Transitional govt the key: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa waves to his supporters as he arrived for the Independence Day celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in April

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday proposed a transitional government for the country, which he said would resolve the issue of legitimacy and have sufficient buy-in from Zimbabweans to deal with the worsening economic problems. He accused the ruling Zanu PF party of reneging on an earlier agreement on a power-sharing plan.


Addressing journalists in Harare, Chamisa claimed before the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC founding president, in February and following the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe from power, a deal had been agreed with Zanu PF to put off elections in favour of a transitional administration until the economy had normalised.

He said war veterans leaders Christopher Mutsvangwa and Victor Matemadanda were aware of the arrangement, but Zanu PF later chose to push for elections, which President Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly won. Chamisa disputed the poll result.

The MDC Alliance leader has refused to acknowledge a Constitutional Court ruling that confirmed Mnangagwa’s victory and frequently calls him an illegitimate leader.

In September last year, before Mugabe was forced out in a coup two months later, Reuters, citing politicians, diplomats and documents

from inside the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), noted that then Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was looking to co-operate with Tsvangirai to lead a transitional government for five years and that the arrangement had “tacit backing of some of Zimbabwe’s military and Britain”.

Such a transitional authority would “avoid the chaos that has followed some previous elections”, the report noted.

“This unity government would pursue a new relationship with thousands of white farmers who were chased off in violent seizures of land approved by Mugabe in the early 2000s. The farmers would be compensated and reintegrated, according to senior politicians, farmers and diplomats. The aim would be to revive the agricultural sector, a linchpin of the nation’s economy that collapsed catastrophically after the land seizures.

“Mnangagwa realises he needs the white farmers on the land when he gets into power … he will use the white farmers to resuscitate the agricultural industry, which he reckons is the backbone of the economy,” Reuters wrote, citing a January 6, 2016 report.

Chamisa said the election had brought chaos and that the transitional authority was now inevitable.

“We need a national transitional authority and that is the one that is going to lay the framework for these steps so that we resolve this crisis. We are seeing a repetition of the 2013 problem,” Chamisa said.

“The problem president Tsvangirai left, the problem Mugabe didn’t solve, the problems Mnangagwa would want to perpetuate. We want to put a stop and we cannot be talking about elections all the time, we want to talk about development.”

The MDC leader said talks between himself and Mnangagwa, which were initiated by church organisations, had broken down because “Mnangagwa seems not to have an appetite for it, while he is fixated on engaging the international community and forgetting that the local community is critical as well”.

Chamisa said his party had put forward five points that must be addressed and they were: returning to legitimacy; undertaking comprehensive reforms; nation-building and peace-building; having a common approach to international isolation and addressing the economic situation.

He said in the transitional authority, they would not be used to sanitise Zanu PF as happened in 2008 when they went into a GNU.

“The transitional authority is going to be a creature of the discussions, we do not want to define the confines and parameters of it now because we want a national discourse,” he said, adding “we want something that is not going to compromise the MDC because we don’t want a repeat of 2008, where we were used to chlorinate the infected.

“We don’t want a repeat of 2008 and once beaten twice shy, the agenda is not about power, positions, but answers to the people of Zimbabwe. We need permanent answers to resolve the national question.”

Chamisa said the biggest challenge with the Zanu PF-led government was the high level of fiscal indiscipline at the apex of government, which has resulted in domestic debt ballooning when Mnangagwa took office.

He claimed his party had a clear path and the formula that Zimbabwe must take to extricate itself from its quagmire.

Chamisa said it was folly and delusional to think that the bond notes were at par with the US dollar and demanded an audit by Parliament into the ballooning domestic debt to figure out how the money was spent.
But Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana described Chamisa’s utterances as madness.

“He is mad. There was no discussion of this nature. We govern this country through the Constitution and as a lawyer, I expect him to read it,” Mangwana said.

“We only have a transitional government if there is no government and, in this instance, we have elections that were held in terms of the Constitution and the winner was declared by the Constitutional Court, and there is no room for the so-called transitional government. Transiting to where? We cannot have a transitional government in an independent sovereign authority. We held democratic elections and a winner was declared by the ConCourt.”


