Shooting victim’s brother takes ED to court

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has been dragged to court by a Harare man, Alison Charles whose brother was shot and killed alongside six other civilians in post-election violence on August 1.


Charles is seeking to bar the seven-member commission of inquiry which was appointed to probe the post-election violence, from conducting any enquiry before completion of his court challenge.

Charles, whose brother Gavin Dean was allegedly shot dead by soldiers, has partnered with the Counselling Service Unit and jointly filed an urgent chamber application seeking an order to interdict Mnangagwa from operationalising, and or in any way proceeding with the inquiry until his application challenging the composition of the probe team has been determined by the court.

In his application filed on Wednesday, Charles said: “The legality of the first respondent’s (Mnangagwa) executive decision to appoint the commission of inquiry, the composition of such and its terms of reference have and are being challenged by the applicants before this honourable court under case number HC8436/18.”

Following the skirmishes that rocked Harare on August 1, Mnangagwa, on August 29 appointed a seven-member commission led by former South Africa President Kgalema Motlanthe.
Other members of the commission include United Kingdom-based Rodney Dixon QC, former Commonwealth secretary-general Chief Emeka Anyaoku of Nigeria, former chief of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces General (Retired) Davis Mwamunyange, constitutional lawyer Lovemore Madhuku, University of Zimbabwe lecturer Charity Manyeruke and former Law Society of Zimbabwe president Vimbai Nyemba.

But through his lawyers, Atherstone and Cook, Charles said Mnangagwa’s commission would not deliver, arguing “it is comprised of biased commissioners” such as Manyeruke and Madhuku.
The matter is yet to be heard.


  1. slow down it pains but the nation equally need to know the truth and surely it will be out in 3 months

    1. To Hell with you Eliasha and should you have said the same if he was your brother!You can try by all means to support EDIOT and his group of murderers but GOD is watching!Watch the space

      1. i dont know what you are talking about but the issue here is that the truth must come out and lets not try and suppress a body constituted to unearth the perpetrators of the unfortunate incidents on that black day and if need be lessons will be learnt and measures put in place to pacify relatives of those who lost their beloved ones.

        1. I agree if f he thinks its biased he can institute his own like what Warara did with the Kereke case.

        2. I agree if he thinks its biased he can institute his own like what Warara did with the Kereke case.

  2. Your Name (required):Special Black

    It pains to lose a brother but you should separate the two, issues of national interest and what you intend to archieve regarding the lose. May be that commission you want barred will easy your court claim. Normally civil cases become easy when a commision or a criminal court gave judgement. Don’t be used used by political parties to scuttle the commision. Politics do not pay, its a game of use and throw away. Safe politics is where you play a people centred game. Well its your constitunal rights go ahead.

  3. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Don’t call our President ‘EDIOT’ you Mentally Deranged Chickens Animals MDCA. Why are you so eager to have the commision barred? Did you read Eliasha’s coments properly? Every party have murderers we cannot name them but they were soldiers during their time. No one celebrates when one lost his loved ones, but only noticed it when you politicised the outbreak of cholera. We want meaningful contributions here not scolding. Only those who run out of facts do.

    1. Ediot is ediot it will never change

  4. Ediot is not president he is just a fucken asle

  5. Your Name (required): Special Black

    No more facts from you guys, you have run out of steam. Its not your fault it depends on the environment you were brought up. No wonder some of you go against God’s rules, no to gaysm. ZANU PF under the leadership of HE ED shall rule you for ten full years then another ZANU PF leader for ten good years and so on and so on till the rises from the West. Look all ZANU PF gurus are coming back including some from your project. Welcome back Sirs.

    1. Its interesting how ED and his team never said anything about the Gay situation at St Johns School. I think they like it?

    2. 2008 is coming back blazing

  6. A complete idiot trying to abuse his brother’s death for fame, another patson dzmara

  7. 2008 is coming back blazing

  8. God bless Zimbabwe in such trying times

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