Chamisa apologises over ‘stupid’ gaffe

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday apologised to his supporters, families and victims of the August 1 fatal shootings, for describing the demonstrations which led to the killing of six victims by the army as “stupid”.

By Everson Mushava/Jairos Saunyama

Chamisa on Thursday described the protests as not strategic, as it opened floodgates of their manipulation.

His choice of the word “stupid” caused ruction and unrest within the opposition structures, with social media hacks lynching the youthful politician’s sincerity to those that were affected by the crackdown.

Having realised the pressure and public anger generated by his unpalatable utterances, Chamisa apologised and multitudes of his supporters had to go an extra foot to calm down his angry support base and others, who described his comments as offside.

“My remarks to condemn those who killed or injured the innocent, burnt cars and destroyed property on August 1 used ‘words’ that regrettably created the wrong impression. The people have a constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully. Any discomfort caused is sincerely regretted,” Chamisa posted on his micro-blogging Twitter handle @nelsonchamisa.

His spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda was also busy trying to tone down the situation, saying his boss had “retracted the dreaded word”.

Many other senior MDC officials were busy yesterday trying to douse the flames on Chamisa’s statements.

Chamisa, his deputy Morgen Komichi and deputy chairperson Tendai Biti, among other MDC leaders, have been invited to appear before the former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe’s August 1 shootings commission of inquiry next week.

The opposition MDC party has refused to recognise the proceedings, describing as unfair the move to subpoena Chamisa and others, without inviting President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga to give evidence on their role in the deployment of the soldiers.

Chamisa said Mnangagwa must give his testimony first, as he also denied sending protesters onto the streets.

The opposition party is reportedly weighing its options for another round of protests against Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, Chamisa will today address a rally at Nyamuzuwe business centre in Mutoko to garner support for his party’s candidate ahead of the November 24 Mutoko North by-election. The seat fell vacant following the appointment of Mabel Chinomona as Senate president.

MDC’s Bornface Mushore, who lost to Chinomona in the July 30 elections, was given a second chance to contest against Rambidzai Nyabote of Zanu PF.

Mashonaland East provincial vice-organising secretary Bornface Tagwirei confirmed Chamisa’s visit and said they were confident of winning the election.

“There is a presidential rally at Nyamuzuwe business centre this Saturday (today). We held a national organising meeting yesterday (Thursday) with (Amos) Chibaya, who also confirmed the rally. The police have already cleared it and everything is in order,” he said.

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  1. It has been a dark week for MDC supporters after being labelled Stupid by their own self imposed Godfather, so where to now as this tag will linger on all followers until the demise of the party, very sad indeed.

  2. People must learn to not be used. It is not worth it exposing one’s life to danger over some politician’s cause. Focus on developing yourself so that you are better placed to fend for yourself and your loved ones.



  4. Chamisa is trivially more intelligent than his dedicated critics who seek every opportunity to distort his speaches. His party will continue to need his leadership and charisma.

  5. Comment…vanhu veZANU ngavatange vaongorora kupondwa kwakaitwa vanhu 2008 tigoona kuti vane rudo nevanhu

  6. Chamisa is trivially wiser and more intelligent than his dedicated critics who seek every opportunity to distort his speeches. His party will however continue to need his leadership and charisma.

    1. His speech was never distorted. The simple fact is that he said. Whether or not we like it – its a different thing altogether. Listen to the video – he said it without being coerced or forced. We can’t blame people, including ZANU PF for stating the obvious. He should simply know and understand that as a public figure, he is always in the limelight therefore he cant compare himself with every jack and jill in the street whose utterances do not affect public opinion.