  1. Chamisa Chamisa what transitional government when you were trounced in both the first and second round ,if you have a contribution to make just make it public and the government will latch on to it and implement

  2. Chamisa so why did you participate in the elections in the first place when you were aware of such an arrangements and where is it written? Produce documents of the deal as all that has been overtaken by events which you were a part of. Why then did you not take that to the constitutional court? Please stop causing confusion in this country. You cannot hold this whole country at ransom simply because you lost!. Even your own wife did not vote for you. Its high time you focus on strengthening your party and prepare for the next elections than to try and bring this nation backwards. You no longer have my vote in the next election because you just spit statement without thinking. I would rather vote for a new person all together in the next elections and not you. You are just too childish. So you accept the results in all the urban areas where your party won, please grow up you are now sickening most of us. YOU are so desperate to rule but all odds are against you.Enda unobika doro kudzinza renyu!. ED offered you a golden leaf which you turned it down and that is now a closed chapter.You lost an opportunity. Wait for your turn if ever you will rule this country though it seems very unlikely as the povos would rather vote for a new person who is not you because you are so childish and surrounded by wrong advisers. I think the MDC Alliance must choose a new leader for the next elections rather than this kiddergatten kid. In the meantime ZANU(PF) must wake up.


    • Think b4 what you’re saying fuck you,au a Zimbabwean you don’t see a situation of Zimbabwe don’t tlk ship you’re the part of Zanu F thats wy you idiot

  3. Yes, Chamisa must stay as far away as possible from Zanupf & leave the pig to fry in its own fat, that cult of a party of thieves & murderers called zanupf is well beyond redemption

  4. chamisa huya titaure u have great contribution in this economy akadaro ED after elections you chose to be arrogant now some of your voters are suffering wakuti transitional patove ne gvt kare…chikomana kura nhaika hupenyu hwevanhu hwaukuita muzerere nahwo uhwu

    • saka mavoter ezanu pf are not suffering?every zimbo is suffering and its high time people swallow their pride and do the right thing. maqueues should go,inflation should slow, medicines should be available and accessible,etc. I wonder why people keep on concentrating on petty issues.we need solutions even if it means transitional government or whatever…

  5. Chamisa is not relevant at all in fixing the economy. He is just riding on the status quo so he gets some measure of relevance till 2023. Is a transitional gvt even constitutional in the circumstances? Advocate marasika.

    • KKKKKKKKK ADVOCATE HAYA MUNONDISHAMISA dont talk about the constitution when you dont know anything about it because in this country violation of the constitution ikuitwa almost everyday by the ruling party and you vanhu vemutemo you not doing anything so please shut up especially when you have no idea of what you talking about

  6. hakana nyaya aka. mdc presidency you grabbed, the elections you said you would win, you lost, the mdc presidency you said you would relinquish if defeated, you are holding onto indefinitely. remember mdc lost in 2013 because of you

    • Kana newe hauna nyaya my guy ZANU PF said they were going to turn around this economy now everything dololo the country is drowning in both the domestic and foreign debt does that even make sense kkkkk this ZANU PF will not deliver anything and zivai futi kuti it did not win the elections by what margin did they win the election and even EU condemned it so keep quiet kana musingazive anything

      • i didnt say anything to support zanu. ed is a monkey and so is chamisa. if you say i dont like colour pink that doesnt mean you like red dude

  7. Ayas… This country is led by dogs for sure. These politicians think they own this country and they abuse people left right and centre. What is sad is that people allow them to do so and even applaud them!

  8. Comment…So guyz what are u suggesting for zim to move forwad.Dont just comment for the sake of it.Its like u are enjoying people suffering everyday .Lets try and build the Zim we will all be happy with kwete zwekuswera mumaque echingwa sevanhu vasingafunge.Nyika yofira kuti Ed atonge chete use your senses Zim comes first .Tota vanha vedu vozoshand munyika kwete kushamdira dzimwe nyika

  9. you are the one who is childish my brother, if you still thing that CHAMISA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE STEALING OUR HARD EARNED CASH

  10. Nelson must just shutup. What transitional government are you looking for? For what?You have been overtaken by events man. The country’s fiscus is already on the mend by measures taken by prof Mthuli Ncube. Kana zviri zvako zvekufurirana ne maindustrialists, wholesalers and retailers to cause artficial shortages of basic goods for political gain hazvishandi. Vakatogadzirirwa size yavo yakanaka necabinet nezuro. Takavaudza kare kana muchida zvebusiness siyanai nepolitics. The market will be full of enough cheap basic comodities toona madofo anga achifarira politics dzeshaisano kuti what is going to be your next trick.

