‘Chamisa isn’t the real enemy’

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has challenged his Zanu PF rivals, particularly President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, to stop wasting their energy fighting him, but redirect their energy towards the real problem – the free-falling economy.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa told NewsDay yesterday that Mnangagwa’s government was now using every opportunity to personally attack him in a desperate move to divert public attention from its failures.

Chamisa, who is today expected to appear before the commission of inquiry led by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe to give evidence into the August 1 fatal shooting of six civilians in Harare, said instead of playing blame-games, Mnangagwa ought to engage all key stakeholders, including the MDC, for a national dialogue to resolve the current socio-economic crisis.

This came after Mnangagwa and Chiwenga took turns at a Zanu PF rally in Zvimba at the weekend to lampoon Chamisa, vowing the youthful opposition leader would not rule this country.

“Chamisa is not the enemy, I am not the economy, I am not corruption, I am not bad leadership and bad governance, so the focus cannot be on an individual, but the focus has to be the collective challenges Zimbabweans are facing and that we must understand,” the opposition leader said.

“The centre and focus of attack is poverty, price increases, shortage of basic commodities and other challenges facing Zimbabwe. Those kinds of problems are the ones that must be attacked. They must not really waste their energy on a patriot and a democrat who is trying to make lives better for the ordinary people, including even for them.

“A country, a nation is not built by insults and hatred. A nation is built by love and magnanimity. Instead of my old man Mnangagwa and my uncle Chiwenga being driven by so much anger, they seem to be so angry. They must be driven by love for their country and the love for their people,” Chamisa said, adding the Zanu PF leadership seemed unsettled by the level of grassroots support he commands, as evidenced by the over two million votes he garnered in the July 30 harmonised elections.

He said Mnangagwa could not credibly talk about international engagement when he is not open for national dialogue with his competition.

The opposition leader has persistently refused to recognise Mnagangwa’s victory in the July 30 polls, citing massive vote-rigging.

Chamisa said most Zimbabweans had now realised they were sold a dummy and were now worse off than they were under former President Robert Mugabe, who was toppled by the military last November. He said the jubilation of seeing Mugabe going had now turned into mourning.

“What we are seeing is that we have gone back to the default setting of arrogance, abusing those who do not agree with him. Can you tell me why would you use police on Members of Parliament, simply because you say they didn’t stand up for you?” he said, in reference to last week’s incident where opposition legislators declined to stand up in honour as Mnangagwa walked into Parliament building for the National Budget presentation.

The MDC Alliance MPs were eventually ordered out of the House by Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda.

“Even if they stand up for you, they are not convinced in their hearts that they must respect you. Respect is earned and not forced. When you force respect, that is dictatorship.

“You cannot have command agriculture, command economy, command respect and command President; command love, it is not appropriate and it does not go down well with our nation.”

Chamisa said Chiwenga had a colonial mindset, similar to that of the late former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith, who declared that the country would not be liberated in 1 000 years.

“Their focus must be on the economy; their focus must be on fixing the national politics. Our politics is rotten; our nation is broken; our people are forsaken; the ordinary people are forgotten and those are the real issues that we must focus on.

“The nation must focus more on light rather than darkness; unity rather than division; healing rather than creating more wounds. This is my advice to them. This warrior mind is what brought this nation into the doldrums.”

He said only dialogue would solve the Zimbabwean crisis.

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  1. If someone can fly to the Americas to spew dirty about fellow blacks back home then people are inclined to conclude that you are the number one enemy of the country, hence up until they start to protect the country when they are in foreign land then the nation will absolve them from any blame.

    1. motherfucker

      1. Have you ever noticed that any MDC-A supporter response in comments always has insults, some of them very, very vulgar. I have seen so many comments from MDC supporters – even on YouTube and other social media – it is sad to see that all these are always derogatory.
        Is it truly possible for MDC supporters to express themselves in a dignified manner as they leave their comments. I guess it is too much to ask considering how their president is always insulting the President at every opportunity, then takes offense the only one time that his insults are responded to. At least the Zanoids are a more dignified lot when it comes to their comments. It just hints at their level of maturity.

        1. An apple will never fall from the tree.MDCA members are so uncouth to say the least. Chamisa and his cohorts like Biti are also so obsessed with spewing hogwash to anyone who dares oppose them.

        2. TruthHurts…..Zanoids are more dignified in word or comment but about in their deeds..don’t they endanger lives?

      2. That will never be an answer, and i am sure that Newsday has your email. Facts are never simile or equivalent to a weak fact Anonymous.


