Mutasa businessman arrested in movie style


A MUTASA businessman and well-known MDC Alliance member, Tawanda Terera, has appeared before Nyanga magistrate, Anne Ndiraya facing charges of resisting lawful arrest, his lawyer said yesterday.


He was granted $100 bail and will return to court on October 26.

Terera’s lawyer, Brian Majamanda, said his client was initially set to be charged with three counts, namely, unlawful entry and resisting police arrest, but prosecutors said they were still investigating charges of robbery and unlawful entry.

“The prosecution decided to put on hold the other two charges, which they still want to investigate because there is no evidence to support the charges,” Majamanda said.

“They then preferred to deal with the third charge of resisting police arrest. We are denying the charges. My client was severely assaulted during the arrest.”

The State alleged that on September 28, detectives tried to arrest Terera over allegations of robbery while he was in a bar, but he reportedly became violent.

Patrons at the bar allegedly harassed the detectives, who responded by firing two warning shots in the air to disperse them.

Majamanda told the court that his client was assaulted by the police on the way to Nyanga Police Station and also upon arrival.

“They were demanding information on the whereabouts of some three people they say were involved in the crimes,” he said.