ZCTU, police head for clash


The Zimbabwe Congress Trade Union (ZCTU) is headed for a clash with police after banning the labour body’s planned demonstrations against the 2% tax, tomorrow, saying it could lead to a fresh cholera outbreak.


The statement by police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi came after ZCTU threatened to go ahead with the demonstrations which the labour body said would completely shut down industry to force government to reverse the 2% tax on money transfers.

Nyathi said the police could not allow the demonstration to go ahead because of a directive by the ministries of Health and Local Government to ban public gatherings in the central business district, following a cholera outbreak that has so far killed 49 people and left over 10 000 needing treatment.

“Therefore, the organisers of the intended demonstrations by ZCTU and its affiliates should take note of the government’s directive, particularly the movement of large numbers of people from one point to another which includes cholera epicentres,” Nyathi said.

The police said ZCTU would be held accountable if the situation turned “nasty”.

“Members of the public are accordingly warned that if anything turns nasty, those organising the demonstrations will be held responsible, especially with regards to maintenance of law and order,” Nyathi said.

But ZCTU secretary-general, Japhet Moyo accused the police of becoming political appendages, who applied the law selectively and, therefore, did not deserve to be taken seriously.

“We have seen other organisations doing public gatherings, just two weeks ago Zanu PF had a district meeting at Stodart netball grounds in Mbare, we have seen churches gathering everyday and soccer matches that are happening, why does it become an issue when it’s ZCTU, is this cholera selective?” he queried.

Moyo said because the police were yet to communicate directly with his office, the labour body will not change its plans and if it was to be delivered, this would be challenged.
Earlier, ZCTU president Peter Mutasa, told the media they were confident the demonstrations would be successful and could be pushed beyond tomorrow if government fails to take heed.

“If they don’t listen, we are going to call citizens to make sure that we have continuous demonstrations to just shut down the country, we have not completely called for a shut down on Thursday, but if they don’t listen, we will call for a complete shutdown. There is no other option but civil disobedience. We can lock this country slowly but surely. We are very confident because if they don’t change, things are going to get worse,” Mutasa said.

In an unapologetic stance President Emmerson Mnangagwa this week said the new tax measures would not be reversed as they were necessary pain to the people for the sake of economic turnaround.

ZCTU said it was not amused by Mnangagwa’s stance, accusing him of following the footsteps of his predecessor, former President Robert Mugabe.

“Mnangagwa is taking from his creator Mugabe. If you look at the process of policy making, this arbitrary action has no place in modern economies and modern states,” Mutasa said.

“In modern states the government should start with the green paper and white paper and invite stakeholders for their input. Had they done this with the monetary policy, we would not be where we are. Nothing has changed and he has failed dismally, but he has the chance to redeem himself and he can do this by removing this policy.”


  1. both parties the police and zctu are being mischievious ,a protest cannot be linked to cholera now and zctu must partner consumer council and make noise protests about price increase and that would have many takers as the 2% tax is yet to be implemented

  2. Please leave RGM out of it.Why is it that you always bring in former President name each time Mnangagwa messes up.Hanti you say RGM was removed by popular uprising and people elected ED to lead so ngaachitongazve and leave the old man alone

  3. what do you want to achieve by shutting down. Does it bring bread and better; the essence is dialoguing through and through.

    • Dialogue with Zanu ? Paul are you smoking weed my friend ? They are FORCING 2% tax on us, they are FORCING shops to control prices and operate at a loss, FORCE is the name of the game. So it’s time people also reacted with some FORCE. 38 years of dialogue has proved that it doesn’t work….

      • Paul, you are an adult with all the 5 senses who should know that after all, going to the Con Court over the election results was the most decent and civilised way of dialoguing but alas…..your gangsters through some judge thought they are cleverer and more powerful than God the creator

  4. If the Police are an appendage of a political party(Zanu) as you allege, then as ZCTU you are also a political appendage of the MDC because whose agenda are you furthering here? The tax has not been gazzeted as it is yet to go through Parliament but you are already planning to demonstrate against a pregnancy which might suffer a still-birth. You are equally guilty and we know you just want to fight Zanu PF here. Dai mukadashurwa mogosungwa futi

  5. ZCTU, maybe you need to explain to us what the 2% tax means before just embarking on the demonstrations. What does it mean, what is it trying to correct or what does it worsen, what are the long term effects and how will they solve or worsen the situation. We have ready an article by Eddie Cross which was enlightening carried by this newspaper on 8th October. So enlighten us as well.

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