Karizma re-invents hip-hop


UNITED KINGDOM-BASED hip-hop musician Tinashe “Karizma” Sahanga has fused his genre with Afro-jazz in his latest eight-track album, Fakazi, released over the weekend in a bid to broaden the fan base.



Karizma said the album, named after his late father, represented the rebirth of his hip-hop music, which is now spiced with some Afro-jazz flavour.

“The album represents my rebirth in music circles, exemplified by the new sound. This is more Afro-jazz influenced hip-hop that is more like a young rapping version of Tuku. Fakazi means witness in Ndebele, but it is also my late father’s name. I took on the persona of Fakazi as an alter ego to my more upbeat pop music self,” he said.

“It’s also a dedication to my father who represents the calmer and more introspective side. As I went through the process, I found myself wanting to honour my mother as well. I do this through themes I discuss in the album.”

Karizma was confident that his new and unique hip-hop would help him win favour from jazz music lovers.

“The biggest stumbling block was failure to really distinguish my style from every hip-hop out there. This new direction is relatively fresh and it gives me a unique selling point. I believe this is going to broaden my fan base as it connects with jazz music lovers,” he said.

The hip-hop musician said staying in the diaspora distanced himself from fans back home.

“It’s been a long road of growth and discovery. Being in the diaspora has definitely affected my career, both negatively and positively,” he said.

“Exposure to different art and culture has given me a different creative perspective that uniquely influences my music. I, however, miss out so much. I hardly have an opportunity to perform before my fans back home.”

Stream the album below