospital after being manhandled by police officers during the melee.

These include party chairperson Thabitha Khumalo.

Mutseyami said they did not rise for Mnangagwa because “he is an illegitimate President”.

The opposition MPs assured their supporters that they would continue fighting for the people in face of adversity.


  1. MDC MPs are rowdy and obviously this was pre-planned. If they dont recognise Mnangagwa then they should not come to parliament at all in protest. Vakagonekwa and mutemo hauchinje. MDC has turned into a bunch of noisy, violent, STUPID, immature, and foolish group of losers. If they do it again, eject them again, the law is the law. And Newsday you lied when you said male officers handled mdc female mps inappropriately, we saw that thing live on TV and mdc female MPS were ejected by a group of females police officers, about 7 of them. Musanyepe imi.

  2. How many MPs went for treatment. I am sure these buffoons knew that they would be ejected and indeed were.

    This takes us to the area of wisdom, Masango is wise, Mliswa is wise and the bunch of MDC Alliance is very unwise. They want to change that which can not be changed. ED is the republican president for the next five years.

  3. To call MDC Alliance MPs Honourable is a farce. Nothing was honourable from what they did in parliament.After all they took a loyal oath of office from the President himself when they were sworn in as MPs. I wonder for how long will it take for these people to realise that ED is set to be the sitting President of the Republic Of Zimbabwe for the next five years.Wake up and be productive please.

  4. Its a shame, they only acknowleged Mnangagwa in their swearing in ceremony. If the point is that Pres. Mnangagwa is illegitimate, they should have started by refusing to stand and take an oath in front of an illegitimate president. However, the fact that they acknowledged him as president for the swearing in ceremony means the cry of illegitimacy is now unfounded.

  5. Comment…Chamisa was right when he branded MDC supporters STUPID. The StUPID mps were sworn in before ED.

  6. Chamisa was right when he labelled MDC supporters STUPID

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