New mall to squeeze out vendors

HARARE City Council (HCC) has approached government seeking approval to construct shopping malls, wholesales and supermarkets as well as establish a long distance bus terminus at the new market stalls at Coca-Cola open space.


In an application filed with the Department of Physical Planning for change of use, of the open space at the corner of Seke and Dieppe Road, the City of Harare stated that they wanted to use the area for various projects.

“Notice is hereby given that in terms of section 49 (4) of the Act (Regional, Town and Country planning Act) of an application to change the reservation of remainder of stand 17915 STL (corner Seke/Dieppe road), Graniteside from [public open space and recreation to commercial (Shops and offices) and special buildings (bus terminus and driving school training grounds),” read the application in part.

Last week, Cabinet ordered Harare City Council to construct ablution facilities at the new Coca-Cola vending site to avoid another cholera outbreak.

Council, supported by the police, forced out vendors from the central business district following a cholera outbreak last month, which has killed at least 54 people in the country and left thousands needing treatment.

The local authority has identified a local bank to construct tents at the Seke Road vending site under a built-operate-and-transfer arrangement, and plans are underway to establish a new market site near the National Sports Stadium.

HCC hopes that $104 062 or more per month from levies will be generated from other business opportunities that shall be availed at the site.

According to the notice, anyone objecting to the proposed move should lodge a complaint with government, stating why they are objecting within the next 30 days.

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  1. Another Mall, a country of consumers.

  2. thats what you voted for in harare and you new mayor is now busy at work

  3. Life and business are two things that need courtesy. Once we allow ministries to think on our behalf, we are bound to leg behind pained. Forefront-why not that we decide a community that we want, bring it forward to the policy makers to approve than to rapidly scatter all over because of situations and worries for this is where we are taken advantage of , then fall prey to the heartless.
    Women lets wake up hey. Bulawayo is not as bitter as Harare cant you compare and copy the good.

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