Chamisa takes fight to AU, Sadc

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday said he would escalate his fight against President Emmerson Mnangagwa by filing a petition with the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU), to intervene and help set up a government of national unity, which he said would rescue the country from economic and political crises.


Addressing thousands of people who marched in Harare’s central business district (CBD) yesterday, protesting against Mnangagwa’s leadership, who his party regards as “illegitimate”, Chamisa said he would soon be meeting the Sadc chair, Namibian President Hage Geingob, over the Zimbabwe situation.

Chamisa and the top leadership of his MDC party led thousands of people in a peaceful demonstration in Harare’s CBD. A sea of party supporters demanded that Mnangagwa dialogues with their leader to solve the deepening crisis.

“We have taken this petition to Sadc because that is our regional body. I am going to meet the President of Namibia very soon to officially articulate and explain the nuts and bolts, the ins and outs of this important document,” Chamisa said, amid cheers from supporters.

“We have also taken this document to the AU chairman [Rwandan President Paul] Kagame.”

Chamisa said they would not rest their case until Mnangagwa agrees to dialogue.

“We, therefore, note the following — That those occupying the high offices are not there through the democratic process of a free, fair and credible election, having imposed themselves into leadership through the 30th of July disputed election, whose results are untraceable, unverifiable and unreliable,” read the petition that was also copied to Parliament.

He said they regard Parliament as legitimate, despite his party challenging 28 constituencies at the courts, adding that the situation was different with the President whose electoral victory he said was hugely disputed.

“That key and credible observer missions condemned the election, highlighting that the process fell short of minimum standards. In particular, the Independent EU Observer Mission, [International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute] IRI &NDI report and the Common Wealth observer mission report.

“That a crisis of legitimacy emanating from events of November 2017 was, therefore, not cured and now forms the core of the Zimbabwean crisis.

“That the economy has become the immediate casualty of the crisis of legitimacy and no tangible solution has been proffered in this respect.”

Among the challenges Zimbabwe is facing, the petition said price distortions caused by bond notes, shortages of basic commodities, including fuel and cooking oil, negative economic growth in more than two successive quarters since 2012, removal of the 2% tax on electronic money transfers, run-away inflation, ever-ballooning budget deficit, unsustainable debt levels, corruption, nepotism and State capture.

He said people’s general living standards have deteriorated under Mnangagwa as compared to the time of former leader Robert Mugabe who was removed through military intervention last year.

“Under Zanu PF, the social contract has irretrievably broken down. The people of Zimbabwe view the Zanu PF government as an enemy beyond reconciliation,” the petition read.

Chamisa demanded that civil servants be paid in United States dollars.

Among other demands, Chamisa said they want an immediate return to legitimacy and resolution of the crisis of legitimacy through arbitration and immediate national dialogue among all key stakeholders. Also pertinent for discussion were electoral and legal reforms, harmonisation of Zimbabwe’s laws to the new Constitution, media reforms, devolution and the creation of institutional democracy while also addressing State capture.

Chamisa said they want demonetisation of the bond note, securing the existing Real Time Gross Settlement balances in people’s banks, strengthening the multiple-currency regime in the short-term, joining the Rand Monetary Union and abolishing the quasi-fiscal activities of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

On the national transitional authority, Chamisa said: “Once there is agreement on the above, parties should define a mechanism to implement the agreed programme with defined timelines, expected outcomes and goals.

“We demand and propose the setting up of a national transitional authority as the country undertakes the agreed reforms.”

The MDC leader said his party does not survive on bloodshed and violence was not a part of their mandate.

He urged security services to stay away from politics. He said police were professional, but remain poisoned by politicians. Chamisa promised to keep both police and army in their jobs once in power.

“When I get in, my job is not to remove the soldiers and the police that are already there. I will work with them.”

Vendors and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions gave solidarity messages and said they did not recognise Mnangagwa as a legitimate leader.

MDC youth leader Happyson Chidziva said they would continue with demonstrations and streets would be their second home. He applauded marchers for maintaining peace.

