Zimra officials jailed for undercharging minister’s wife

Two Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) employees were yesterday sentenced to 36 months imprisonment each by a Harare magistrate after they were convicted of undercharging goods belonging to the wife of Energy minister Joram Gumbo, Eristinah, at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.


Tendai Hombiro and Moses Nyango, who pleaded not guilty to the charges of criminal abuse of office, appeared before magistrate Hosea Mujaya.

However, Hombiro and Nyango will serve 27 months effective jail time after the magistrate suspended nine months on condition of good behaviour.

The duo denied the offence, saying Eristinah was trying to use her husband’s influence in government to get them convicted.

The court heard that on May 16 this year, Eristinah presented her declaration of duty form to Hombiro and Nyango, who were stationed at RGM International Airport national handling services, and they undercharged her duty by $1 447, as she was made to pay $489 instead of $1 936.

After noting that her duty was undercharged, Eristinah raised alarm to Gumbo, who then informed the Zimra management and ordered them to resolve the matter.

A second examination was carried out on the consignment and it was discovered that the duo had undercharged duty.

It was also discovered that on the same day, the duo met Loice Chakanyuka, who presented her airway bill and declaration form for her goods to be cleared.

The duo carried out physical examination on the consignment, which was coming from China under the name of Tapiwa.

An assessment of duty was made and a duty of $489 was made to be paid on receipt.

The goods, which included pants and headphones, were said to be weighing 80kg with a total value of $300.

The court heard that Hombiro and Nyango, who are public officers, intentionally omitted to weigh the consignment as per Zimra norm and the goods were re-examined and they found out that they were weighing 92kg.

Nancy Chandakaona appeared for the State.

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  1. zanupf must stop taking us for fools, who on earth can ever make a report to authorities for being undercharged something

    1. And the Magistrate presiding over this case does not question as to why Gumbo’s wife “raised alarm” with her husband instead of reporting to the police or ZACC?…….now that’s evidence of corruption by the very member of the justice delivery system.

    2. Gayaa!! I mean who does that? Ngavakwane mai avoo

    3. Nonsense why she didnt report her husband for all the corruption he did in Air Zim, ZINARA etc. EDiots are shameless.

  2. Zanu saves the day once again kkkkk

  3. Mano mano emuroyi kunyepera kutya dzvinyu akasungirira nyoka muchiuno

  4. This woman said to be Joram’s wife please can you be honest enough and help innocent lives. Many criminals are moving around scott free but here we are two harmless breadwinners who cant even hurt a fly jailed. people do we have hearts at all

  5. this is so unfair

  6. Haiwa

  7. And these two are worst criminals in Zimbabwe? Our jails are full innocent souls.

  8. I do not understand this story. Is there something else or Mai Gumbo is just a true patriot?

    1. tendai chaminuka

      @ Zim zim, I m also failing to understand the whole story.Or are we having a repetition of paGARUGATA.Are the systems calling out loud crucify Him.This story does not have V11 forms

  9. Did these guys benefit at all from the undercharging????? Do they deserve jail time, just because they undercharged?


    1. Good question bcoz if they benefited it can only be from a bribe offered by MRS herself

  10. Honestly the story is stupid..why ddnt she tell the revenue officers that they had undercharged her instead of making that foolish move, to hell wth u madam Eristinah, you were supposed to be jailed yourself..ndimi vanhu vari corrupt imi moda kunebera ZIMRA, haaaa mutikwanire mhani, as if Zimbabwe is not hard enough..nonsense!!!!!

  11. and zvakaoma shuwa! If these Guys had benefited from the undercharging taimboti. Nyaya haina kukwana iyi – pane zvisiri kutaurwa. Amai Gumbo avo, Amai Gumbo avo!

    1. the blood of Mrs Portipha is flowing in her veins,,

  12. its a half story and for sure, why didn`t she raise alarm with the police as well as Zimra. What benefits were accrued by the two Zimra guys? Mai ava imbavha.

  13. The one thing that I don’t understand is sure vanhu ava Havana chavakaba kasi vasungwa vari kunyasoba kuZimra variko

  14. OnlineNigeria(09/09/2018)

    I quote,”A woman claiming to be Joram Gumbo’s”baby mama”landed ZIMRA officials in hot water after she called the new energy minister to resolve an excise duty dispute on her consignment.”


    ”The ZIMRA officials had attempted to have her pay an extra $1447,26,prompting her to call her’hubby’to the airport.”

    What kind of world are we living in?Who wants to be charged tax at any points of entry and moreover alert an official for being under taxed.The devil is at work in our country.You are never safe no matter how cautious you are.Our lives are at risky same as those of robbers,thieves et al.But at least robbers,thieves et al will go to jail to pay for their evil deeds.What about these innocent souls who worked so hard to get where there are,have families to feed,have people who look up to them.Just going to languish in prison because someone is in power and can act as if they own the whole country including everything in it and can funken do what ever pleases him/her.But just remember chisi hachiere musi wacharimwa just mark my words.

