Chamisa, Motlanthe face off

THE commission of inquiry probing the post election violence on August 1 in which the army killed six civilians is reportedly headed for a clash with opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa after refusing to give in to his demands ahead of his appearance today.


The Motlanthe Commission spokesperson John Masuku said they expected Chamisa to appear before it today, where it would discuss the requests carried in the letter delivered to him on Monday.

“The commission is expecting Mr Chamisa to appear before it tomorrow (today) therein they will discuss with him the contents of his letter and see what to do, there is no response yet to the letter which he sent and was received by the chairperson, but he is expected to attend,” Masuku told NewsDay.

This could create a potential stand-off between Chamisa and Motlanthe, after the opposition leader indicated that he would not attend if his demands were not met.

Top on his demands was the request to have the right to cross-examine Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) boss General Philip Valerio Sibanda; Presidential Guard commander Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe; Zimbabwe Electoral

Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba and police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, who all accused him of fanning the post-election violence.

“Further, and in the interest of due process and my natural and constitutional rights, would I stand assured that an opportunity to cross-examine the witness who ‘mentioned [my name] as among those who played a part in inciting the violence of 1 August 2018’ will be availed, since the sole basis of my invitation is his, her or their testimony,” Chamisa wrote to the commission.

Members of the uniformed forces also accused the MDC of training a military wing which they said was possibly armed during the demonstrations which left a trail of destruction, six people dead and scores of others nursing gunshot injuries.

Chamisa said since the commission was inviting him to answer to the allegations, he would be happy to be favoured with the nature of the allegations, who made them and that he be allowed to question those out to ‘soil’ his image.

“I note, in particular, that the basis of the invitation appears to emanate from testimony and allegations made by a witness to the effect that I incited violence. I consider the allegation to be malicious. Since my response to this contrived allegation is required, I consider it “fair and just” that I should be afforded all the relevant information relating to the allegations so as to enable me to prepare adequately. I kindly, therefore, ask the commission to favour me with the full transcript of the relevant part of the testimony; to better understand the nature, circumstances, scope and credibility of the allegations made against me,” he wrote.

Six people were killed in the post-election army crackdown on protests in a manner reminiscent of former President Robert Mugabe’s nearly four decades stay in power.
Police arrested 27 MDC supporters following the demonstration who were charged with fomenting the violence but were released on $50 bail each.

The August 1 crackdown was seen as a failure by the new administration to show that it had turned a new leaf from the repressive Mugabe regime.

Chamisa also asked Motlanthe if he had invited other players accused of inciting pre-election violence, including Vice-President Constatino Chiwenga, former Minister of State in Masvingo Josiah Hungwe and former deputy minister of Finance Terrence Mukupe, who had made statements to the effect that Mnangagwa would use the gun to defend his stay in power.

He also demanded that President Emmerson Mnangagwa should appear before the commission to answer allegations on who deployed the military into the streets.

“To start with, the commission’s appointing authority, Mr Mnangagwa, was, during the material time, the sole authority charged with the responsibility of the security of all citizens in terms of the Constitution. He, therefore, is the key witness in this matter,” Chamisa wrote.

But Masuku said Mnangagwa and his deputy have not yet been invited to appear before the commission, but evidence will be heard starting from tomorrow from ballistics experts, lawyers for human rights, Tendai Biti and Shadreck Mashayamombe among others.

“The President and his deputy have not been invited, not at this point,” Masuku said.

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  1. Your story is incorrect as you are suggesting that the army shot six people yet on evidence presented before the commission there has been no evidence to date to prove that is what transpired and it is further alleged that Nelson another ordinary citizen of Zimbabwe want to turn himself into a member of the commission by cross examining the current military supremo, what a joke, go face the music your self.

