Chamisa faces assault probe

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa faces arrest after an unnamed person made a counter police report of attempted kidnapping and assault at Marondera Police Station.


This came shortly after Chamisa’s security team had also filed a report at Mabvuku Police Station, alleging there had been an attempt to abduct the opposition leader by suspected State operatives as he made his way from a rally.

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa, in a statement yesterday, however, dismissed claims that there had been an attempt on Chamisa’s life by State security agents, describing the incident as a simple case of road rage.

She said the owner of a Toyota Harrier involved in the incident was the one who was blocked by Chamisa’s security team and attacked, leading to him reporting the matter to the police.

“Reports filed by the police indicate that some people were coming from Marondera, driving behind what they later learnt to be Mr Chamisa’s convoy.
Suddenly, the convoy stopped and blocked them from overtaking. They were aggressively confronted and manhandled by members of Mr Chamisa’s entourage, including Mr Chamisa, who lobbed himself at the back seat of their vehicle, punching and scratching,” Mutsvangwa said.

She said the real victims of the attack were civilians in the Toyota Harrier who had no links with State security and added that the police were carrying out further investigations.

MDC vice-president Morgen Komichi accused the government of putting a spin to the saga to save its face after their planned abduction plot was unmasked in broad daylight by Chamisa’s security team.

“We know of a plot by government and Zanu PF to eliminate the top leadership of the party. The incident, which happened on Saturday, is not isolated. In fact, government, through the police, are aware of several other incidents already reported to the police in Avondale and Harare Central,” he said.

The MDC vice-president said those who had been tailgating Chamisa were using number plates of cars that would have crashed in accidents or taken from their owners by State agents, and those number plates have been handed over to the police, who have failed to investigate.

“MDC supporters are used to this abuse of State resources to favour the ruling party. When our supporters are attacked and they report to the police, it is them who are arrested. The police use their monopoly on legal force to bear on the victims and this is what is happening now,” he said.

Komichi said there was an attempt on Chamisa’s life when the hired hand behind the wheel of the Toyota Harrier tried to cause an accident involving Chamisa’s convoy, adding that the statement by government showed that they had already placed blame and concluded investigations.

MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Chamisa had been attacked by State security personnel on his way from Marondera in a failed abduction.

“We had an altercation with the CIO. They then blocked the convoy and tried to retrieve Chamisa from the presidential car. Our security managed to block them from taking him or part of his personnel,” he said, adding they would reveal more details at today’s Press conference.

Mutsvangwa, however, denied that any government agents acted in any way to threaten Chamisa’s life or abduct him during his trip from Marondera.

“Government would like to categorically state that neither the intelligence services nor any security services or any government arm owns the Toyota Harrier in the video. A quick check at the Central Vehicle Registry would show the media or any interested parties who the owner of the Toyota Harrier is,” she said.

Last month, Chamisa said his life was under threat, with “suspicious vehicles” trailing his movements in what his party described as a serious violation of his right to personal security.

The opposition party said it suspected those trailing their leader had military and intelligence links.

At the time, Mafume said there was increased surveillance on his boss, but warned if anything happened to Chamisa, they would hold the State accountable.

In the latest incident, MDC claimed State security agents tried to snatch Chamisa and a fracas ensued between the suspected abductors and Chamisa’s security team in Ruwa, a few kilometres from Harare.

This was after about six vehicles had reportedly followed Chamisa’s convoy from Marondera, where he had addressed thousands of supporters at a “thank you” rally at Rudhaka Stadium.

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  1. Impartial investigations should be held and if indeed it is proven that Chamisa was almost abducted Dzamara style, then ED’s quest for international recognition will remain a pipe dream. Given Chamisa’s steely determination to march to State House, the kidnapping allegation should not be easily dismissed. The nation has surely not forgotten Tsvangirai’s dubious accident that killed his wife.

  2. Two cannot walk together unless they agree.
    Although the election is done and dusted, Mnangagwa and Chamisa must find out a lasting solution to this protracted supremacy contest.
    The welfare of over 15 million citizens supersedes their petty personal differences and the two cannot hold the nation to ransom indefinitely.

