Harare councillors demand iPads

Harare City councillors have given town clerk Hosiah Chisango until October 31 to provide them with iPads in a move set to raise the ire of residents receiving poor service delivery from the local authority.


Minutes of the finance and development committee, tabled at a recent council meeting, show that councillors said the iPads were needed to avoid consumption of paper on documents as well as equip them with the latest information technology gadgets.

“It is resolved that the town clerk be tasked to ensure that councillors and relevant officials are provided with I-pads by October 31, 2018,” part of the minutes read.

This is not the first time that councillors have made such demands, with some who were in the previous council having threatened to boycott meetings if they were not given iPads as promised.

Normally, council communications are printed and distributed, but the move has been seen as going against green economy that advocates for a paperless society and the preservation of waste.

In January this year, government ordered that Bulawayo councillors pay for the free iPads they had received from council, with authorities stating that the municipality had no right to purchase the gadgets for the city fathers.

Meanwhile, council has resolved to commercialise part of its health service units in a bid to improve service delivery. Among services set to be commercialised with an initial capital injection of between $100 000 to $200 000 includes, the department of pest control service, the department of radiological services and the city’s pharmaceuticals.

Council also resolved to project an initial capital injection of$5 million for its hospitality ventures, which are, Cleveland and Harava dams where hotels and chalets are set to be constructed.

At the Harava Dam, council plans to construct a three-star hotel, upmarket ethnic lodges with camping sites and a golf course, among other recreational facilities.

In the city centre, council wants to refurbish the two old bus termini, Market Square and Charge Office, with a view to expand them.

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  1. I would propose that they be loaned money to purchase tablets (not I pads). The MPs don’t get free vehicles from parliament; they pay back through installments. If council succumbs to their ridiculous demands, government should treat the councilors the same way the Bulawayo councilors were handled. With interest as well to deter future councilors from demanding the same.

    1. Councils will hasten to buy the gadgets and hand them over to the Councillors, then check the cost from the council books per tablet and you will be shocked. They will show the cost per tablet as $15000 each, that is how administrative council staff make their money as long as it is minuted in council meetings.

  2. Comment…Dzepfunde, kwete kungoda kujairira zvemuhara izvo zvatitadzisa kuti tirime minda yatakatora. Nekuti toda kungopiwa zvekurimisa neHurumende.

  3. What can you expect from them kana takapinza marovha mucouncil. How can a person who doesn’t afford an IPAD be expected to turn around the status quo of the city.

  4. If a whole councilor can’t afford a personal iPad (a simple tablet can serve a similar purpose) is there any wonder that there’s corruption in these institutions? Perhaps a financial stress test must be part of the criteria used for running for this office

  5. Comment…You have councillors who threten council officials for failing to provide ‘eats’eg two piecer chicken inn at council meetings.

  6. The Council must buy them tablet they process info the same way as ipads.Whay they need is access to emails and google.No need to draine council funds let the council use the funds for development.

  7. No wonder why we are not getting service delivery from these councillors,all they think about is how they must benefit intead of serving the people they perport to represent.Let them pay for the ipads themselves.

  8. Surely councillors should afford their own phones. Council should give them an airtime allowance for ease of communication and no more.
    Imagine the cost to the country if every councillor is to be bought an iPad for (going green is not for Harare only. Neither is going green for councillors only).
    Instead of spending time dismissing and suspending democratically elected mayors the Movement for Disorderly Conduct Alliance should surely be looking at these riculous issues

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