    • kkkkkkkkk the measures put in place will not solve anything mjaya kkkkk unless you remove the corrupt bigwigs in zanu pf as you can see people are not even accepting the 2% thats why kune shortages in the country cause people know kuti it wont help change anything shaaa ruling party yakadhakwa

    • Its a shame kuti tine vanhu vakaita sewe munyika no wonder why tisina kwatiri kuenda the country is bleeding and iwe uripano kutaura zvisina mature, unofunga kupiwa duty free iwe wahora mabond zvinokubatsira chii, shandisa brain kwete, cant you see that Zim under Zanu is pathetic, for how many years should we continue to suffer.

    • Nhire shutup hauna nyaya Zanu PF yatadza zvinotoonekwa ne bofu chairo iye Mangwana saka tichiti mamwe ma degree ndeye kungopiwa vanhu vari kumba .Nyika iyo yafa Chamisa ari kuti huyai titaurirane kwete GNU asi pane zvinhu zvinofanirwa kubuda pachena nyika yeenda mberi hapachada humbimbindoga apa fungai varume

  11. I think for PAUL Mangwana to say Chamisa is mad thats delusional, stupid, naive and very scandalous. With this rate of suffering which people are being subjected to and moreover with no an sign of indicator showing improvement and start to waffle like that.The nation knows very well what happened to their vote.. it was a sheer rigging. The way the people’s mandate has blatently been insulted , it is intolerable.
    If there is a legitimate government in Zimbabwe why there is still an economy crises as if we are in war. Chamisa have got the keys, he knows what he is talking about. The country cant move forward with this kind of generations with blinkers. We all all Zimbabweans why cant we sit down and iron out our differences and build the nation as one..this is not he time to ridiculing and denouncing one another. The nation need us to join hands and work for the betterment of our country.

    WHATS THE DIFFERENCE WITH MUGABE IS ERA NOW??? POLITICS of names and title are for dullards in this 21th century

  12. Imbwa dzeZANU nyararai hamuna zvamunoziva.Zivai zvekufa nenzara.Chamisa aita sei.Gadzirisai nyika makanyarara kana muchigona.Murimbwa dzevanhu

  13. Transitional government to return the farms to the whites inga you have said it precisely nhai Nelson.Its a pity that Zanu p.f is beginning to backtrack on a revolution which was to benefit the future of this country under the mantra Zimbabwe is open for business.

  14. “Transitional administration until economy had normalised” what bull!!!!! The economy will not normalise until you tell your friends to repel ZIDERA. full stop. Show me a normal economy that is under sanctions. The US dollar rules the world ad as long as your economy is under sanctions then you are finished. MDC you invited chikwambo chinonzi sanctions mukapembera muchiti ari targeted. Targeted my foot. Is it the reason why makadira hupfu majecha kuti muzoti lets form a transitional administration???? Mr Chamisa if u have solutions to offer for the country to prosper why not just offer the solutions uriko ku opposition ikoko rather than wait so that u walk on top of dead people on your way to State house? This economic decay is affecting everyone MDC, Zanu PF, Alliance etc saka why act as if urikuda kusvotesa vanhu veZanu PF kuti right ndimi makati pfee saka kaurayi nenhamo as if MDC supporters will be spared. Wake up and smell the coffee

    • and you think you are going somewhere? sorry maningiChamisa promised us that this time around havasi kuzoriga maelection ndakabata matricks avo ese but to my surprise akuchema futi achiti ndakabirwa kkkk shame on him….hapna chaachachinja apa chamisa wenyu ikozvino ari busy kuburitsa vanhu muparty yake hanzi wese akamira se independent candidate pama election ngaarohwe nesuspension kkkk apa kutya congress irikuuya next year kuti chigaro chingayenda kkkk chigaro chirikudiwa apa

  15. Which section of the constitutions talks about transitional authority? Losers must concede and wait for the next election, and if they lose again, they should concede again rather than to try to patch a constitution to insatiate someone’s egos.

