Local songbird ropes in German violinist

MUSICIAN and theatre practitioner Whitney Matiyanga — who is currently on a cultural exchange programme in Norway — has roped in German violinist Steffi Wissing in her new song titled Tinzwe Kuchema.


Whitney Matiyanga

The song is an appeal to God to intervene in Zimbabwe, which is currently on the knife edge following new economic austerity measures put in place by the government, ostensibly to arrest the economic free-fall.

Matiyanga told NewsDay Life & Style that the song uses the metaphor of drought, describing Zimbabwe as a drought-stricken nation, as a symbol of the socio-economic crises.

“It’s a prayer to God. I am practically referring to the current crises facing Zimbabwe as drought. We really need God’s intervention, which is being symbolised by rains. It’s a call to God to pour his grace upon our nation to resolve the crisis we are facing,” she said.

“The economic meltdown needs God’s immediate intervention. He is the only answer. He never disappoints. People are now crying day in, day out seeking help from every corner of the world. We need to go down on our knees and tell God all our troubles.”

Matiyanga said she collaborated with Wissing because the latter was proficient in playing the violin, which helped deepen Tinzwe Kuchema’s melancholic feel.

“I chose her because she has much expertise in playing the violin. The instrument clearly brings out the sorrow melody, which symbolises the weeping sound of the nation and triggers emotion. I played my mbira in the track,” she said.

“We also did an instrumental version for the popular song Chemutengure. I have also done Handinamatire Pasina, which is on Soundcloud. I also released four comedy skits, namely Chikuru Kufema, Ndodya Sei, Nhamo Yanditamba Tsvina and Slay Kings, which are going viral on Facebook.”

Matiyanga said the exchange programme, which started in August, was going on well.

“The exchange programme is going on well and it ends in November. I have learnt a lot by interacting and working with various artistes from countries like Cuba, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Norway and others,” she said.

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