Mnangagwa guns for Zanu PF chefs

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday told restive Zanu PF chefs, who he said were using political positions to achieve selfish and corrupt ends to sabotage the economy, that he was coming for them.

By Everson Mushava/Obey Manayiti

Addressing the Zanu PF central committee, where Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga was conspicuous by his absence, Mnangagwa said there was too much indiscipline in the ruling party and that he would show no leniency to those caught on the wrong side of the law.

“In the wake of extremely wicked activities by gluttonous persons and business in our country, I challenge you as the party to be highly disciplined and upright in all your dealings,” he said.

“Shun all forms of corruption and be exemplary. Political positions should never be a licence to loot or abuse the offices you hold. In the Second Republic, there will be no leniency to the corrupt and those who cause suffering to our people.”

Having won the disputed July 30 election, Mnangagwa is facing the biggest challenge to his leadership as long-running currency
shortages have worsened and the economy continues to deteriorate.

The increase of the tax on electronic transactions in an economy hard up on cash caused prices to spike, while the separation of accounts into United States dollar-backed accounts and local accounts caused panic and prompted shoppers to stockpile goods.

Mnangagwa also appeared irked by utterances by senior members of his party over the crisis, who demanded that government be accountable to the party.

“I exhort party members to desist from indulging in showcase utterances which prop up personal glory or image. Let us be wary of putting the party into disrepute or discord. There is one spokesperson for the party and one spokesperson for government. We must preach hope and unity of purpose for the good of our people and the economy at large,” he said.

“Government is fully aware of the machinations by some detractors and economic opportunists who are bent on creating despondency in the country through the manipulation of the foreign currency market and creation of artificial shortages.

“This has caused untold suffering to our people. As a listening President, I have heard their cries and my government is determined to provide solutions to these perennial challenges.”

He added that the lifting of the imports ban was one such move meant to provide interim relief to the people.

“My government will neither let the people go without basic commodities nor allow the willy-nilly depletion of incomes by a few rogue businesses and persons,” Mnangagwa said.

“Just yesterday (Wednesday), we concluded (the) purchase of fuel three times more than we used to buy, to make sure that we flood the market.”

Mnangagwa blamed the shortages on social media, which he said was influencing panic-buying and vowed his government would work to put an end to the shortages.

He challenged his party to be bold in the face of political and economic reforms, urging central committee members to focus on proffering solutions to the country’s economic challenges rather than engaging in counter-productive behaviour on social media.

Mnangagwa also promised to flash out all ghost workers from government as part of some austerity measures to solve the economic crisis, and insisted the country’s surrogate currency, the bond note that has fallen drastically in the past weeks to the US dollar, will continue to trade at par with the greenback.

“People may trade at whatever rate, but the official position still remains that the US dollar and bond note trade at 1:1,’” he said in a subtle admission that the surrogate currency did not carry the same value with the US dollar.

The Zanu PF leader ruled out forming a coalition government with the opposition MDC Alliance.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF has shut out former youth leader Kudzanai Chipanga and Innocent Hamandishe, who had applied to re-join the party.

Party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said they were still monitoring Chipanga, who read a strong-worded statement against the military days before the military intervention last year, while Hamandishe remains expelled.

Anastacia Ndlovu was readmitted into the party.

Moyo said the party was pleased with preparations for its upcoming national conference to be held in Gwanda in December.


  1. Comment…mdara E.D ndokutembai but imbosungai makudo atiuraya nenzara ayo, type dzana Deputy Minister Modi varikutimanikidza kutenga ne USD ratisina

      • Its advisale for him to be cautious before the arrests lest he be accused for human rights violations and witch hunting.

    • Not only Modi even Chiwenga stole our monies naMugabe in 2002 when DRC paid us soldiers who participated in DRC war where some perished and he went on to compare us with donkeys. Obidiah Musindo a self proclaiming Reverend who also frauded people of their hard earned cash in 2013 claiming he is selling stands in Bulawayo. since then he disappeared and nowhere to be seen in Bulawayo

  2. Khaya Moyo did you not read a strong worded message to ED asi hauna kudzingwa? Chipanga anoda monitoring? Ko iwe haidi here? Why do people quickly forget? Yaingova time of madness kumunhu wese. Vamwe vari kurambira kuti vakomanaa ivava vadzoke ndivo same people vaiva vakkapfeka magarments emapositori vachisapota gormer first lady asi now they are denying others

  3. By coming to power via a coup & proceeding to rig an election ED himself is the greatest criminal in the country. How he expects his cabinet & everyone else to be good moral law abiding citizens after that is a pure mystery. No wonder why his presidency continues to be ineffective & dead in the water

