Umahlekisa hails comedy show

UMAHLEKISA Comedy Club founder and director, Ntando Van Moyo, has hailed the recently held Comedy Roast hosted by Bulawayo rapper Cal_Vin, and described the initiative as a stepping stone towards growing the local comedy circuit.


A Comedy Roast is a form of humour session in which an individual, described as a guest of honour, is subjected to jokes by his own peers as a way of amusing the audience.

It is described as a form of honouring the specific individual in a unique way.

Cal_Vin exchanged jabs with a six-member “roast panel” with Moyo as the roast master at the Thistle Room in Bulawayo.

The panel was also made up of comedians Mandla, Ckanyiso DatGuy, Nomsa Dee, journalist Sindiso Dube, TV personality Nyasha “Diva” Mtangamira and music promoter, Mr Lit.

“The roast was awesome and an eye opener for many, particularly the acts who were pushed out of their comfort zones,” Moyo said.

“It has helped in identifying emerging and hidden talent which is good for Bulawayo comedy as we will have more acts now. Also, it has challenged existing comedians to pull up their socks and produce better content.”

Cal_Vin said he was happy with his performance as the roast enabled him to stretch his repertoire of skills.

“The roast panel did what I was afraid they would do and that was to roast me, leaving me with zero options, but to pull a phoenix move and rise from the ashes to turn the tables on them,” he said.

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