      3. Is this all you can say after a good orientation you have got from another wisher, do not take politics to your doorstep, take facts instead and share your opinion. I hope you know that you are not talking to ED or NC but to someone your type, living the same life as you.

    2. What Chamisa said in this story if it is really him, I take my ht off for the young man. He is not in government and does not control foreign governments so am wondering how he could have influenced the Americans in their thinking to sanction Zimbabwe. The young man has proper intelligence that unfortunately the polarised populace cannot see. Judging by this report only he has my vote every day if the elections where to be done daily.

    3. SO Erisha you want us to be always killed and butchered when ever we disagree with your party. When they lose election they resort to killing. Its just common sense that you cant be punished or segregated for doing good. Can you beat up your child for doing good or punish them for wrong doings. That does not need to think its just common sense. How many people have been killed under this leadership and how many were arrested or did we ever heard that someone has resigned. Maya but they will be promoted.

  2. in his personal opinion, law according to him the dictator.

  3. I wonder who this dull politician is trying to fool! Chamisa is even an enemy in his own party. You incite your followers to violence and when the consequences of violence catch up with them, you openly distance yourself from them. I hear that you have set a date for another spate of violence and destruction and i wonder whose friend you can be with that sort of propensity. You are even fighting tooth and nail to delay elections in your party to gain time to try and remove Mudzuri and Mwonzora from Mdc Alliance before your congress because you know very well you can not win elections against them. With that kind of mentality, zimbabweans cannot risk making such a dictator a national leader who is obviously another Rebert Mugabe in the making. Robert was even much beter than you because he used to openly denounce sunctions against our nation but you catch a plane to Us to ask for their renewal instead!

    1. akuti suffisa tese tomuziva taroverei imbga takaviga mupini. Zanu pf yatikwadza left right foot and centre

  4. kanorwara aka.kufarira ku suufer kwevanhu .shame on you

  5. Comment…chamisa u are my hero


  6. Correct Mr. People’s Choice

  7. Chamisa is delusional. A patriot is someone who zealously loves and defends his/her country and not someone who is power hungry to the extend of calling for sanctions against his own country.

  8. Comment…ED promised nomore politics but economics, economics. Is attacking Chamisa politics or economics? EDoits, above try to defend but are silent on economic issues as prices increase daily and on 1 December more price increases when the fuel prices go up. Shooting demonstrators/protestors results in sanctions being imposed. Pasi nejunta

  9. Chamisa is the people’s choice

  10. Chamisa thinks he has mastered the art of demogoguery, but its unfortunate there are his fingerprints everywhere.he is the root of all the problems. the Commission of inquiry yakauya to solve his mess

    1. To have 2 grown up men like ED and Chiwenga taking turns to insult a young boy like Chamisa at a rally is truly tragic. Those 2 men have the combined intelligence of a toddler. Do they honestly think Zimbos have time to hear such pub talk when the nation is in such an economic mess?

  11. To have 2 grown up men like ED and Chiwenga taking turns to insult a young boy like Chamisa at a rally is truly tragic. Those 2 men have the combined intelligence of a toddler. Do they honestly think Zimbos have time to hear such pub talk when the nation is in such an economic mess?

    1. ED and Chiwenga have only done this at a rally. Chamisa, on the other hand, insults ED at every opportunity. He insults Mnangagwa at rallies, in press conferences, in independent media, in protests. It seems like Chamisa’s life is dedicated to insulting Mnangagwa. I bet he sometimes has sleepless night thinking of new ways to insult ED.

      1. Remind me where he insulted ED and what he said which was insulting, apart from saying the vote was stolen!!!

      2. just because they are being insulted doesn’t mean they must do the same. they need to exercise maturity and wisdom other than being dragged into an insanity war

      3. Nailsun Chanyiswa

        ON POINT! He is not as smart as people think. Just an uncouth noise maker followed by hoards of yobs.

  12. The enemy is bad corruption. What were they doing with 3 000 youth officers plus more to be exposed ghost workers. Unleashing them in suppermarkets and shops looting whose sugar and biscuits for only singing and dancing Ed pfee. Industry is now denying or charging obscene amounts in their currency. What kind of tobacco do they smoke.

