Parents inspire Amanda’s modelling dream

THE quality of the bond between model Amanda Murorera-Nyoni and her parents has seen her following their footsteps into the world of modelling as she is living her dream.


Amanda Murorera-Nyoni

Amanda said her parents, Michael and Sherry Murorera, were commercial models during their heydays and have inspired her to work extra hard and surpass their record of success.

In an interview with NewsDay Weekender Life & Style, the 25-year-old model said her desire was to empower the girl child.

“I started liking modelling since I was seven because my parents were both models. I decided to join Iconic Model Management Zimbabwe for professional grooming as I started loving it more. As someone who is into leadership as well, I have realised that beauty and brains can be a very good combination,” she said.

“This journey has not been so easy to balance education and modelling, but it takes determination and the love of God to be ranking high.

“As a model I aspire to start my television show which will be focusing more on the day-to-day lives of young people such as the issues of drug abuse, early pregnancies, relationships and promoting the rights of a girl child due to unending patriarchal behaviours in the African continent among other topical issues.” Ads

Nyoni, a holder of a first class degree in Politics and Public Management and a certificate in Project Management, said Iconic Model Management Zimbabwe had enabled her to sail through to the top despite the odds.

“I trust that it will go far in raising moral standards of Africa at large while raising the Zimbabwean flag so high,” she said.

She said she recently hosted a Women Empowerment Forum at Midlands State University, attended by prominent women, including family counsellor and therapist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Lucia Gunguwo, popularly known as Mai Gunguwo.

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