Mnangagwa, Chamisa talks stall


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa have taken hardline stances to political engagement, which has stalled progress towards interparty dialogue seen as critical to pulling the southern African nation out of international isolation and launching economic recovery, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has said.


ZCC has been trying to bring Mnangagwa and Chamisa, who were the main contenders in the July 30 poll, to the negotiating table, but despite both of them insisting they were ready to dialogue, they remain far apart.

Chamisa has rejected Mnangagwa’s victory despite the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) throwing out his petition challenging the result and has since maintained that he won the election, frequently calling his rival “illegitimate”.

Mnangagwa has reportedly offered an olive branch to his nemesis, saying he has “a vital role to perform in Zimbabwe’s future” and proposed an official Westminster style “Leader of Opposition” post in Parliament for his rival to be part of the national discourse, but insists that Chamisa must recognise his Presidency.

ZCC secretary-general Kenneth Mtata yesterday said none of the parties seemed ready to compromise.

“Our hope is that political expediency will not jeopardise the possibility of fruitful dialogue. The challenges are not secret at all. They are open for everyone. The first issue is that the MDC (Alliance) leader has not yet accepted the officially announced results of the election, even after the verdict of the ConCourt,” Mtata said.

The ZCC secretary-general suggested Chamisa was held up by a need to appease his supporters, while Mnangagwa wanted recognition from the opposition leader first before any talks could begin.

“There are challenges for him (Chamisa) to accept the result because it has been his rallying cry for his followers. But this is the problem for Mnangagwa, who says he cannot go into dialogue with Chamisa if he doesn’t recognise him as President,” Mtata told NewsDay.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said the ruling party did not have an appetite for the dialogue.

“Elections were held and (are) gone, and the opposition challenged the elections, but the Constitutional Court endorsed them (polls). What is the issue now? Let’s look ahead in terms of our economic development, that is the challenge we are facing, the stabilisation of the economy in terms of our Vision 2030,” Khaya Moyo said, adding Zanu PF was already setting its sights on the 2023 elections.

Chamisa has submitted five demands, including one suggesting that Mnangagwa should cede power to him.

The MDC leader’s spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda, yesterday maintained his boss’ stance.

“The president still says his doors are open for dialogue, and he has a five-point plan, which must be part of any dialogue,” he said, without revealing whether or not there was progress on the talks.

Mtata, however, said ZCC’s agenda was to find a common post-election national narrative in the country as well as to find a shared understanding of the role of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament proposed by Mnangagwa.

“This is a ministry of the church. We were given that ministry of reconciliation in the Bible, and we believe this is a core mandate of the church and this is the reason why we won’t give up. On the other hand, I can say no, because we haven’t moved fast enough.”

While Zanu PF hawks insist Mnangagwa has a clear mandate from Zimbabweans to govern, Mtata suggested elections alone could be an impediment to nation-building.

“The national question is always resolved by dialogue in Zimbabwe. Anyone who thinks only elections can make things right will have to check again because national questions cannot be resolved by a process that produces winners and losers, but by courageous people who choose to forgo their personal advantages and personal gains to seek the common good at a dialogue table,” he said. “This is true in the past, present and future. If there are people who are waiting for the national question to be resolved by elections, then they can wait forever.”

Zimbabwe is gripped by a worsening cash crisis and escalating shortages of some basic products.


  1. Everyone knows that trying to negotiate anything with Zanupf is the greatest sheer waste of time there can ever be, it’s better to leave them to be on their own, it’s only a matter of time before they fall on their own sword

  2. Comment…Dayi MDC-A yakakunda sarudzo dzapfuura yayisashanda
    neZanu PF. Zvimwezvo neZanu PF, handiwone zvinekodzero. Ngavasangane kudare reParamende MPs neSenetors. Uye kumatunhu. Izvi zvokuti Emasoni neNerisoni vasangane izvi, Nerisoni akakundwa. Kana vaMnangagwa vanine zvavawomera vanogara pasi neMakurukota avo. Isu vatsigiri chatirikuda kuwona chete kuti vaMnangagwa vazadzise vimbiso dzavo kuvanhu. $16b yavakataura kuti vakavimbiswa, youya nyika yomhanya. Mabasa, mvura yakachena, utano, dzidzo, zvekudya, zvekurimisa zvowanikwa
    nemitengo inokwaniswawo neruzhinji. VP Chiwenga vakati kuvanhu vasabhadhare mitero yemvura yakasvipa kusvika zvanaka. ZINWA ichawona zvekuita. Ukuwo Nerisoni akanga avimbisa Primary dzidzo
    pachena nezvimwewo. Zvozowonekwa 2023 kana nguva yabvumira. Asi vose vatungamiri vezvematongerwo enyika ngavazive kuti vanhu havarambo taurirwa manyepo nguva nenguva kunge zvinonzi pane munhu akawumba munhu. Ngatizive kuti vanhu ndeva Jehovah Samasimba. Vanova ivo chete vane SIMBA PAMUSORO PAZVOSE. Vakakwanisa kubata zvirwere 2004-2009 pakanga pakawomazve zvinhu. Vanoratidza ravo SIMBA asi dzimwe nguva atizviwone isu venyama.

