Fuel mogul spoils ED, Chiwenga

GOVERNMENT’S Command Agriculture benefactor Kudakwashe Tagwirei reportedly splashed millions of scarce United States dollars on luxury vehicles for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputies, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, as well as their spouses and several other top government officials, NewsDay has learned.


Tagwirei reportedly bought the top-of-the-range Lexus vehicles for Mnangagwa, First Lady Auxillia, Chiwenga and his wife, Marry, as well as Mohadi, while several government officials received V8 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles ahead of the disputed July 30 elections won by Zanu PF.

It is understood that the vehicles were brought into the country under the government’s ambitious Command Agriculture scheme and were reportedly exempted from paying import duty.

Tagwirei, the owner of Sakunda Petroleum, which is in a 50-50 partnership with Trafigura, a Singaporean company with vast interests in the fuel industry across the globe, allegedly seized the opportunity to also import three Lexus vehicles for himself, while two of his business allies also capitalised on the avenue.

The businessman did not comment despite several follow-ups and text messages.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba refused to comment, saying it was not a government issue.

“It is not a government issue. I am not the spokesperson of Command Agriculture. Talk to (Agriculture) minister Perrance Shiri,” he said.

Shiri confirmed that his ministry took delivery of the top-of-the-range cars, saying these were imported for the Command Agriculture programme.

He, however, denied reports that some of the vehicles found their way to the Presidium.

“The vehicles are for Command Agriculture. I have the register of all the vehicles under the Command Agriculture scheme. You can come to my office and I will show you,” Shiri, who is also reportedly a beneficiary of the vehicles, said.

“About those you say were given to the President and others, I don’t know. It’s not true.”

However, well-placed sources in government revealed that Shiri himself benefited, as he also received an upmarket Land Cruiser.

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, was also listed as a beneficiary alongside one of his deputies, Justin Mupamhanga, who was reportedly handed a Land Cruiser vehicle, while his wife reportedly got a Mercedes-Benz ML sport-utility vehicle.

Mupamanga is also the chairman of the Integrated Command Agriculture Taskforce.

An unnamed army Brigadier-General, who represents the military in the Command Agriculture scheme, was also “blessed” with a top-of-the-range vehicle, while several twin-cab trucks were given to some officials in various ministries.

The vehicles, reportedly imported from South Africa, were handed to the beneficiaries some few days before the death of Tagwirei’s father that brought government and Parliament business at a virtual standstill after the Presidium and government ministers rushed to attend his burial, showing the businessman’s influence in the top echelons of power.

Mnangagwa reportedly first used his white Lexus vehicle at the funeral of Chiwenga’s sister two weeks before the death of Tagwirei’s father.

The President, Chiwenga and Mohadi all have government service vehicles and it was not clear what positions Auxillia and Marry have in the Command Agriculture scheme to deserve the luxury vehicles.

Command Agriculture is a government programme funded through Treasury Bills, contrary to claims that the Sakunda boss funded the project.

Tagwirei has been cited as the biggest reason why the country’s domestic debt has continued to skyrocket at the expense of the majority hard-pressed taxpayers.

Recently, Tagwirei, possibly the biggest Zanu PF benefactor so far, who has also been awarded many controversial government deals, including the Dema diesel power project, bought over 50 vehicles for Zanu PF officials, with more expected to be delivered to the ruling party anytime soon.

He reportedly financed the ambitious government programme to the tune of over $500 million, which he was paid back through Treasury Bills in an arrangement described by former Finance minister Tendai Biti as a parallel scheme and the beginning of State capture.

A former Zanu PF youth leader, William “Acie Lumumba” Mutumanje, last week set the cat among the pigeons, saying that some businesspeople had captured the country, a claim directed at Tagwirei.


  1. Matakanana chaiwo munyika muno

    1. Everson Mushava you must be one of the very few journalists Not Yet on the dirty payroll of Queen Bee Pablo Escobar. Thank you for shaming this sleazy government who have no ounce of shame to pay homage to a mafia godfather of corruption.

      1. Pablo Escobar…..the best description.

  2. This kind of corruption is so heartbreaking and disappointing it brings a lump of anger to one’s throat. People like ED have been employed as ministers for an incredible 38 years and have surely made enough money to live well for the rest of their lives just by their salaries alone. How a man can continue to be greedy and rob the poor to this scale is just pure evil

    1. Well put @Truth. A whole government captured by the Medellin Cartel with our very own Pablo Escobar Tagwirai who has everyone from the President up to the least government official on his payroll. Ultra super rich men who are surrounded by a sea of poverty and can still stare at the people with not an iota of shame on their faces. Surely the beautiful ones are not yet born (Ayi Kwei Armah.)

    2. @truth, not surprised. These guys are corrupt to the core, very good at window dressing. What has luxury vehicles have to do with agriculture? Why need a Lexus when you have a Benz and a motorcade? Pure greedy that’s all it is. Meanwhile there are no ambulances when ED has spare luxury cars at home. Enough.

