Suspected Zanu PF activists torch NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent copies

A group of suspected Zanu PF activists on Friday morning went on a rampage in Harare city centre, confiscating and burning copies of Alpha Media Holdings publication, NewsDay and The Zimbabwe Independent, claiming their actions were in protest against the recent increase in the cover prices of the newspapers.

The activists, who claimed to have been sent by a named senior politician, also accused NewsDay of writing unfavourable stories about Zanu PF.

AMH staff and members of the public managed to effect citizens’ arrest and handed over the suspects to police.

AMH on Wednesday reviewed the cover prices of its three leading newspapers, NewsDay, The Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard in response to the increase in prices of newsprint and ink and other costs in the past months.

AMH Chairman, Trevor Ncube, has since tweeted about the incident.

More to follow

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  1. tendai chaminuka

    Zanu pf concerned about the increase in independent newspapers.Are we creating twunana Goebbels here

  2. Ane basa rei mapaper iwayo. We dont eat newspapers, neither do we read them anyway. tengesera kumba kwako

  3. Trevor Ncube has been at the forefront of defending zanupf while belittling Chamisa at every opportunity. If this doesn’t serve as a Damascene moment for him to see the light then nothing will help this misguided man

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