Musical dance production in debut showcase

A MUSICAL that debuted at the Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo last month, Rachel (19), will be showcased during the Nkulumane Abatsha Day on October 27 as a part of efforts to bring edutainment to young people in high density areas in Bulawayo.


Victory Siyanqoba Trust dance group during a performance

The 85-minute musical and dance production by Victory Siyanqoba Trust was done through the Culture Fund Creative Knowledge Toolkit (CKT), which uses creative methods of community engagement.

Victory Siyanqoba director Desire Moyo, said the musical was meant to address issues that affect adolescent girls.

“It addresses from a cultural perspective seven issues that play a significant role in the sexual health of adolescent girls and young women. These are bodily integrity, impregnation of young girls, contraception, sexuality, marital rape, and polygamy and virginity preservation,” he said.

He urged the youth in Nkulumane to take this opportunity to be conscientised and learn about issues of sexuality in the context of cultural taboos that have closed out girls.

“The festival is dubbed Nkulumane Abatsha Day and the issues of HIV and Aids and adolescents in Nkulumane become the talk of the town during a time when the statistics of HIV infections are high. It is like the area is competing with Magwegwe and Cowdray Park in terms of statistics because of the outlets which are there, like UMqombothi Sports bar and others,” he said.

“So we want the people to know that a girl child can fight for her rights and we are also looking at issues like early child marriages.”

Moyo said the production did well during the Intwasa Festival and the reception was good, and they hope the production will change the lives of girls and young women as well as the community.

“Our people are tired of political games, tired of prices going up so we need not to forget the bread and butter as well as our social issues. It is also wise to get entertained and relax despite the current situation in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the production’s information and publicity officer, Pelajia Hove, encouraged the youth to come in their numbers and watch the production, which she said would be beneficial to them.

“We are giving a chance to those who did not make it during the Intwasa Arts Festival to come and see the production.
The production targets everyone, especially the youth, on issues that they come across. We want everyone to be empowered, especially the girl child — to be empowered on issues that affect them,” she said.

The production is about Rachel, a 19-year-old township girl born from a culturally arranged marriage and finds herself among her adolescent peers who take that stage of life as a time for adventure, love, romance and fun.

She discovers a rift between her upbringing and that of her peers.

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