MPs squabble over economic challenges

Tapiwa Mashakada

THE motion currently being debated in the National Assembly on the structural challenges affecting the economy has degenerated into politicking, with MPs failing to proffer solutions to the economic quagmire facing the country while concentrating on political squabbling.


The motion was introduced by Hatfield MP Tapiwa Mashakada last week, and he suggested that goods must be priced in the South African rand, as one of solutions to beat inflation which is currently at 5%.

But Dextor Nduna, the Chegutu West MP (Zanu PF), alleged there were mysterious saboteurs who were causing economic collapse in the country and causing the spiralling of prices. He also alleged that shops were holding off goods and pharmaceuticals.

“Assuming there was any reason for anybody not to sell their product to an unsuspecting innocent citizen of Zimbabwe for any reason or otherwise, we would not have cement being held off, the pharmaceuticals being held off, tomatoes, juice and oil for the same reasons or on the same day,” Nduna said.

“That issue speaks volumes to some mysterious cohesion of saboteurs coming in from various corners for a common cause to sabotage the economy of this country.”

Nduna said it was a political ploy to destabilise the country and alleged that the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) had called for the escalation of prices.

“Just this yesterday [Wednesday], going around the City of Harare, was a ZCTU truck laden with some operatives, who were calling for both boycott of commodities and escalation of prices. One wonders as to the motivation of such an action.

“What then is the motive, Mr Speaker, Sir, if not to make sure that the people of Zimbabwe suffer for lack of the basic commodities? What the opposition has not managed to get through the ballot box, they should not come and try and get through the economic development of this country,” he added, angering Mashakada, who expressed displeasure over the trivialising of his motion.

Mkoba MP Amos Chibaya (MDC Alliance) then said the only solution to Zimbabwe’s economic malaise was MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

“For us to be able to address the challenges and come to an end, Zimbabwe should be given to Chamisa who won the election,” he said.