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  1. Comment…noone wants to die for MDC-A hence the deafening silence from its supporters. The govt unleash the army in the CBD if ED thinks its in national interest to do so but in Zimbabwe, soldiers are equiped with live ammunitions and not rubber bullets.

  2. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    instead of building branches in rural areas the fool is busy courting geingob anovhota muzim here? apa ndoo waste ye mdc. tsvangirayi should be turning in his grave.

  3. “When I get in, my job is not to remove the soldiers and the police that are already there. I will work with them.” Is this dreaming or what, is this campaigning for 2023 or what. someone enlighten me please.

  4. Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs Reporter, is it not good we put the the tax on electronic money transfers verbatim for us who are not so learned (who are functionally illiterate) e.g call it the 0.02c per dollar (two cents per dollar tax)

  5. tendai chaminuka

    The same failed procedure used by Tsvangirai to challenge Bob.Political maturity is what is needed.If you failed politically to beat Mnangagwa with all his flaws what makes you think you can fix the economy.Make this a movement Cde Jecha and the results will show themselves.Kunana SADC ne AU kure the real support is muno.Lenin should be turning in his grave kuti how can an opposition fail to win people’s hearts with such economic conditions existing

  6. No need to waste time appealing to all those bodies. Hapana chino buda. ED said his door is open a long time ago wani.

    1. Kkkkkkkkk only a paltry crowd attended the the so called ‘Unstoppable march’. The majority of the people were minding their own business. The megalomaniac and power hungry boy was offered an opportunity to join in the rebuilding of Zimbabwe but he snubbed the idea. Now he is realising that time is no longer on his side. All he needs to do is not presenting demands through the media, he needs to swallow his pride , accept defeat and approach the president.

      If he is really serious, he needs to start with the transitional government must start in his party. There is chaos and illegitimacy in his leadership in MDC. Why not, for starters start effecting transitional leadership. Since Tsvangira’s death there are still unresolved power struggles and political elbowing of each other. Shame! The young man must effect transitional leadership within his party and if it works then he sells the idea to the ruling party. EFFECT TRANSITIONAL LEADERSHIP IN MDC FIRST TO RESOLVE YOUR LEGITIMACY BEFORE RAISING IT TO HIGHER LEVELS, BOY!!!!

      1. True that, Socrates!!

  7. Chamisa is rushing to rope in the AU and SADC without exhausting internal channels. President Mnangagwa said his door is open for Chamisa, but the latter chose to snub the President.I think as Zimbabweans lets exhaust internal channels before engaging regional and continental bodies.

  8. This Wamba guy is all mixed up. He is detached from political reality. It looks he is losing more and more supporters going by the less than 3000 people who demonstrated yesterday.

  9. Chamisa is an overzealous opposition leader. His accusations does not hold water.I’m sure the SADC and AU will ask him to accept that President Mnangagwa is the Head of State and Government. President Mnangagwa is doing all he can to ensure that citizens have food on their table.

  10. Sadc who is Sadc, Au who is Au

  11. ma comments aripamusoro ayo”’ ummmm ndeevanhu vasingamiri mu queue for fuel. Ndabvuma hangu. Same same with the so called government of the people, At list you are trying. lets see kuti muchasvikepi iyo nyika ichibvira kudai………Hiding behind a finger and trying to rubbish Chamisa will only win the day on platforms like this one…. Kenze uku kune nyaya uku… Vanhu vaneta ende havachada. vanhu vane hasha. Saka imbomirai propaganda dzenyu idzi.. Zimbabwe needs a solution and the solution is not ZANU”’

    1. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

      agreed mufundisi zanu yauuraya but chamisa wacho idutye chairo tarirai mapromise aaiita achi campaigner. he is power hungry liar saka zim iri pama1 big leadership vacuum.