  13. Janana Bikaz Bikaldo madhogodhogo

    Even if Chamisa talks sennse,the zanunoids do not see it on account they are blinkered with hatred.All the above comments are attacking him yet what he said is what Mnangagwa and Chiwenga ought to be doing because they are the ones running the show.They are grandpas who should know better than trying get mileage out of attacking an opponent.Good and able leaders are seen by what they do to the people who voted for them rather than keeping on campaigning as if we have an election coming soon.The mafia leaders should tell people what they have done for them because not keep on telling what they will do for them.Can people be happy about being told that Chamisa will never rule this country?Can they go home happy that their leaders have told them something to make their lives better?Smith used to say Mugabe is delusional until one day when that delusional became reality.It is this hate language that has turned most of zanu pf supporters into murderers.People are suffering because of the simple reason that the country is being run by thieves who do not want their fellow thieves to be arrested for corruption,that is the reason why there is no single thief convicted since their “We are targeting criminals”surrounding the president mantra”.They make a few arrests and the thieves are eventually freed on bail and the rest is history asi mamwe marombe achingoti pamberi ne zanu pf,my foot.Kwadzinrohwa matumbu ndokwadzinomhanyira.

    1. Good leaders are seen by what they do to people who voted for them,Chamisa akaitei kunze kwekuudza vanhu they are ‘stupid’.

  14. Chamisa said he will throw sand in the food, he and Biti personally went to the USA to seek sanctions on Zimbabwe. Chamisa went on to make the country ungovernable if he is not in power.
    How does he expect ED to progress with sanctions in place? How does he expect the country to move forward when he throws mud in the works.
    I have never heard ED denigrating Chamisa excerpt this past weekend, its been Chamisa who has continued to talk ill of ED with no response.
    I however applaud Chamisa on need for dialogue and that is what this country needs follow that up Chamisa and get the sanctions removed then the Statesmanship and care for your people becomes real.
    Zimbabwe please stop bleeding the country with childish issues such as those noisy legislators did on Budget day. Talk about issues of Economic revival rather than these silly chirlish acts of brinkmanship, We need serious Parliamentarians and Leadership that has the country at heart.

    1. Chamisa dont have power to have sanctions removed, but if there is democracy in the country, if there is not vote rigging, if there is good governance, if there is no corruption, if everyone become equal under the rule of law, and if we have consistent and good policies, then sanctions will be lifted.

      It is the responsibility of the ones leading the country to ensure all these good are done, the only problem is they cannot fight corruption because they have been in the same activities with the ones they say are corrupt. They got into power through theft so how can they end corruption and enhance good governance. They are full of fear because they dont have the support of the majority.

      1. he does not have power to remove them but was involved in making sure they are renewed. but intended people will not suffer but povo including his supporters.

  15. Dream on team Chamisa.

    Even come 2023 the state house will still be beyond Chamisa’s reach like it or not.

  16. No vacant presidential post in Zimbabwe untill 2023 this in according to democratic principles, and there is no vacancy to be contested for presidency in Mdc at congress Chamisa chete chete-can someone translate this for me.

  17. Why is the Pastor so negative about the situation in his country. Is there no section in the bible that encourages on hope. I am sure you can say the same issue in a more hopeful manner. The amount of negativity in the Pastor is frightening. May be its good to tell people how they will be roasted in hell. But ah the Pastor is too negative. Can he pray on what to say to the public before saying it? We get sick psychologically when we hear such spews. Is it true that the Pastor asked for sanctions. I thought it was the other non pastors.

  18. Its unfortunate Chamisa want dialogue with a Government he has not yet accepted I personally dont even know why they going to Parliament

  19. Chamisa is the real enemy of the people!!
    1. In December 2017, together with Tendai Biti went to the United States of America and asked for more sanctions for the country.
    2. On 1 August 2018, together with other top MDC Alliance officials they instructed
    their supporters to riot against ZEC and this led to the death of 6 civilians.
    3. This coming Thursday, he is planning anti-govt demos.

    This clearly shows that he is not a responsible opposition leader!!

  20. Chamisa is using the Trump and ironically Raila Odings’s book to remain relevant. He insults everybody just waiting for them to respond so he can say he is being attacked and he is the victim. Really? Who has been fronting a ridiculous 5 point plan just to get into some position of government? Instructing his scared followers to foolishly disrespect the Chief justice and the president in front of world audiences simply because he did not win. Their empmty and senseless comments on the economy together with that equally deluded and violent Biti who clearly knows nothing about the economy. It was time the presidium countered his noise but knowing ED he will continue to ignore Chamisa. Attacking you? This was only done for the first time at Zvimba in reaction to your regular stupid noises to remain relevant. A very high nuisance value you have become to the average Zimbabweans including those who voted MDC like me. Look at how quickly his prepared response speech which he prepared a long time ago waiting for such comments as were given at Zvimba, came out. Talk about delusions of grandeur. The VP Chiwenga is right, at this rate Chamisa will never run this country looking at his anger issues, insults meant to bait anyone he is opposed to and his attribute of being self opinionated. That’s all he is good at. We are a forgiving people so that if he starts by allowing the February congress and not attacking other MDC potential presidential candidate maybe we can start to listen and……./