  16. You can say that again Nhire because There were some hooligans who had been deployed in public places such as combi ranks, doors of shops and drinking places just to negatively comment on the current situation as though it was caused by electing ED. You could hear them saying yaaa handiti makati ED Pfeeee ndiyo Pfeeee yacho iyoyo. Their comments on anything was centered on ED a clear sign that they were deployed for that purpose. But surprisingly, you could see how stupid and uneducated these goons are. They celebrate the increase of prices forgetting that they are the majority in towns were anything that you need is money unlike us whom they label as unwise rural folk while we have our resources in our rural homes. I always say mdca is a party of satanists and psychiatric patients, look what chanyiswa is doing? Surely at this date he is still talking of transitional authority and talks which he refused achiwonererwa paYouTube giving conditions as if he was the one in power.

  17. Chamisa don’t tell Zimbabweans you still yearn for a ministerial position.Put the people first tell us what you would do to make the economy work if you were in power. I think your call smacks of selfishness. The truth is that once the “thieves” have killed the bond note and they allow imports we shall have normalcy whether we have a government of national unity or not.

  18. Chamisa should hold on to the legitimacy word until 2023 and be beaten again . The economy can not turn around over night . This is why elections are done every five years . Leave ED with his chance to show the world what he can or can not do . Chamisa , as long as you do not accept your loss , please do not waste our time making your silly commends . The newsday , you seem to run out of news . Your headline is as if Chamisa has said something new when the whole article is full of your repeated comments . Give us a break .

  19. Comment…Nhayi veduwe mamiriro akaita zvinhu munyika aya ndozvaivimbiskwa here neavo VAKAKUNDA kana KAKAKUNDWA? Nhasi uno matambudziko atakatarisana nawo anofanirwa kugadziriskwa neVAKAKUNDA kana VAKAKUNDWA. Nhasi uno chaiye vechidiki verimwe bato varikushoropodza Gurukota vaMtuli Ncube. Dambudziko ratinaro muno nderekuti tavakutora HUWORI sekodzero dzekurarama nadzo. Ndokumbirawo MHINDURO. MAMIRIRO AKAITA ZVINHU MUNYIKA NHASI UNO, NDOZVATAYIVIMBISKWA HERE NEBATO RAKAKUNDA kana MAPATO AKAKUNDWA. Kana zviriizvo pakanaka, asi kana zvisizvo, ipayi nyika
    zvamakavisa. Ndinoyeuka pachivimbiskwa mabasa, kugadzikana kwezvinhu munyika. Zvinosanganisira kuvakwa kweSWIMMING POOLS kuMbare. Mumwewo akavimbisa dzidzo pachena kuPrimary.

  20. Nhayi veduwe mamiriro akaita zvinhu munyika aya ndozvaivimbiskwa here neavo VAKAKUNDA kana KAKAKUNDWA? Nhasi uno matambudziko atakatarisana nawo anofanirwa kugadziriskwa neVAKAKUNDA kana VAKAKUNDWA. Nhasi uno chaiye vechidiki verimwe bato varikushoropodza Gurukota vaMtuli Ncube. Dambudziko ratinaro muno nderekuti tavakutora HUWORI sekodzero dzekurarama nadzo. Ndokumbirawo MHINDURO. MAMIRIRO AKAITA ZVINHU MUNYIKA NHASI UNO, NDOZVATAYIVIMBISKWA HERE NEBATO RAKAKUNDA kana MAPATO AKAKUNDWA. Kana zviriizvo pakanaka, asi kana zvisizvo, ipayi nyika
    zvamakavisa. Ndinoyeuka pachivimbiskwa mabasa, kugadzikana kwezvinhu munyika. Zvinosanganisira kuvakwa kweSWIMMING POOLS kuMbare. Mumwewo akavimbisa dzidzo pachena kuPrimary.