    • You are crazy old fool, you don’t think at all do you think that with all this happening ED wouldn’t have made a plan already, people are suffering stricken by hunger, think old man funga iwew Zimbabwe is suffering very well, look at our GDP.. Ndimi mukutishungurudza madhara imimi,clearly zanu pf has failed in fact it has failed long long back

  3. how can you say someone is not legitimate at this point in time….in as much as ppl love to blame Zanu Pf this Chamisa guy should know that politics is not only about legitimacy issues whatever that means to him….he loves the US and the UK but he doesnt learn that politics is fought on policies not on the streets or wherever he intends his supporters to do it from for him…its time to do things for the nation and build MDC come 2023 the ruling party is actually getting weaker by the day he has a chance but akutsvaga hake basa saka haasikuzviona izvozvo…..

    • @Anonymous. Well articulated. I feel pity for his cult-like supporters who seem him as some kind of a Messiah and are surprisingly wishing for things to get worse in their country in the mistaken and highly futile believe that Mnangagwa will then cede power to him due to his inability to contain the rampaging economic meltdown. Such a theory can only hold true in very deep dreams. If politicians fail to find each other the victims will only be their supporters.In this case the hardest hit are MDC’s urban supporters who have to contend with spiraling price rises of basics like food, electricity, gas, transport. basics that are almost alien to Zanu’s support base in the rurals.No politician ever build a strong and successful party whilst maintaining a hard-line stance. In political conflict resolution there is what is called give and take, win some whilst losing some. Clueless Chamisa is yet to learn that which was what made his godfather Morgan Tsvangirai a great political figure.

      • My friend dont lie to people the most poorest person whos starving is the one one in rural area ari kuraramiswa nesu from urban right now 2l cooking oil kumusha cost $15 muno mutown $7 mutown their is much competition in shops than kumusha green bar $4 kumusha saka ari kuomerwa ndiyani kana wakatarira kumusha hakuna kiya kiya even anokupa 50c bond hakuna asi iwe hauna kumusha nhai taura zvine umboo kwete kutsigira nhema

  4. Regayi vatonge, mosiyana nevasingadi kutongwa. Gadzirasayi nyika ne$16 bida ramakataura izvi zve Westminster leader of opposition mozvidini imwi makahwinha?

  5. Why do you need him if you won the election as you say do the things your way don’t to be saints by offering an olive branch to the bitter man you conned. Everyone knew the verdict before it was read. Malaba had an understanding with Mnangagwa way before elections like Chigumba. Mombe dzamambo dzikadya mumunda wako unoimhangara kupi nyaya yako. Ndoozvazviri naChamisa. God will fight his battles not lawyers. What Mnangwa is doing is the same as a small house offering the wife of the man a room to sleep in her matrimonial home

  6. so why worry if president chamisa lost,kana politics dzamuramba why zimbabwe ichivhara ma industries than kuavhura
    kana zanu yakahwinha ngavatongeka munomushungurudzirei mwana makamubira mbudzi dzake.
    zcc ngaiudze nyakuba mbudzi dzemwana kuti vadzorere

  7. ko iyo Newsday kuramba muchingoti matalks ekudii court yakataura kare,munoita sevaya vesupersport vari analyzer bhora remawarriors ne DRC ,they couldn’t just replay a musona goal vachingoti drc will come back kkkkk,that’s how it is when one is fixated at only what u want.

  8. Vanhu veZanu pf takuku ziva munoti kana mabirira mobva mati zvesarudzo zvapfura ngati tarisei zviri mberi kkkk. Ave makore mangani muchiba sarudzo muchingo taura chinhu chimwechete? Dzosai mbudzi dzemwana muone kuti hagone kudzi fudza here?

