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Sakunda boss Tagwirei under probe


Police and Central Intelligence Organisation operatives on Monday reportedly summoned Sakunda Holdings owner Kuda Tagwirei, a reported close ally of the establishment, for questioning over his alleged dealings in foreign currency on the black market.

By Everson Mushava

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Kuda Tagwirei at the latter’s father’s funeral in May this year

NewsDay is reliably informed that the police and intelligence officers wanted to raid the command agriculture benefactor’s home on Sunday, but failed after he left Harare for Wedza aboard a military helicopter with Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga.

Although police spokesperson Paul Nyathi denied knowledge of the development, well-placed sources insisted that Tagwirei was later summoned for questioning on Monday morning.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Nyathi said.

But a source maintained: “He was invited for questioning on Monday morning. He initially resisted, but later complied.”

On Sunday, former Zanu PF youth league member William “Acie Lumumba” Mutumanje claimed the country had been captured by a cartel of business people now corruptly controlling the fuel industry and fuelling the mess on the black market.

The outspoken Mutumanje claimed the country’s economy was now in the hands of a businessman, whom he called “Queen Bee”, who controls the fuel industry and some Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officials.

Social media was immediately abuzz with speculation that the Queen Bee referred to by Mutumanje was Tagwirei, who has been handed several lucrative government contracts, some very controversial.

Tagwirei is the owner of Sakunda Holdings, which is in a 50:50 partnership with Trafigura, an international company with vast interests in fuel.

Government has launched a blitz on money changers and claimed a lot of businesspeople have been caught in the dragnet since the operation started two weeks ago.

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  1. Hapana investigation ine musoro inoitwa nemapurisa apa. These are guys who are powerful enough to pay off the entire government. There’s need for an independent commission here.

  2. *This so called investigation is just a ruse. Tagwireyi is well connected to both Guvheya and ED and even was also to Gushungo.
    *Tagwirei was involved in trading of military Chiadzwa diamonds via Nyami Nyami company. Guvheya benefitted.
    *Tagwireyi is a front in ED’s chrome project called African Chrome Fields(ACF) being run by ED’s SA friend Zunaid Moti(currently jailed in Germany). On the face of it ACF is said to be a 50:50 joint venture between Moti and Kuda.
    *Tagwirei ran Dema Diesel project for the benefit of Gushungo’s inlaws.
    *Both ACF and Dema import diesel duty free which is then sold on open market.
    *On command agriculture all the above benefited and continue to do so.

    • European and US investors already have this and more on their tables. This is just a Mafia gvt, no investor will invest in this shithole, unless of coz they’re criminals.

    • You have nailed it! Another reason the “investigation” won’t get anywhere is that Tongai and even mbune wacho vanofumurwa.

  3. We want billionaires in Zimbabwe.Someone once said something of the sort.For you to create a millionaire in Africa, a million people would have been impoverished.Pakaipa.The ruling party should put much concentration on how they can cushion the povo now that we have no currency of our own.Kuzvipatara tiri kunzi pay in $US atisina.Tofa here nhai Shumba kunyanya isu tine pamuviri pechi 10

  4. There is no investigation iri kuitwa apa. This Tagwirei guy is connected left, right and Centre. I mean Zpf, Mdc . He sponsored Opposition candidates in the recent elections. Instead of supporting the probe of this guy the opposition has remained mum to keep thier sponsor. It took Lumumba 2 days to do something the MDC has failed to do for the past 18 years. MDC n ZPF same whatsup group. Seems MDC has already been captured like ZPF before they are even in power. Cry my beloved ZIM

  5. At least an arrest for all involved is necessary, ED must sacrifice some of his mates. The country must come first.

  6. i feel sad cos definately our generation esp born free we are gonna suffer from MIDLIFE CRISIS cos the things we were suppose to do in our 20’s have been robbed by your GOV, our dreams have been shattered, we are struggling & suffering.

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