  7. Why didnt he comment shortly after 1 August. He is trying to clear his name. he incited violence by his tweets on 31 July 2018 and 1 August 2018. Arikusungwa and anozviziva wait until the commission recommendations. Also it was not by coincidence that 2 of the deceased were confirmed from Epworth MDC structures uye they were given money for the transport

  8. Comment…Yestarday some stupid supporters were defending Chamiswa for describing them as stupid but he is admitting that he said the supporters were indeed stupid. Chamiswa only apologised because the stupid supporters complained but he meant it. I know ZBC(zanu broadcasting corporation will be more than happy to repeat the video clip, if need be every hour until it sinks into the thick skulls of the stupid supporters that they are stupid, yeah, stupid to the bone. He is in a fighting mood and will fight everybody and anyone regardless of political affiliation, eg Mudzuri. He sees, dreams and thinks of ZEC whom he he blames for wrecking his dream of leading Zimbabwe. Icho

  9. What is the much publicized inquiry destined to achieve in the long run?
    Where else, the world over, has the highest security organ- the army- been deployed to disperse unarmed citizens exercising one of their basic rights?
    Meanwhile, we have to be wary of leaders making irresponsible utterances only to retract later.
    Its now to build bridges to heal to heal the broken people and not a personality contest.
    Needless to say, Zimbabwe is bigger than Mnangagwa and/or Chamisa and will be there long after they are gone. Mugabe – Tsvangirai two-decade political duel is no more whereas Zimbabwe still is still intact.
    Let us revert to issue based politics at the expense of ‘worshipping’ individuals.

    1. Sando dzako but hey its really tough especially the need for credit that lies in the populace

  10. Well said @ Man kenya.

  11. Why is Chamisa gaffe prone. He must spruce up his act if we are to believe that he is leadership material

  12. from the abundance of the heart mouth speaks. You are right Chamisa we are STUPID becoz we support. We didnt understand when people were saying Chamisa is imature indeed you are. Even if reach the age of 80 your brain will be like of a 5 year old. I pray that you will never rule this country becoz you don’t have the qualities of a leader. I regret voting for you. You are PATHETIC

  13. The reporter has footage of your officials inciting violence with alcohol and drugs. Carrying firearms and also you and your girlfriend Biti went onto Twitter to tell everyone to protest. You are a child with some serious brattish issues and quite frankly I think you should hang yourself. Save the world the oxygen you waste being alive. Moron. Satanboy just like Grace satangirl.

  14. Mr Nelson Chamisa retracting that poisonous word is not enough but resigning should be the best.

  15. Comment…yeah the dimtwit childish leader must resign

  16. With all due respect, Chamisa should retrace his approach to the Presidency and learn to embrace failure as an option in any compentation.
    He has been unusually bitter since the loss and yet he stands a high chance in coming days as age is still on his side.
    He should better use a diplomatic approach by cooperating with the current regime. Constructive criticism from within can reveal his outstanding charisma.
    On the contrary, he is fast going to lose relevance from within and without by his bitter ‘reckless’ utterances as already evident from his latest ‘stupid’ gaffe.

  17. MaZanu tirikunzwa zvamuri kutaura but chokwadi ndechekuti tiri kufa nenzara.Zvinhu zvaoma,

  18. Mwari vaiziva havo pavakarega uchibirwa maelections iwe kamisa, zimbabweans have suffered too much to have you as the president. Taida kuzoratidzwa kuti you do not deserve to lead us saizvozvi, honestly calling the people who dearly loved you “stupid” ndiwe waratidza kuti uri stupid chaiyo, and u don’t deserve to be the leader of this party.Mdc to regain people’s confidence you must remove this idiot chamisa from leadership structures. #Tatokujamuka so

  19. Its only one who likes you who has the guts to tell you in the face that if one is wrong is wrong, The fact that you are my brother so I cant call you stupid becoz I like ur support does not do anyone a favor pple were overzelous and we acted immature no wonder why we are always at the receiving end.Facts are facts I may be called stupid today but tomorrow I will be more wiser, The fact that its his supportes doesn’t approve their sanity. It may be zanu or mdc pple. If act stupidly when are told don’t get angry rather acknowledge, learn, and say it will be repeated again. We can’t continue condoning wrong things in the society just because my brother is involved, some one has to say something if its not good , In this case it only happens that he is public figure.

  20. Anonymous u r wiser. Wonder why he retracted his words. Wrong is wrong regardless where it coming from.

  21. This guy loves his supporters,he tells them to their faces wat they dd was stupid,how could they not see that the demo was not organised by the MDC-Alliance,they jus joined blindly.
    He was 100% correct their actions were stupid even the guns ddnt target the protesters but bystanders n people knocking off from work coz the hitmen knew who theirs were.

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