  21. You yourselves are not thieves, fine, what positive suggestions do you have to take our nation foward? What meaningful and practical contributions do you have for the development of our country? We only hear about plans for demonstrations! How much do they contribute to the national Gdp? How much useful are these demonstrations in encouraging foreign direct investments? How much foreign currency are these demonstrations going to bring in and how many jobs are they going to create? Siyanai netsika yekungorotomoka kunge zvidhakwa. What Zimbabwe was missing at the helm was an individual like Ed. We have this practical leader who puts an educated and experienced technocract to take care of our finances. The first thing that the technocrat does is to examine our fiscus and he finds very serious anomalies in it and he suggests ways to deal with the problem and Ed gives him political cover to implement the solutions without which our economy will never improve. What more can you expect of a practical leader!!

  22. Chamisa is an enemy to progress… hes e country’s enermy. Chamisa is not worthy to be a party leader.. let alone the country.

  23. Its much easier to default to lower emotions like insults when big, real and disastrous challenges stare the country head-on. Failed leadership does that best. Diversionary tactics and village “cleverness” never results in economic progress…let’s see progress lest we head for another disappointing failure in 2030 as a vision for middle income families withers before our very eyes. What leaders do is the focus here; they can say anything – any fool knows that (hopefully).

  24. Anodanidzira demonstration then kana pakaita violence and destruction he is the first to dissociate from MDC

  25. People should stop trying to divert attention from real issues. Leave Chamisa alone & focus on finding ways to avoid paying the 2% tax, simple.

  26. Why wasting time attacking a young opposition leader who is not even in power? ED and Chiwenga wake up. The economy and corruption need tackling. Leave the young man alone

  27. Taurai nezve USD rate 1 as to 1 NE BOND. But you want imports of cars in USD yet rate is 1 as to 1 ne bond.

  28. Zimbabwe ranked 7th worst run country. Chamisa????

  29. Some of the comments here are truly disappointing. Its not hard to tell that one is being paid to defend the undefendable..Heey say whatever you can say, it still remains the truth that Chamisa is not the problem… the real problem is a bunch of thieves who are running our government and are afraid to reform lest their past atrocities and thievery will catch up with them and end up in jail thereby losing their life long loot”’ Tinozviziva. dont think we are fools. do you think hwudofo here hweZanu kutadza kuti nyika iite move forward? This is a mafia government being run by thugs with a bush mentality’ Thats why they promote and foster politics of patronage. kwangosara chinhu hwani chete…………

  30. Chamisa thinks he is the only one who has the freedom of expression. President Mnangagwa also enjoys the same right. Ukapindurwa usazoti mavara azara ivhu

  31. With Chiwenga in such a precarious state of health it’s shocking he even has time to be talking about 2023. He should use this as an opportunity to realise his own mortality and stop behaving as if he owns state house or Zimbabwe politics

  32. its funny Chamisa thinks that President Mnangagwa would waste his efforts and time on an individual at the expense of the nation. President Mnangagwa is there to lead the Second Repubic and is working on rebuilding Zim. Chamisa should not glorify himself to think that Zim would be held at ransom by his selfish agendas.Zim will move on with or without Chamisa

  33. On a more serious note, President Mnangagwa needs to learn a big lesson from the 1 August opposition violence and take serious precautionary measures. The opposition is aparently working hand in glove with some westerners to create conditions for pretext of western military intervention in our country. If I wery you your Exellency, I would further apply my constitutional presidential powers and and effectively deal with the ring leaders of the so called peacefull protesters. But please give them a stern warning first. Let them be aware that you will not tolerate any desruptive shenanigans and mean it. Chokunyengerera hapasisina Murambwi because we just don’t need another Syria in Zimbabwe . I would not mind if Zimbabwe gradualy takes the Chinese model of politics and economic management. Today they are the world’s number 2 economicaly and will overtake the Us soon.