  9. This Chamisa guy is really a fool and ED should ignore him. Even the EU report is clear that Chamisa challenged the election result but failed to produce any evidence of electoral rigging. How does he claim to be the winner when he is not proving anything? How can Mnangagwa hand over power to a loser. Elections are not won in Harare and Bulawayo young man. Wava kuda kuti bhowa manje uchatiitisa zvimwe zvacho rimwe gore. Nemi vema church mashaya zvokuita here? Simbai kunamatira mvura inaye kwete kutambisa time kutaura ne Psychiatric patient iyo

    • We Zhira hauna nyaya dai zvako wanorara pamwe unga rote zviroto zvinenge zviri nani ukaita musengabere kufunga kwako mukadzi wacho achikuona anoti kudii fungao

  10. chaurura politics dzaramba chamisa, dzabvuma iwe mugwere wefungwa, yaa neh, pachikaranga tinoti benzi pavangwaru iti zirooo newe ugonzi uri mungwaru kwete kuratidza chidofo chako pavanhu

  11. iwe wezhira unowawata chiiko, tongai moga zvima cio muneruzha apa muri matofo, instead of gathering economic intelligence takarasima nekuponda vanhu nekungochakatika hu stupeti

  12. This dialogue issues is now a wasteful distraction to this country. Lets just forget it and stop wasting time. If it was really necessary it would have happened a long time ago

  13. Divided we will fall, united we will win. We remain one country one people. Zimbabwe is the only country that belongs to us…..

  14. People don’t learn chokwadi. You believe Zanu want to work with Nelson? Inga Mpofu makamunzwa wani achiti hatina kana tarisiro ye GNU.

    The leader of opposion post in parly haiinei nekunaka kwenyika kana kuunza ma investors. That post ingoriwo nzira yekutevedzera zvinoitwa nenyika dze mu common wealth izvi zvekuswero kushya hope muchifunga Chamisa will be invited in govt kanganwai mushandire mhuri.

    Kuwiriran akan kusawirirana kwa Chamisa na ED zvese zvinonongobatsira Zanu. Chamisa akaramba ED will simply tell the world haanzwisise mfana uyu arama on the other hand if he agrees anenge apa Zanu mukana wekumisa muhomwe yawo and come 2023 he will never know what hit him like what happened 2013.

    In life tine zvishuwiro zvakawandisa but as a human being you must learn when to admit failure or defeat. Izvi zvekuramba uchiwata zvisna pundutso people end up asking many questions like and then? Vamwe ndowakutoona Nero seasiri mature to thre extend of reffering to ma jiggs emwana haatorwe, ndikuda chinhu changu and so on. The question is is this doing any good to your personality as a possible future president.

    lies lies and lies will never take anyone anywhere. just looking back to the period 2 months or so before elections, then to the court case and present day Nero’s utterances have done harm than good to himself.

    Chero dai ndirini ED ndisina pfungwa yekukubira ukugara wati ndikasawhina handibvumi unenge wandibira watondipa mukana wekukubira because you have presented me with a defense kana wakuzochema. You then went on to say this time around we are deploying ma agents vari serious vasingakotsire come elections wakutadza kuisa ma agents kunzvimbo dzese, sure to the extend of proceeding to court usingaziwe kuti V11 form randapiwa harisi complete.

    Zuva nezuva hee Zanu is infiltrating us blablabla yes Nero thats politics thats the art of war instead of being a cry baby invest in intelligence if you ever want to be the future president of Zim otherwise mosvika pakuchembera kana kufa musina chamwana.

    Asi Nero wakandikona sure sometimes l wonder if you are for real or you are just an extension of Zanu. Sure kugara wafumira zvauchaita kana wadyiwa. Nechamakadira kuti court case ibude iitwe live as if you didnt know kuti hauna evidence. chero vaimbofunga kuti une evidence ne secret weapon vakatozoona kuti eish mfana uyu anotinyadzisirei kudaro.

    I remember day re court case l was following the proceedings with colleagues and some of them had all their hopes pinned on the case. Pakatanga nyaya ye V11 form vakatanga kurwadziwa pakzonzi Mpofu you time is up akakumbira more time, one of my colleagues shouted ko chibudisa secret weapon time yapera but baba iwe all those files had nothing concrete.

    Kana usati waziwa the importance of intelligence muchiri kure kuva president baba

  15. What talks are we to talk about here? May be the purpose of the talks is to remind Nelson to desist from engaging in nefarious activities which can easily land him in trouble! Ko mwi vemachechi mashaya basa rakakodzerana nezvenyu zvechurch here? Why not first unite AFM fuctions before you can claim to be able to unite politicians?