    1. its a shame ,but we cannot blame you because you are benefitting from the current set up. Ndozvinoita nzara. Shame on you. Kudenga kuna mwari, nguva yenyu ichasvika

      1. please note this commission is carrying out seriously business here so lets not take anything away from this grouping but those who have concrete of the army shooting civilians the message has been loud and clear please go and profer evidence its as simple as that because all we hear now is all speculation

        1. How much are you paid to support nonsense ‘elisha’, shame on you.

      2. The problem with media is that it becomes a black path to anyone who might have wanted to know the truth. Now pessimists feast on the rags to create more confusion. At least Nelson Chamisa must get there and find a way to express his thoughts after the needs for an inquiry are over.

    2. There is a Clown known as Ajigiga, i think he hails from Mabvuku Tafara therabouts…. Ask your commision to invite him as well, because “Your Commision is a Circus”

      1. The Mabvuku-Tafara Ajigija is not necessary here. Today the chief political clown, Ajiggies Jah is expected before the venerable Commission.

        1. I hope Chamisa goes and pulls an Obert Mpofu there, then we see what happens… If you claim your money and time wasting commissions have power why didnt they arrest Mpofu when he refused to answer questions from the mines commision….. ?Hapana Hapana. All bark no bite. This nothing but a farce!

          1. Iwe macommission aya akasiyana.That which invited Mpofu and this one.Saka kana usingazive bvunza

            1. @Chiriripo same fanana iwe….. in the sense that they are all useless!!! This one is working from an answer….. kutitambisira tax payers money for nothing when real people actually died from bullets fired by the Army!! Nxaaaa….

    3. Eliasha, is there evidence that Chamisa shot six people? Bullets are good evidence.

      1. this is what the commission is trying to unravel for gods sake

      2. that is what the commission is trying to unravel

    4. Retius Chifurira


    5. We are where we are today as a nation because of people like eliasha, its common knowledge that soldiers shot people, there were eye witnesses and they even attempted to falsify the autopsy at Pari but someone tells us there is not enough evidence. Some people are a total waste of human flesh.

      1. What you call common knowledge is actually not common. How did u arrive at the conclusion that soldiers killed civilians? Autopsy was not falsified. The Dr at Pari appeared before the commission to explain what happened on that day. If the evidence is not sufficient to suggest the cause of death what do you want the Dr to say?

        1. lol..ayas.rega tirambe takasara muaAfrica

    6. Nelson Chamisa’s demands to cross-examine the very people who are accusing him of fanning the post election violence are very justified in a transparent and fair inquiry.Surely how can Chamisa merely answer the questions of the Commissioners without his accusers also being in the dock to justify their accusations or to respond in person to what Chamisa himself has to say about their accusations? The whole post-election tragedy was a result of bad political leadership or miscalculated political actions by both the opposition Alliance party and the Mnangagwa government and both sides have to take the full blame and apologize to the victims for their tragic actions. The victims’ loved ones deserve finality to this horrific nightmare so that they can at last move on with their lives.

    7. Chamisa will not go to the commission to answer to spurious political gamesmanship. He is infact scoring goals by demanding as a condition that which the commission will find hard to do. Inviting Chamisa on the basis of coached witnesses is a open polical game plan to deflect the pressure. In a country with thousands of secret state information operatives ranging from street cleaners, taxi loaders & hoodlums to Business executives other well educated people….with all that arsenal & unlimited budgets, they all failed to provide cridible & admissible evidence of their claims to the commission choosing to rely on concocted stories and blatant denials. We must not be taken for fools.

  2. It will be a travesity of justice if the sole authority mandated with military deployment does not testify under the commission.

  3. Chamisa iduzvi. Greedy for power. Setting impossible conditions. Only himself chete to do cross examination of leaders of ZNA, ZEC, ZRP, Presidential guard etc

    1. duzvi ndiwe usina njere

  4. This is the greatest waste of time & tax payers money ever, not even a child in kindergarten can believe the ‘fairy tales’ that have come out from the army & police bosses, very sad indeed

  5. Nobleman Runyanga

    Chamisa should know that he has no right to dictate terms to the Commission, tell it who it should invite and that any attempts to avoid appearing before the esteemed body will absolve him from the responsibility for his reckless statements.

  6. Paidamoyo Mutsvairo

    If Chamisa is clean as he claims, he shld just submit himself before the commission and clear himself..

