Mukwamba takes Peace Order to the streets

Patrick Mukwamba

FORGOTTEN musician, Patrick Mukwamba (72) whose yesteryear hit, Wapenga Nayo Bonus, dominated local music charts in the 1980s, has resorted to selling CDs of his latest 12-track album — Peace Order — in the streets of Rusape to earn a living.


Patrick Mukwamba

Mukwamba told NewsDay Life & Style during a chance encounter at a fast-food outlet in Rusape on Sunday that he was recording brisk business selling the CD at $1 to motorists and other passers-by.

“I brought 17 CDs to this place and I am only left with three. Charge a dollar and buyers are content with that. This is the only way I can get money. The good thing is that people are buying,” he said.

Mukwamba had to introduce himself to the potential buyers as they did not recognise him as the man behind Wapenga Nayo Bonus.

“The album was released in July and I am now about to move to other parts of the country selling it. I am going to take my CDs to Harare, Chitungwiza and Marondera. The album consists of both old and new tracks,” he said.

Some of the popular old tracks on the new album include Usanyare Basa Rako, Chikwereti and Sarura Wako.

Mukwamba, who relocated to Rusape a few years ago, earns a living through sculpture as well as music.

He, however, rubbished claims that he had fallen on hard times: “I have a house in Chitungwiza and I am only here because of work.”

Mukwamba gained popularity during his short stint with the Four Brothers between 1983 and 1984 when he released the classic hit, Jonasi (Wapenga Nayo Bonus), which still trends during the festive season.

The musician is, however, still bitter over his royalties which he said were no longer coming.

“There is nothing to celebrate. There are no royalties anymore. The state broadcaster ZBC is not paying to Zimura and the matter is with the courts,” he said.