  15. itai basa nemazvo why undercharging…thank you Mrs Gumbo for raising an alarm…mwedzi wapera munhu arikuda pay yekuporonga basa kudaro….ukaita company woita mushandi anoshanda zvakadai ungamuda here? guys lets call spade a spade.

    1. kumusha kure .katsi yemuhu

  16. Can I also bring my ZIMRA issues to the kind minister for action? If not, then he might also be abusing his office as a public officer, since there are defined channels for this.

    Never in my life have I heard a person reporting being undercharged duty, which brings me to believe there’s more to this story than presented. What value was declared on her declaration form?

  17. Now if you can be jailed for 36 months for under taxing someone, then how long should you be jailed for awarding yourself tenders worth millions of tax payers monies, story just meant to portray the minister as a gud citizen not the person portrayed in yesterday’s herald

  18. @ chokwadi, its pple like yu who were labelled as coachroaches…in the colonial era… you must be Gumbo’s garden boy…

    the psn who is being undercharged is the wife of a minister… she reported only becoz she wanted to pay more… (good mother Theresa) thoz two innocent pple are being jailed yet they benefited nothing frm the scam… does that make sense to you… nxaaaaaaaaaa

    dzichatongwa zve kepiri pasina magweta idzo….ndezvepano pasi izvi zvopera….

  19. That story is incomplete. I sense a mrs gumbo who didnt want to pay duty at all. Cause phoning the minister because you are undercharged??? Ooh please.

    1. Yes I agree, this case smells!

  20. the magistrate is insane.. this case doesn t deserve jail time.. in fact it is not a criminal case , it incompetence which can be solved through zimra internal processes.. let s say a cashier at the bank errs and gives me more more , do I report to the police… silly indeed

    1. The Mmagistrate is not insane or incompetent. She is corrupt She must have been greased by this Gumbo wife to make such silly judgement without basis if we are to go by this incomplete story. Why didn’t this “patriotic woman of integrity” Gumbo wife raise it up with the Zimra superiors or alternatively and more appropriately with the police than her husband if there was a crime committed?

  21. Gumbo Joram ndiye wekumbotenga ndege dzakawora ku MALAYSIA. Ndiye zvekare ane Zim Airways ka uyu, wekuita utsotsi kutenga ma Snow Graders asi haana kuvharirwa mujere. iNGA MA 1

  22. you are right yoyo this case doesnt deserve a jail term. 36 months for undercharging. This case must be looked into further. Vakatonga nyaya iyi ndovange varikutoita corruption vanofanira kuongororwa matongero avakaita

  23. Pane zvisiri kutaurwa chete. Make people go to prison cause you (cruel minister and wife)didnt want to pay duty??

  24. Something fishy there.

    Seems like a deal gone wrong and the only option is to sacrifice these 2 guys

  25. Ko vakatenga magrader e snow by mistake havana kusungwa wani zvakangonzi let bygones be bygones

  26. The Mmagistrate is not insane or incompetent. He is corrupt He must have been greased by this Gumbo wife to make such silly judgement without basis if we are to go by this incomplete story. Why didn’t this “patriotic woman of integrity” Gumbo wife raise it up with the Zimra superiors or alternatively and more appropriately with the police than her husband if there was a crime committed?

  27. Surely zimbabweans we can not let this happen, going to jail for nothing while just for someone to prove his power?

  28. Surely this case is incomplete if lm still not insane. How were they jailed if they just omitted to weigh, that’s is an undercharge and they did not solicit an favor from the wife’s minister. That wife should give us a clear explanation. This guys are just innocent souls since they did nor benefited anything from the transactio.

    Ndarwadziwa. Please reconsider this case.

  29. Apa ndopavshaya nyaya ndiani ano reporter kuti nda underchajwa kkkkk.Kwavo kwanga kuri kuda kubhadhara here, vavakuitira ZIMRA basa

  30. They failed to uphold intergrity at workplace.They are guilty why defend them.

    1. Hey what integrity, if the wife wants to be a ZIMRA employee ,she should apply for the post.This case is very simple and does not need a jail term but displinary action by ZIMRA. The minister’s wife kuvaviwa nemari yekubhara here. Did them prejuce ZIMRA its money-no .Did they sought favor or bride from her -No. So what is the problem. Something is not right here.Hayi mhani innocent people are suffering and their families. This is not right.

  31. This is a typical case of going to court without a lawyer. You lose a case you are never supposed to lose ad the real criminals get away with it. Something is smelling in this case. A lawayer wld have convinced judge that they had nothing to benefit unless if they followed up the lady and demanded something nice and everyone is playing silence to protect each each including magistrate. This shldnt have been a criminal case

  32. lol someone who was awarding himself contracts reports after being undercharged, zvinonyadza izvi

  33. In a civilised place the other party would have been charged i.e. the ministers wife

  34. Cde Joram last week I was overcharged duty paRGM airport kkkkkkkwaaaaaa

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