Britty Yonly set to introduce US label

Whitney “Britty Yonly” Matimanga

THEATRE practitioner and musician Whitney “Britty Yonly” Matimanga is set to introduce the United States clothing label — LaMonki Collection — to Zimbabwe, following her appointment as the country’s ambassador by the label’s chief executive officer, Godwil Daniel.


Whitney “Britty Yonly” Matimanga

The US-based Daniel, who is also a DJ with Dagee Radio, confirmed the appointment, saying it would also enable Yonly to create a fan base for her music in the US.

“We have appointed Britty (Yonly) as our first Zimbabwean ambassador, a position she will hold for as long as she wants or if she doesn’t breach our covenant. Her responsibility will be to take the brand to places through her social media connections. In overall, the role would be to represent the brand in Zimbabwe and Africa in general,” he said.

“The idea is also to introduce her to an American audience, where she would showcase her music talent… When we eventually got to know more about her and her work, we realised that she was viable and could take LaMonki Collection places.”

Daniel, who is originally from Botswana, said the decision to penetrate the Zimbabwean market was reached after realising similarities between Zimbabwe and Botswana’s culture.

“We have decided to bring the label to Zimbabwe because our cultures are similar and we share the same border. We’ve brand ambassadors in different countries that include the US, Botswana and South Africa,” he said.

“Very soon, she will be called to Botswana for a massive photo-shoot, where she will be clad in LaMonki clothes.”

The fashion label founded in Texas, the US, was named after Daniel’s late mother, Monki, and has presence in several countries, including South Africa.

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