  21. Garwe is clueless haatozivi kuti how to run the government aitongodhonzwawo achitevera Mugabe without learning anything. With zanu we are going nowhere chamungaita chitsva chii chamakatadza kuita for the past 38yrs ibai Mari dzedu makanyarara full stop

  22. Kana wakasarudza Dambudzo usachema nokuti zvawakashuwira zvakaita. Tinochemera vakaramba Dambudzo ndiwo watiri kuchemera.

  23. The future of this country belongs to the YOUNG generation, so vapeio nguva vafana ava. Takarwira nyika iyi kuti vana vedu vagogara zvakanaka. Zvino zvamakuto vabira nemazino avo chaiwo vachadya mhandire dzasara neiko. Ah ini ndazvishaiwa pazvo.

  24. Nonsense! What crisis? Crisis manufactured by politicians to either remain in power or get into power. Africans politicians are monsters who are much closer to the family of animals than humanity. Why make people suffer first for them to support you. Africans we should distinguish ourselves from mandrills.


  26. Comment…VaChamisa akanyurura Douglas Mahiya, Victor Matemadanda nevamwe paya voda kutetenwa, achifunga kuti vaive pamwe. Asingazivi kuti achazvamburwa nekuseri. Zvadaro nguva yesarudzo aivimbisawo dzidzo pachena kuPrimary, Paramende kuGweru, supageti rd, airport paMurehwa Centre, akatemwa chematsenga nzunguzve. Vimbiso dzake dzave dzenguva inotevera, kana Samasimba vavhumbamira. Uye vaMnangagwa vakatiwo vave neUS$16B yekuti nyika igadzirisike. VP Chiwenga vakavimbisa swimming pools Matapi kuMbare, vakakunda sarudzo. Nekudaro, vakakunda ngavachizadzisa zvavakavimbisa vanhu, nekuti ndivo varipanyanga. 30 July, tose tinowirirana kuti zvinhu zvakanga zvisiri pazviri nhasi. Tirikukwira here kana kudonha? Cash crisis yakonzerwa nezvirango zveupfumi here kana kuti yaunzwa neRBZ? RBZ irimumawoko eHurumende yeMDC here kana Zanu PF? Musha kana vawona kuti Sabhuku arikukanganisa, vanekodzero yekutsiura. Kutsiura hakusi kutuka. Kutsiurwa handi kutukwa. Bato rakakunda ngarigadzise zvinhu munyika, nekuzadzisa zvavakavimbisa. Mapato akakundwa ngaati ziiii, nekuti handivo varipanyanga. US$16 tititi, swimming pools kuMbare Pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Vanhu vodya uchi nemukaka, vachipembera nemufaro. Kwete paya tayirara kumabhanga chete. Asi nhasi torarazve mumitsara yezvekudya nefuel. Vanhuwe gadzirisayi zvinhu sevimbiso dzenyu. Kwete dzangana, asi dzenyu imi pachenyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  27. Chamisa said achadira mavhu muhupfu, meaning he would scuttle any economic recovery efforts by the government. So what he really meant was “Give me a post, or else…..”
    Hahaha, this boy?

  28. so what is the solution coz it appears we are all attacking each other instead of looking for solutions that will turn around our economy

    • Chamisa has offered what he thinks is a solution. “Transitional government”. All the earlier comments are not addressing anything but just show senseless hatred for whats purported to be enemies.
      People should learn that both Chamisa and Mnangagwa are Zimbabweans who are where they are because they are at best seeking solutions. People like Mangwana should not hold any public office because they are not tolerant enough. Dont tell us about others’ madness, just call them, discuss with them why you think their opinion is wrong, then discuss a way forward. We are not animals.
      Even us so called party supporters should avoid fanaticism, whereby we support political parties like football teams. Learn to give your opinion without fanning hatred.

