Suspicious vehicles trailing me: Chamisa


OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says he feels his life is under threat, with “suspicious vehicles” trailing his movements in what his party described as a serious violation to his right to personal security.


Chamisa has refused to accept the July 30 harmonised elections results despite losing a Constitutional Court challenge, and often describes President Emmerson Mnangagwa as “illegitimate”.

In a statement by the party spokesperson Jacob Mafume, the MDC said it suspected that those trailing their leader had links with the military.

“The deployment of military intelligence personnel who follow our party president Advocate Nelson Chamisa is not only a concern, but a violation of the laws of the land,” Mafume said.

“Advocate Chamisa is a citizen with rights, which must be respected. He has not committed any crime, therefore, there is no basis to limit his rights. His right to privacy is compromised by people who follow him wherever he goes. Every person must have inherent dignity in both their private and public life.”

Mafume said there was increased surveillance on his boss, but warned if anything happened to Chamisa, they would hold the State accountable.

The party also provided registration plates of vehicles allegedly trailing Chamisa.

However, contacted for comment, Zimbabwe Defence Forces spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi asked for questions in writing on Tuesday, but had not yet responded by last night.


  1. What’s th problem with EDiot , Junta pf all these tricks of abuducting, threatening citizens won’t work solve economic problems period. People of Zimbabwe wants basic needs, food, jobs , money on th banks and shelter good health facilities, Murikuda kuuya Chamisa iyeye futi Morgan makauraya ma satanists…..

  2. What mileage do govt officials get by requesting questions in writing and then not responding to the same? Are they under strict instructions to repeat this common mantra? As a tax payer I’m tired of my employees who think they are bigger than the taxpayer.

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