Zanu PF MP’s divorce takes nasty twist


ZANU PF legislator for Murehwa North constituency Daniel Garwe has accused his estranged wife, Pedzisai Liliethy, of adultery and labelled her a criminal who has been abusing authority and trust, as their divorce takes a nasty twist.


Garwe had been married to Liliethy for 31 years, but says their marriage has irretrievably broken down due to her alleged adulterous behaviour and criminal activities that include venturing into gold smuggling and illicit money exchange deals which are in breach of the country’s exchange laws.

According to papers filed at the High Court, Garwe said he was divorcing Liliethy for infidelity and her criminal activities, which he said were detrimental to him and his family.

“In or about 1988 and while defendant (Garwe) was away on work assignment, plaintiff (Liliethy) fell pregnant by a man unknown to the defendant. Plaintiff unlawfully terminated the pregnancy referred to in the above paragraph,” the MP said in papers filed on his behalf by Mundia and Mudhara Legal practitioners.

“Plaintiff has, during the subsistence of the marriage, involved herself in illegal foreign currency dealings. The latest being in 2016 when she lost the sum of $23 000 to foreign currency dealers. Plaintiff has involved herself in smuggling of foodstuffs from South Africa into Botswana and Namibia. Plaintiff has involved herself in illegal gold trading,” the papers read.

In his sworn affidavit, the MP also stated that his wife was also having a questionable relationship with the husband of a colleague who resides in Kadoma.

“Plaintiff has inexplicably spent extended times with the husband of her friend in Kadoma, while her friend was in Harare,” the papers read.

“In March 2018, Plaintiff boasted to defendant that she ‘had a man with a bigger manhood who made her happier’. Defendant’s boast so hurt the defendant that he left the matrimonial home to which he has not returned. Over the years, the plaintiff has been abusive to and disrespectful of, defendant.

The MP said his estranged wife at some point attempted to murder his father.

“In 2017, and at the parties’ matrimonial home, the Plaintiff attempted to murder defendant’s father by grinding glass into his food. Defendant’s father was suffering from diabetes and was living temporarily with the parties while receiving treatment,” Garwe said in the papers

Garwe also claimed that Liliethy was involved in insurance scams where she took out funeral policies for terminally ill relatives, and collected cash payouts upon the beneficiary’s death, but never remitted the funds to the deceased’s relations.

Liliethy has also filed contempt of court charges against the MP after he allegedly moved some property out of the family home before their divorce case was finalised.

In his defence, Garwe said the assets in question were in commercial arrangements and did not solely belong to him.

He also said some of the property the wife wanted locked down until finalisation of the divorce were a source of his income.

The matter is now under investigation by the police.


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