  16. What dialogue can you have with a deceitful and dishonest party like Zanu pf. To them power is everything. They cheat and kill on their way to power. Even though they know well they stole they want to be addressed as saints. They know they are not worthy to be called honourable but they want to be addressed as such.
    The first thing to do is for these guys to repent before God. I think the church guys should start by preaching salvation to the people they intend to bring to the negotiations table.
    They need to put the country first. They pay lip service to what they know is right. How do you know that they will even commit themselves to whatever you agree on.

    • Chokwadi, i thought your name reflects the truth and nothing but the truth. Is you MDC party made of Saints? Is Chamisa himself a Saint. If you cannot truthfully answer these simple questions then my advise to you is to change your name before any comments.

  17. The so called independent press r the ones fueling things for the purpose of profiteering. They magde the young Chamisa to believe he was going to win. Even his megalomaniac supporters are still enveloped in this dream enveloping them. its all because of unethical journalism and media lords who want to shape public opinion for the sole purpose of profit at any cost. Some og them are getting fat perks to fake news distabilising intended developments.

  18. imi vechurch tikwanirei udzai zanu pf naextended dambudziko chokwadi chinoendesa kudenga siyanai naChamisa isu vatsigiri vake tisu takamuti usataure nemhondi nembavha

  19. Nelson is a cry baby. ngaambokura. anepfungwa dzakaora dzechibharanzi. he is not qualified to lead the country. ngaatsvage basa nemombe.

  20. zanu ndeyema satanist vana satan chaivo, tongai moga mhani fokofu, chamisa this chamisa that, is he the 1 in power, musada kuita divert attention mhani imi makava

  21. What is the problem? It is now almost 12 months under the new president. Compared to Mugabe: inflation has fallen lower, the Bond is stronger, The nation is freer from poverty diseases like cholera, money is more available in ATMs, investors are rushing into the country faster, more factories are opening every day, retail outlets are better stocked… ZANU PF has no problems, their future looks bright. That’s why the nation voted them into power in July.


  23. I think Mtata should learn to be neutral. How can he say election alone without dialogue is nothing and that anyone who thinks only elections can make things right will have to check again because national question cannot be resolved by a process that produces winners and losers, but by courageous people who choose to forgo their personal advantages and gains to seek the common good at a dialogue table. If there are people who are waiting for the national question to be resolved by elections, then they can wait forever. In my own analysis, unless the writer misquoted him he is directing blame to President Mnangagwa. But even the mdca hardliners though difficult to admit they know very well that ED has been calling for this dialogue from the word go but chamisa continuously derailed everything by putting very foolish demands as if he is the God father of this nation apa he is the loser. Surely only a psychiatric person like chamisa can put such a stupid demand like surrender the Presidents to me, and only a psychiatric patient like him again can accept such a silly demand. I think its high time President Mnangagwa close this chapter. Hapana chekunyengerera apa, we are the majority who said loudly ED pfeeeeeeee and our message was heard right round the globe. Those who are still barking legitimacy should legitimize their own as we did to our own FULL STOP We are tired of this nonsense called dialogue. Let things be as they are and we build for everybody including the losers. PASI NE MHANDUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

  24. Zcc yei kuzobudikira zvinhu zvaoma tibvirwei apa, makadii kutaura before elections paichema MDC Alliance for reforms muri kurova imbwa makaviga tsvimbo , mune dzvene haikona,muri kutumwa neback door naMunangagwa

  25. l think these guys should engage in talks to upgrade better Zimbabwe. For now guys we should pray so that our Lord our God will redeem us.

  26. The two, Nelson and Emmerson, must never meet. Why should they meet? Nelson must continue to oppose any such moves to buy/bribe him. Emmerson stole the mock election. The only way out is for Emmerson to call for a Presidential contest. The economy is intensive care and the only way out is for a Presidential contest between the junta and MDC Alliance.

  27. Sorry handina zvekutaura because Zimbabwean politics is not legitimate because inowanzwa mapersonal feelings, kunge mamhuza so. Nyaya yangu ndeyekuti pane ati the greatest full pamsoro apo hahahaha ahyas 🙂

  28. Comment…Nyaya yakakosha haisi yokuti unotsigira ani but kt upfumi hwenyika hwanaka here nyika yofambira mberi zvakanaka. Kune avo varikurumbidza ED I urge u not to do it at this stage bcoz instead yokuti atange nokukugona iye ava kuita opposite. Ngaaite zvimwe zvinoita kt upfumi husumukire kwete kuita sapresident vakabira sarudzo kutanga nokudzimira kt vodii.

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