  3. Big name Saudi Arabia is on the brink of economic sanctions because of state sponsored terrorism what about little name Zimbabwe with a host of many other human rights abuses in her closet.

    1. Observer titori muma sanctions kare ,hapana chi new one .Chamisa anozvinetsa,if cio &mid want him,even the so called security yaChamisa will scatter semakonzo aona katsi


  4. AJIGIJA CHAMISA…… your intel sucks.

    Next time unosara mumota kwete kubuda kuzomara vanhu ko mabody guards anozoiteiko.

    Unenege unewo death wish iwe. Kuda mbiri kuchakuuraisa 1 day

  5. I thought Minister Mutsvangwa would ask the police to investigate, but am surprised that she did the investigations herself. This is very unsual.
    Pane nyaya apa.

  6. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    This is just fake news…. The Gvt benefits nothing from his abduction and its extremely unlikely they would would do this. Biggest beneficiary of these stupid stunts is Chamisa himself. They have every reason to do something like this because they benefit the most from it.

  7. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    What confuses me is that Chamisa once claimed that he enjoys good relationship with police and most (would have) voted for him….. Now he is saying the police are in favour of ZANUPF. Hmmmmmmm

    1. Gukurahundi, in every isntitution with a lot of people not every body like or hate you. A lot might like you and a dangerous few hate you.

  8. Uchingoona video yacho i stage managing, isu taneta na Chamisa ne MDCA yake ini ndiri we MDCT original, izvi zvavakuitika mahumbwe chaiwo. I never supported ZANUPF all my life but to think what Chamisa is claiming is the truth I have to be educated. People lets work for the development of the country tanzwa nenzara weduwe.

  9. Hapana nyaya apa.Its just someone seeking public relevance. Our security services are not known for this shoddy type of work. If they truly wanted to kidnap him, we wouldn’t have known about it until after close relatives and friends started looking for him. However, under the current dispensation, he is as free as a bird like any other citizen of the country.

  10. The so-called kidnap attempt could not have been done by people even with the most basic training. This can never be State agents. The drama is a poorly acted clown job.

  11. People are very naive not to realise that when the cio kidnap someone they do it in a way that seems ‘clumsy’ so as to minimize suspicion. When Dzamara vanished it is said he was picked up by men who seemed like his friends & people thought he was going for a joy ride

  12. Tavekuda ma seriouse muzimbabwe izvi zvekutamba imbomirai vanhuwee mahumbwe ari kuitwa ne mdc anyanya

  13. My understanding is that Chamisa’s boadyguards have licensed guns for protection of their leader. Now a Toyota Harrier with less than 5 occupants tries to take Chamisa from among a convoy of more than 5 vehicles then they fail to deflate the tyres of the stationery Toyota Harrier that had been blocked by that white can in the vedio? I think Chamisa brain dzake dzakatsva maFuse because sure how could he disembark from his escorted car and proceeded to the Harrier when he inserted the top half of his body and is seen being dragged off by a bouncer in suit? I think ndipo payirova munhu mumota imomo because if his life was really in danger, ko why risk yourself? Does he have a bullet proof vest? That is stage managed kunyepa uku.

  14. Chamisa please stop wasting our precious time please find other things to play with.

  15. Mmmm Vanhu musadaro kuitika zvakaitika

  16. Kunyeperwa uko, Ed havana nguva yokuswerotamba chisveru nevana vadiki. Kana nemio vanobvuma nonsense yakadaro hameno makitwa sei. I kidnaping yekwaani yekuti wacho arikuda kutorwa anoenda ega kunevarikuda kumutora? Nelson, you are stooping so law my young brother. Ivo vanoda kukutora ava vanofamba masango ese kubva kumarondera vozoda kukubata wasvika muharare munemasapota ako akawanda vakambopusa zvakaita sei? Stage manage yacho makaiporonga vakomana.

  17. The funny part of the drama is that the so-called would-be kidnappers would take the driver and not the intended victim. Case of mistaken identity
    Even if they didn’t know what Chamisa looks like, they would at least have dragged someone from the back of the car, rather than presume that the vehicle was being driven by Chamisa 9unless ma agents acho had been recruited from Hlanyeni Hospital0
    Don’t play ne pfungwa dzedu

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