    1. Yes you hit the point, why panicking if he is all milk than poison

  7. The commission is here to establish the facts as they realy are. They need to know who shot those demonstrators yes, but the information on whose brainchild the demonstrations were and for what could also lead to the culprits very easily. Was the whole thing planned before the events by the planners of the demonstrations? This becomes very important in the wake of General Pv Sibanda’s part of testimony that he heard gunshots from his office during demonstrations before the military deployment which may explain why the soldiers needed to be armed also. So Chamisa has a very important oportunity to clear himself if indeed he had nothing to do with the events of the day in question.

    1. So people with 5 Senses actually believe this BULL!! Hahahahaha. So i take it you also believe in the 45Degree Zim Army theory? Quite a shmae!

  8. The problem with the general public is that they get carried away with what ever is circulating on social media without analyzing.

    The army have their own people with the sole duty of studying evidence etc, there is no way the general would have denied in front of the commission without studying all the videos.

    The difference is the public WATCHED videos while the army STUDIED the videos. Even if it were true that the army killed but as long as it is not captured on any video their story will will be accepted by the commission becoz there is no evidence except public rantings due to anger and dislike.

    Believe you me there is no way the general would have denied knowing that there is evidence out there that will prove the army wrong.

  9. tendai chaminuka

    Ko Chamisa why leave out Gabriel Chaibva from the list of people you would like to cross examine.Anotyisa coz he has the facts which you can not dispute.I thought the commission just want to hear your views not to say you ndiwe wakauraya and maybe u also take the opportunity to explain that utterance yekuti they were stupid vaka demonstrator





  11. imari zvayo but to imagine a respected man like Mothlante actually kissed his wife & kids goodbye & boarded a plane all the way to come & chair over such a circus for children is unbelievable

  12. chokwadi musoja uye akapfugama achiridza pfuti akauraya vanhu.hapana evidence inodarika iyoyo.apa anotozivikanwa but he is protected.kana mukasaita justice pamusoja uyu regai muone

    1. Maphozho Saruchera

      How many bodies of dead people were found in that street where the kneeling soldier was allegedly firing into the crowd – ZERO, so what made you conclude that that particular soldier shot anyone. I take it you haven’t head that MDC youths received military training from the Siberians, and could have shot those people.

    2. Newe ndokuziva uri musoja ande waivepo wakaridzawo but you dont know 45 degrees

    3. Judza.
      law haidaro wangu.He took aim ndobva aridza,but from video evidence we saw fire from his weapon,but we did not see anyone falling down as a result of fire from the soldier in question.
      Also vanhu vakapfurwa vakafira mu street makatora soldier kneeling position here?
      Vanhu vakafa,do you have evidence kuti it was result of fire from him or some other soldiers.?
      Apa courts will end up depending on circumstantial evidence.
      Will you acquit all other soldiers,coz of one who was captured opening fire from kneeling position?
      Do you have exact locations kwakafira vanhu and the exact times.Note this is criminal matter and we must proof beyond reasonable doubt,not conclude on balance of probabilities.
      Another thing is bullet moves in straight line,unless it hits a hard surface rozoita inonzi ricochet.
      I am not condoning the killing,i am just saying Court of law evidence is very different from court of public opinion evidence,hence people get angry when accused people are acquitted.

  13. Its very right and democratic to be an opposition leader of a country but it is not good to be an enemy of the government, Chamisa from the Commission of enquiry must go straight to jail.

  14. This is a commission of inquiry and it must look into all possibilities. Up to now, nobody has owned up to the demonstrations. Chamisa even called the demonstrators stupid. So the question arises, who was behind the violent demonstrations and what was their motive? Did the organiser of the demonstrations plot the shootings also in order to taint Ed who was now destined to win the poll? I am not saying this is what hapened but this also remains a possibility till those behind the demonstrations come out in the open and satisfactorily explain themselves. General Pv Sibanda said he heard gunshots sound before the deployment of the army. Yes, that information is not in this article but he said so before the commission. If he was telling the truth, who fired those shots and what for? Is it also the reason why the army was deployed with firearms since there was now a possibility of confronting armed people? Chamisa has no option except to go to the commission and clarify his position.

