HIV positive soldier rapes 2-year-old

AN HIV positive Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) lance corporal Arnold Tendai Duri has been jailed for 20 years for a savage sexual attack on a two-year-old toddler after breaking into her mother’s house in Darwendale, Mashonaland West Province.

Report by Charles Laiton

At the time of the “ritual” sexual offence, Duri was stationed at 2 Mechanised Battalion in Darwendale.

There is a myth among some people that ritual sex with a toddler or virgin cures one of Aids.

The incident that shocked Darwendale residents occurred on December 22, 2011 at plot 20 Burningside where the toddler’s mother had left the child alone, locked up in her room as she partied at a local hotel.

Duri confessed his HIV positive status.

Chinhoyi regional magistrate Never Katiyo heard that on the day in question at around 9pm, the toddler’s mother left her baby sleeping and locked the door before going out for a beer drink at Darwendale Inn.

Duri spotted the toddler’s mother at the hotel and seized the opportunity to attack the child. He broke the door’s lock and once inside removed the toddler’s nappy and raped her before dumping her into a nearby bush.

“He put the child at a place where there were some bricks around the child and that was an indication that he performed some rituals as a result of him being HIV positive,” Katiyo said in his ruling.

Upon her return, the toddler’s mother discovered the door open, her baby missing and when she searched for her, she heard the baby crying in the bush. She found the child soiled and bleeding profusely. She reported the matter to the police leading to Duri’s arrest on the same night before he could change his bloody and soiled clothes.

Katiyo suspended a year of the 20-year jail term, but slapped Duri with another 10-month jail sentence for unlawful entry. It will run concurrently with the rape sentence.

“To imagine that the accused as a member of the ZNA could come up with such an evil thought to ravish a girl of that age is just unbelievable and unthinkable,” Katiyo said.

“This is a very bad case. It really shocks society and should only be seen in jungles of Amazon forests where there is no civilisation.”
Lucky Dube prosecuted.

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  1. Mabasa eZANU. I wonder how many such cases are going unreported?

    1. unopenga Morgan zvaairara nevakadzi vakawanda raive basa re ZANU PF here.

  2. What is a spammer? Is it someone who produces sperms?

    1. good

  3. this so sad and i think the mother of the child also doesnt deserve to be a mother t becoz how can a normal mother locked the door leaving a child alone.

  4. masoja enyu anobva anzi ariHIGHLY PROFESSIONAL

  5. My heart is bleeding 4 the little baby. Let the idiot called soldier rot in jail. Ko mai vemwana makaitirei mwana kana manga musingamudi??

  6. Idiot soldier,20 year jail term is very little, at least 60 yaers + should have been much okey for this person.

    1. At least 89 Years, the age of the Monster.

  7. The soldier is a devil and so is the uncaring single mother. She should be tried for neglecting the child.

  8. ko zanu yapinda papi apa uyu munhu ane mhepo dzake ega ko zvinosangana papi nepolitics

  9. Castrate him, period

  10. batai munhu

  11. eishy! Is a devil 2yrs nxaaa


    20 yr jail term is not deterrent enough.

  13. pasi naye musoja uyu. ngavadimbure pombi yake iyoyo. ini ndiri hiv positive asi ndiri kurarama wani. yake status inoda kurapwa nekubhinya vacheche ndiyo inoshamisei? batai chinhu chake muchidimbure zvipere.

  14. sometimes public instant justice is good. soja iri raida kubatwa till death. rubbish soja!

  15. Ini handioni chingaite kuti mai wake wasabatwe. Thats child neglect chaiyo iyi. 2yrs mwana okiyirwa here. Izvi hazviitwe

  16. Hey Madoda ! Deal with de offending weapon. Cut de pipe only, leave de balls.

  17. Mapsychiatrists betserai munhu wokuti mabasa eZANU. Anorwara nepfungwa chokwadi.

  18. this is abormination in the country.God shall take sme measures either to change the ruling party/gvt.what a fool of a soldier nyaya dzavo dzokupinza vanhu basa nekumhanya kaidzi.

  19. Do you honestly think the ZNA encourages soldiers to rape?The army is a disciplined force but soldiers also have a social life where if they misbehave the rule of law can catch up with them.This is a good example of justice taking place although the damage done to the innocent soul cannot be repaired

  20. amai vanoda kusungwa ivava, how can she leave that toddler at that time of the night akadii kuendesa mwana iyeye kuchildren`s home kana zvaimunetsa zvekuchengeta mwana vana Grace vakavhura machildren`s home

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