    • Iwe anonymous ndiwe imbwa chaiyo. Mwana wehure akafumuka asina respect nevanhu vakuru. Wajaira kuona mai vachikwirwa wakarara pasi pemubhedha

  4. respect for our leadership is crucial if ever we entertain any hopes of holding them to their actions.kutuka mutungamiri wenyika sezvizvi aaah tinozvinyadzisa.imagine vari baba vako vanonzai nemumwe munhu wemuraini.constructive criticism is good kwete kungoswerero tukana.lets build each other as zimbabweans. this is our country.even muine nzara, ndeyedu.kungotaurao hangu

    • i think he deserves that, iwe kana uchiwana chekubata its fine for you but isu hatina chatiri kuwana cz of him. so how can i bless such a person who even doesnt care. fro coup to rigging, from rigging to killing, from killing to economic suffering, while they are too busy looting at the expenses of poor zimbabweans

    • You are very right Anonymous insults will never bring solutions to our problems even if we change our leaders so many times. We need to be positive if we are to move forward.

  5. In ED there will be a turnaround and a trunaround for sure no matter the bumpy start, good times will roll sooner rather than latter

  6. Get away, you zanupf guys are experts when it comes to insulting Chamisa, Tsvangirai & all other opposition leaders (Mugabe was actually a master at it). Now you want us to respect ED? Munopenga!!!!

  7. Comment…Asina zita taura hako. Apana asingatedze kana kukanganisa. Vanhu ngatidzidze kutsiurana, kwete kutukirira. Hunhu
    sevanhu. Hongu tine nhamo nematambudziko. Asi handi zvingaita kuti tirase hunhu.

  8. mafia does not destroy itself. by mention what your friends are doing you are telling the whole world that that is what you are doing also. its about other animals are more equal than the ed you more equal than the other mafia members.

  9. Very true Anonymous, lets criticize constructively ukaona vanongoda zvekungotuka kana KUNGOVUKURA vanenge vasina mafacts kana idea yezvirikuitika saka anenge achida kungonzi ataurawo pane vamwe, its bad kungotuka vamwe, help with noble ideas so that we can move our country to the next level.

  10. So he’s trying to sell us the idea that he’s been in government all these years and did not know about corruption or never participated in it !!??
    Yeah pull the one in middle why don’t you…

  11. Zuro ndizuro maiti ED summoned by Zanu PF nhasi ED guns for Zanu Chefs. Hamuna kwenyu. Apa you say Chiwenga was conspicuous by his absence but it was officially announced kuti he is on sick leave. Mad people

  12. Kutaura chokwadi hapana chinobuda pavarume avo.Hukuna n’anga inotondeka imwe n’anga kuti iyo i n’anga ndiyani akachena pane varume avo vose saka hapana anosunga mumwe vake kutambura kose kwatiri kuita inyaya yeumbavha muhurumende hwakanyanya as long varipo varume avo hapana hapana.Pakutuka munhu akaita nzara aotaura zvose zvose vangani vana baba vakanzi ne vakadzi vavo hauna mwana ari pano asi iwe uchigara naye apo mune vana 5.Ini ndongoti kana zvarema ngavabve vamwe vauye vaedzeo inga kubhora tinoisa masub wani

  13. I agree with @Truth 100%. But I only read as far as “…. As a listening President, I have heard their cries…” ndabva ndasiyana nazvo. Listening to what? Listening since when? Listening to who?
    P/S: Thanks ED for reminding me of a very good movie called 300. In the movie Xerxes said, “but I am a generous God”, kikkk let me download it and watch it again, much better than anything you guys spout.

  14. ED took the nation for fools at the ballot box therefore he shall receive fools as nation to preside over, you reap what you sow

  15. Comment…zimbabweans adopted a very bad habit of graduating in critics to politicians at the expence of their precious time to manuvre forward for the prosperity of their lives, this hergmony of piliticking without any benefits to our families should cease forthwith and find ways to feed our children, all these critisms wont bring bread for your families, learn to adventure forward without being balanced by politics, its a dity game.

  16. Comment…Ndinorarama nekudiridza bindu kurambidzwa kwekutenga mafuta nezvigubhu kondiurayisa nenzara muruzevha nokuti vanemota vakadira mumatangi avo vanozoibudisa vopima vachitengesa nemutengo unorwadza.Dai ED mamboti pfeee mutibadzirewo tibvumirwe kutenga mafuta pa filling
    g station nezvigubhu kuda tingararama.

  17. ED kudzingwa naMubage kwakanga kwakanaka asi nekuda kwaChiwenga ndiye akamudzosa kuty vabe mari yenyika vose.zvinova ndizvo zvavakutiuraisa nenzara pamwe nekupfura vanhu .president wedu wakafanana nedemo rakagomara kupedza nguva kuenda naro kunotema naro huni

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