  29. Comment…Zvinreva here kuti Chamisa (MDC-A) ane masimba kukunda Mnangagwa (Zanu Pf)? Andisi kunzwisisa apa. Zvinoreva here kuti kana Nerison asi DZEPFUNDE zvinhu zvichatosha kupfuura
    zvazviri? Bva kana Chamisa ari mumwe arikukonzera HUWORI munyika ngaasungweka. Kana kuti Jehovah ngavamutore nekuti ahasi muzodziwa kwaye. Asi kana tirikuti ndiye HOZHERI asirika, hapana kwatirikuenda. Dayi tadzidza kutsiurana nekutaurirana chokwadi. Kuitira avo vatirikusvuvira kuti vatibatsire vabatsirewo. Nekuti isu vatakuri vemasvinga ehuni kana tisati tazendamisa edu masvinga pamiti, apana achatibatsira kuatsiga paneyedu misoro. Tirikutsvaka rubatsiro, isu tamboyiteyiwo? Ndiyani anoda kuzoisa MAZIMARI ake mumatope akadayi. UKU NDOKUNONZI KUYA, “KUYENDA MBERI, KUDZOKA SHURE, KUGARA PASI. MUFAKOSE chidawo chemhuri yaHwata. Chokwadi hatina TEMBA pasi rose. Kusvika tave vanhu vanovimbika tichasvuzva nekudya NHOKO DZEZVIRONDA muno.

  30. Chamisa did a very gud job pakudira jecha ndiko kuti isu vanhu tiziiwe zvatoda ,,,lets suffer fr the nxt coming 5yrs so that we learn the hard way nxt tym toziva pekuvhotera

  31. People totally miss the real story of Zimbabwe which is access to land. When we started to take back our land (right way or wrong is another story) we invoked the wrath of the white man (read US, UK and Europe). From then on our country was placed under sanctions. Tsvangirai, Biti, Chamisa and all the MDC-T leadership believe they called for suctions the sactions which is why Chamisa believes he has some sort of power to remove sanctions. He does not have any such power. What the US wants is for all land to be returned to pre reform positions with most of our land in the hands of the whites.
    When president Munangagwa started talking of ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ the whites believed they had found a new ally in Zanu PF hence all the warming up to him. Now that they realise there is no wholesale return of our land to the whites things start happening. This has nothing to do with Chamisa who himself is suffering issues of legitimacy in his own non existent party (Alliance!??)

    Zanu PF needs to purge itself of all the money hungry sharks at the top who are always scheming ways to siphon money out of government. They have been doing this since time immemorial via various schemes dressed up as empowerment programmes. The president needs to tell his friends that enough is enough. Lets get the ordinary people of Zimbabwe start enjoying a little bit of the cake of Zimbabwe. All we need is peace, health facilities, good roads, good schools with teachers who actually teach (no to extra lessons), jobs for the young and business opportunities for the all with ideas.
    As for the 2% tax just check how much is deducted from your wallet every time you do a transaction then see how much more than 2% you are actually paying and this is going into private hands which will not provide you with any social services at all (except as charity. Some say Zimbabwe is highly taxed but how many in the informal sector are actually contributing to tax collected by government. In that environment taxing transactions makes sense. Mtuli Ncube just needs to ensure the sharks don’t get to bully him off the money and we will see change sooner rather than later.

    I fear the sharks are going to start purging each other again soon and we will have another crisis in the ruling party. Kupe and others must form another alliance and give Zimbabweans another alternative come 2023.

  32. The minority party in Parliament needs to present a Reform Bill. Zanu PF then has to reform or face the consequences of election defeat.

  33. Chamisa thinks the only way out this crisis is the transitional route and it is his opinion. What is your opinion not the measures taken by the Finance minister which have their shortcomings, though? Me think that solutions are out there among the citizens and all stakeholders. All the government needs to do is consult extensively in their policy making process. A policy with a wider citizenry and stakeholders input is more polished and is most likely to succeed since it would have been underwritten by all the interested parties. This is my opinion and anyone can improve it not throwing brickbats at anyone.

  34. Comment…Ndokumbirawo mhinduro, Chamisa ane simba here mayererano nemamiriro akaita zvinhu munyika here? Ko RBZ ine chokuita here nemamiriro akaita zvinhu munyika? ZVOGADZIRISKWA SEYI? NEKUTI ZVAKAKANGANISKWA ZVODA KUGADZIRISKWA KUTI TIYENDE MBERI.

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