  15. kutongonzwira hangu Chamisa tsitsi. how this is this fella going to swallow all those threats of violence because honestly kutuka his supporters kuti stpid i dont think that will save his day before the commission nhasi

  16. its a shame that Chamisa’s supporters are already spoiling for a fight at the hearings. if their Leader Chamisa has no case to answer, why are they bent on distracting the proceedings? behaviour yema chinja inonyangadza

  17. MDC supporters are already spoiling for a fight at the Hearings. If Chamisa has no case to answer to, why are they already disrupting the proceedings.

  18. nehanda nyakasikana

    so ol knives out for Chamisa ??? they kol themselves the learned literate citizens . Mwari huyai please ma Zimbo enyu aya atanga

  19. A leader should lead by example. On the issue at hand, Chamisa does not express the face of law he purports to represent.
    After all he can’t be the judge, the jury and the executioner. He needs to present himself before the commission in person and explain what he is already publicizing.
    Let him go and implicate whoever he wants so long as he has enough evidence to ascertain the same.
    This protracted vendetta my foot!

  20. Chamisa is just refusing the obvious. There is video evidence of him during pre-election campaign period where he indicated that he would not accept any election result that is not in his favour. He also told his supporters that he would make this country ungovernable saying ‘ndozvidira jecha’. Do we need a professor to interpret to us what he meant? And considering the events that followed after he dismally lost the elections, it is there for everyone to see.

  21. Zanu pf chiparty chembavha nemhondi shame ! Manje makapusungwara vapfanha , nyika ine meso muchinyika chakaora kudaro .State capture ndoiri paZim manje and to make matters worse yakaitwa nanaChiwenga .

  22. Emmanuel Handioni # King Manex

    Chamisa kana wakangwara go and defend yourself before the Commission.l think there is someone who is misleading you.MANJE UNOPINDA MUJERI WEGA

  23. Guys lets not waste time…we all know who deployed the soldiers to kill pple… saka Chamisa apinda papi apa

  24. The main problem facing the protesters is that there is no one representing them. The ones we would expect to do so are actualy disowning them. Chamisa says they were not carying out his instructions. The other guy mentioned with regard to those disturbances is also saying very funy things. Besides insulting some of the commissioners, Jim Kunaka suggests that the demonstrators were Zanu Pf melitia disguising themselves as Mdca supporters. The most likely reason why those we would expect to stand on behalf of the protesters are disowning them is because they are likely aware that the one who organised the shooting is the same culprit who organised the demonstrations. The authorities may have been long aware of these facts but they saw the wisdom of letting the neutral commission exposing it. That is where Chamisa’s dilema is! If he publicly disowns them in front of the commission, he is left with no support base. If he sticks to them, he will be found guilty of organising the killings to taint Ed’s admin.

  25. Comment…untouchable Chamisa anosungwa nani masoja ndiwo akauraya vanhu zvingoripachena musataura zvokupenga

  26. I pray as a nation we never forget the value of human life…6 people died…here…putting aside all your politicking BS 6 families buried their loved ones…of the 6 who perished how many were bread winners ….how many mothers …this is not about who wins or Looses an election its about justice …The Truth must set us free

  27. alwys look foward to Chamisa’ addresses… e last tym he spoke in public he called his supporters stupid… im sure wen he finaly does appear in front of the commission he wl give us another doozy…

  28. soldiers were firing mudenga but were ever the bullet comes down can kill for sure mustreet maive ne musoja no body was found .there is thi thing called stray bullets ,idiots

  29. We are destroying what we intended to build in this 2nd Republic. What a shame! What started in Nov 1017 as collective effort has now disintegrated- all for selfish reasons. Politics should serve the people, not to use people to oil personal political ambitions.

  30. I thought the Rtd. General would ask the forensic police woman some revealing questions- that was not to be. Some of these people who parade their military titles are just as militarily ignorant as the povo. Madhuku tried. Well done Prof.

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