Mushure sues Dynamos

Dynamos Football Club skipper Ocean Mushure has petitioned the High Court seeking an order to compel his employer to settle his outstanding signing-on fees, salary and allowances amounting to $26 450.


Through his lawyers, Mushure filed summons at the High Court on Monday and the football club is yet to respond to the litigation.

In his declaration, Mushure said he signed a contract with the football club in December 2016 and according to the contract, his employer was supposed to pay him for services rendered to the club.

“On December 30, 2016, the plaintiff (Mushure) and the defendant (Dynamos FC) signed a contract. In terms of the contract, the defendant engaged the services of the plaintiff to play football for the club. In terms of the contract it was agreed that the defendant would pay to the plaintiff several sums of money, including a signing-on fee, a monthly salary, transport allowance as well as winning bonus of $200 per game and a draw bonus of $70 per game,” Mushure said.

He also said as at April 9, 2018, the football club was owing him $26 450.

“The defendant has neglected to pay the plaintiff the total sum of $26,450 calculated as outstanding signing-on fees as at April 9, 2018 in the sum of $23 650 which the defendant has acknowledged, (and) unpaid winning bonuses for 14 games in the total of $2 800,” he said.

“On June 29, 2018, the plaintiff placed the defendant in mora by demanding payment of the outstanding signing-on fees and the winning bonus on the 14 games.”
Mushure also said despite demand, Dynamos FC has failed to pay the arrears.

“Despite demand, on June 29, 2018 the defendant has failed to pay the total sum of $26 450 owed to the plaintiff. Wherefore plaintiff prays for judgment against the defendant as payment of the sum of $26 450 together with interest thereon at the prescribed rate from the date of service of judgment to the date of payment in full and cost of suit,” he said

The Dynamos captain has since stopped reporting for duty at the club.

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  1. Dynamos is a useless and stup!d club. Mushure must report to FIFA in the event that, nothing materialise. Players must be warned b4 joining dynamos. Majority of ex and current dynamos players are destitutes. Pliz, give the player his monies.

  2. Almost everyone is sueing dynamos. Zinatha, Zhokinyi, Mushure, Gwekwerere, Ntouba, Mubaiwa, CBZ etc.

  3. All players can not play for Platinum teams.Even those players from South Africa are destitutes

  4. Players with common senses do not play for dynamos.

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