TelOne launches digital entertainment platform

TELONE has launched the Digital Entertainment on Demand (DEOD) platform, which enables one to access highest quality television and movies over the internet as it also seeks to promote local content.


The company’s head of marketing and business development, Maureen Chirambagwa, last week said the platform was a new innovation.

“DEOD is a converged linear on demand news and entertainment streaming service we are launching with an SA (South African) partner called Discover Digital,” she said.

“This new innovation from TelOne will give Zimbabweans access to new viewing options and these are television options. It will unveil internet TV at another level.”

Customers have an option to subscribe to on demand packages offering television series — international TV series, Hollywood TV series, kids programming, movies, music videos, documentaries and lifestyle programming as well as news, sports and inspiration documentaries,” she said.

She said the platform will give viewers an opportunity to rent on title by title basis or pay per view basis.

“The pay per view basis allows you to access a movie from as little as $1,50 that you will access over a 48-hour period,” she said.

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  1. I have been using platform. Its pretty awesome. Movies and shows on this platform are pretty awesome.

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