      1. I do understand your position about his promises and being a liar. But dont you see kuti its hard to measure whether he is truly a liar or not, given that his promises were based on him winning the election? What about the guy on the throne now? where are his promises and all the mega deals? What about the double standards are government is parading? Zimbabwe really needs a paradigm shifting in politics. People have no choice but to back Chamisa given that our government with all the powers and resources have failed us as citizens. Its mind boggling as to why our government is failing to deliver. sanctions are just an illusion, a scape goat for their inefficiency necessitated by deep seated corruption, nepotism, individualism, greedy and lack of focus. As much as Chamisa may appear childish and power hungry, i think the youngman is atleast better than these comrades who clearly show that they are clueless as to how government is run. close to 40yrs in government but it seems they havent learnt anything as far as running an economy. shuwa here kushaya mafuta emota hama yangu in a country that is not at war???? Ko ekubikisa in a country with vast agriculture land……. ummm zvimwe ngatitii sorry kkkkkk

    2. Mfundisi, even when Chamisa was addressing, people were queuing for fuel all over Harare. People would have abandoned the queues if Chamisa’s demonstration was for their cause. Those vane hasha, it is a waste of time because unoitira hasha ani wacho. Chamisa is not sincere. The same AU and SADC confirmed the elections as free and fair, and he is lying that he will soon the leaders of the these organs. The same lies he made before and during the elections, he is repeating again. If he is a true pastor he would be honest enough to tell the people the truth. ED extended the dialogue issue and Chamisa snubbed went to court with no evidence and lost. Even after the court case, he did not swallow his pride and engage ED, now he wants the world to force dialogue. He has to accept that ED is the president and from there move on, but if he is adamant that he won, then let us wait and see. Ndokurwara chaiko to say, under Mugabe things were okay, no wonder why we tend to think that he is a Mugabe project, and is in the mould of such a dictator. Why did he bulldoze himself into the top leadership of the MDC-T, then MDC-A?The boy does not want elections and will strive to always use the back door to achieve his objectives. Where are the V11 he paraded through the social media and failed to produce them in court. Liars have no place in God’s Kingdom and God may be punishing Chamisa for his lies. Iye zvino nanga nanga na Mudzuri. Tichaonerera gore rino.

      1. Thats a give hama… You know very well Zimbabweans are just like that. Thats why our country is where it is because we are not ready to say enough is enough. it did not start yesterday but its started way back.Thats the reason why few thousand young men and women joined the struggle against the colonial regime but that does not mean that those who remained were not concerned. The idea of Chamisa snubbing ED’s gesture for talks can not be squarely blamed on Chamisa. You and me know very well that ED is captured and he is serving at the mercy of the General. So to say that Chamisa refused is not the right position. ED in my opinion meant good and he wanted this country to move forward but there are powers behind him that always any good intension he has for this country. Chamisa knows very well that ED knows that he didnt win tis election. you and me too know that ED did not win but the powers behind forced Ed not to give away power. How do you expect Chamisa to acknowledge Ed as the winner while he knows very well that he did not win. Chamisa’s Court case wasnt based on the residual evidence but on figures which were so clear that it was surprising to see the highest court in the land judging against Chamisa. It was such a regrettable decision that has brought this coutry to where it is right now. The international community was also surprised by such a judgement. though it was a win for the General but it was a loss to the nation. No sane investor can come and invest in such a country where courts are captured by the ruling elite. I dont think Chamisa is a liar. I think he is a victim of a well oiled state sponsored machinery that is seeking to subvert the will of the people in order to protect the interests of the few who wield military power.

  12. Chamisa is the current voice of the poor. The country is burning. Sitting behind your computers and critising him will not help. You guys make me sick. Someone has the audacity to refer to him as “the boy”. Yes , the boy may be your president one day. Mwari ndewemunhu wese!!!!!!

  13. makanyanya mufundisi sando dzenyu manyatsogona kuvapangurira vanhu vezanu pf zvisina hondo navo asi mavatema tema nemafacts avasingade kunzwa, hezvoko shoko harivhikwe chokwadi machinzwa kusarudza kunzvenga kana kudi mabairwa dhodho ne chigunwe, chititsanangurirai kut murevi wenhema ndeupi akati kana ndave kutonga iye achitotonga ndichadai otadza kuita zvaagara achingotadza kuita neuyo akat ndichada

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