Probeatz: the stand out kid

AGAINST a collage backdrop showcasing some of Zimbabwe’s tourist destinations, Probeatz rocked the show. His showmanship and skill were peerless as he deftly used his solo voice as a percussive instrument.



Then he did Zimbabwe’s national anthem with his beat box still at the launch of the MultiChoice Talent Factory Academy of Southern Africa held last week at the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication.

“I was approached by MultiChoice to send in my profile and videos for configuration,” explained the 23-year-old beatboxer whose versatile talents include acting, rapping, dancing and beatboxing.

His beatboxing grew out of a practical consideration: the frequent powercuts in the neighbourhood where he grew up.

Probeatz proved on the MultiChoice Talent Factory launch night in Lusaka that he had big match temperament as he rose to the occasion.

“I went there (Zambia) and presented a set called the Journey into Sound which is a contemporary series of human sound that depicted the urban lifestyle from dusk till dawn. I wanted to present an original story that expressed where I come from which is the African city life,” he said.

Probeatz plans for the future must obviously include taking on the very best and gracing the world stages. But what else?

“Opening a beatboxing foundation that nurtures young beatboxers so that the culture lives forever and relevant,” he said, adding that there was a possibility of collaborating with some of the performers who graced the stage last Thursday.

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