  34. people you can cry your tears till donkeys grow horns,tweet till maita mhoni bt it was prophesied that MDC haifi yakatonga Zimbabwe way bck even before Chamisa was born,a new leader shall evn rise fro Mdc but naye will fail,evn Morgan tried bt failed,i pity visionless pple wanongoona zwinhu ini there wishfull thinking believing in there self annointed hope kuti things will change kkk amwe akaswika pakuchembera akafa Zanu ingoriko muromo wewakuru hauwiri pasi anenharo handei tione

    1. Who are you? is Zimbabwe a ZANU PF project? Musade kutijairira vanhu imimi. Anyway handei tione. Dont forget kuti we are all human and almost everyone is fed up with this dirty government that produces dirty policies which results in dirty cities and dirty everything. its now 38 years after the bush war,, please dont turn zimbabwe into a bush because you are comfortable in the bush. this is 21st century.. Kuraiwo mhani. muchiri kunakidzwa nekunzi shefu… sorry maningi stereki kkkkkk

  35. Comment…l hear ED is building a mansion in the capital with tax payers money.Zimbos wake up you voted a liar and power hungry man Chamisa plz focus mostly on councils .Try develop them and 2023 will be yours by a far margin this time around .Thse madalas are clueless

  36. Nobleman Runyanga

    Chamisa is a dishonest politician. He is shamelessly accusing President Mnangagwa of not engaging him when, in fact, the President during his inauguration on 24 August clearly highlighted that his door was open for any Zimbabwean (Chamisa included) for engagement. He is just using the prevailing economic challenges to the false impression that he is an indispensable cog in the running of this country.

  37. Are you saying that Chamisa is so powerful to instruct USA the the most powerful country in the world to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe and the powerful country listens to him.Come on you people.

    1. Chamisa is an enemy of the State as long as he continues to hold the country at ransom until his childish demands are met. The long and short of it is that he just wants to provoke President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga so that when he is arrested he would claim there is no freedom of speech in the country. No one will react to Chamisa’s kindergarten behaviour.

  38. Noone is fighting Chamisa.He is the one who is fighting the economy.Chamisa this is not the time for demos and begging of sanctions but this is the season to build and build..unite and unite..develop and develop

  39. I remember a mortivational speaker saying if you fail dont put the blame on someone else saying he/she dragged me down or Im in this position because of him or her thats what cowards say so blame Chamisa and MDC if you cant go around sanctions,corruption, economy even 50cent an hiphop artist from his track ”hate it or love it” says ”from the begining till the end winners win and loosers loose” Zanu is full of soul loosers

  40. Ramba Dhiya Ramba

    Cde Chinoz please initiate the minimum age motion in Parly. That will bring some silence from that end for at least 10 years. Just tired of hearing this puppy yelping!

  41. Prosperity mzila

    Chamisa is a hypocrite and he thinks Zimbabweans are gullible, unfortunitely the people of Zimbabwe have studied the childish antics of the MDC Alliance and can nolonger be fooled. Chamisa’s bickering n fake tears is the reason for how the economy is turning out, who in their normal senses would prefer a fake leader such as chamisa??

  42. It seems my message got deleted before posting in which I was appealing if anyone especially our dear paper and all those above who can reach our most revered, most venerated, most honoured, and most respected Mr Mnangagwa and Mr Chiwenga if they could just for the briefest moment pose to hear the cries and supplications of “the young Child” who is crying for ma gugunanzvi, and ku kanjirwawo shomwe (cracking hard nut)and kusungirwawo mugwada. You never know pamwe the Upper Heavens want to talk through him so that all enjoy the wetness of Zimbabwe, and solutions of menacing challenges, and the comfort and dressing of all.

  43. My fellow black men you have been divided by poverty and now you don’t even know the real enemy , When did Nero call the shorts on price hikes , soldiers shooting their kith and keen, no imperialist was shot, please bear in mind the inquiry is not yet finished ,strictly speaking who ever shot the innocent will pay for it come hell or thunder-Lets look at the matter openly this is 38 years after Independence but surprisingly we are now fighting coz of greed VAKURU MUCHAFA MUCHIZVISIYA ZVESE ZVODYIWA NEVA PENYU .

  44. Gukurume reMasvingo

    Chamisa please stop acting like a suckling baby. One meet you don’t want any talks with the government and when you see it fit you hope step n jump telling people that the government has to invite you. Tokumbira muti kwanire se Mari…..

  45. Nelson is a thorn on the side of the military dictatorship/junta. Keep up the fight against the junta.

  46. Chamisa is truly a Zimbabwean leader who can unit us all.A leader who put his country at heart, who love his people enjoy a truly democratic state regard of be Zanu-PF,Mdc,Mdc-A or ZPF, a man of the people who is honest and respected one.

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