  3. I’d be happy to read comments from the ED pfee crew and how they’ll convince ordinary tax payers to “tighten their belts”…..Eliasha, Nhire & company tell us!!

  4. chidhinha Basopo

    This country is running like a ship without a captain and is going nowhere. President Munangagwa is weak, lacks vision and has failed to inspire desperate Zimbabweans to hope about a bright future . All we continue is to get reports of abuse of power, corruption and rent seeking . How does a whole President condone the importation of vehicles under this rotten command agriculture ? Don’t expect any change from this blood thirsty regime .They will continue to leave well at the expense of Zimbabweans who continue to wallow in poverty .Are you surprised that they are insisting on the continuation of this corrupt command agriculture which is funded by queen bee. Cry the beloved country .

    1. Why are you quick to believe stories about corruption, and quick to disbelieve reports of development?? I silence those cries by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  5. sekudriver u windi #handei_tione

  6. Vakomana all that effort to remove Mugabe from power only to be replaced by such crap is truly a missed opportunity at making Zim a great nation again


  7. The Way Forward Zimbabwe

    The question really is whether ED means to resolve this issue of widespread corruption or not. As yet, there is that ambivalence on the part of the nation regarding ED’s actions to turn this country round, after the elections. The smaller Government, the dropping of the old guard, the relatively young Government team (not least Mthuli) and the naming and shaming of those involved in forex scandals suggests he means to resolve the corruption and turn the country round. But corruption and inefficiency is still widespread – almost the order of the day. Some of this corruption and inefficiency can be done away with in much the style of Magufuli – and why not. Could it be ED’s hands are tied because of his relations with the perpetrators, hence hesitant? If this is the case, then ED might not live to his promise of that economic development.

  8. Comment…ED pfee. ED is corrupt to the bone and was disappointed when MDC Alliance supported him and the junta in overthrowing the iconic RGM last year. Pasi nejunta

  9. Top-of-the-range vehicles for command agriculture vakomana. Dai ari maTractor taiti zvmwe.

  10. I just want to understand something from Perence Shiri. How are these top of the range cars going to benefit the command agriculture programme. Maybe I am behind as far as technology is concerned. Mati maLexus nemaLand cruiser aya ndiyo akurimiswa mumunda here? Ivo vamukuti ana Auxcilia nanaMary madhumeni here? Whatever we are farming using lexus vehicles should be very precious. Or maybe these said lexuses are tractors or combine harvesters or disc harrows. Ndibatsireiwo ndinzwisise

  11. Chigumba akatengerwawo mota here???

  12. Comment…Can Elisha, Farai Nhire and all EDOITS please explain or defend the above allegations. Pasi nejunta

  13. forget all the pretence by Ed .tagwireyi ED and chiwenga are buddies in this together .they are the most corrupt ppl the world has ever known.now that ED is the president he knows all his corrupt buddies but cant do anything to them.he cant shoot himself in the foot.these ppl need to just be kicked out of govt and out of Zim if zimbabawe is to get out of this mess

  14. If this is true, it is so clear to see that absolutely nothing has changed and we will continue to wallow in the mire of corruption ! What happened to the bold promises to stamp out this cancer which is consuming our country. Mr President please remember all your promises and lets move forward.

  15. Vakanyarara havo Mwari sevasipo ivo varipo

  16. Her name is Mary… not Marry!! Do editors work at the paper?

    1. The common spelling is MARY but please note that the correct spelling for CHIWENGA’s mistress is MARRY.

    2. Mary or Marry it still stinks with corruption….

  17. Those who have been in prominent positions for the last 37 years and now are the ones who hae messed up the economy not rocket science

  18. MukorekoreTavara

    Kwa pablo escobar kurinani hakuna kushaikwa cash! Ava madzitateguru a Pablo aya!

  19. Mathematical equation

    Tagwirei = Gupta = State capture

  20. Amazing stuff.. The only problem on this platform is people here i.e. Zimbos are worried about the cars that were gifted the politicians which in reality are nothing compared to the real stuff where Tagwirei as a front for Trafigura gets 99% of the USD$ made by exporters and they get RTGS bonds in return that is the real crimes. Those cars are drop in the ocean compared to what this guy is minting

  21. we need to slow down on this issue and lest we forget all this dirty happened prior to July 2018 elections and the now uncontested leader and commander of the defence forces and head of government is busy trying to correct that as we move and forge ahead in rebuilding our beloved zimbabwe, its no longer time to sing songs about bygones

    1. Chamisa Chete Chete ,2018

      Munhu uyu anorwara

  22. It never rains but it pours for an ordinary citizen of Zimbabwe. God have mercy on us.

  23. The idiots believe every garbage they hear from fellow idiots. When are you going to pose and think. Your mothers must be ashamed. Ichokwadi ura mapoko hunozvara mbavha nevaroyi NEMADOFO.

    Musi weSaturday ndakauonai muchibvuma kuti Chamisa atova President weZimbabwe. Ha ha ha ha ha , ndabvuma kuti Harare yakatakura matununu.

  24. If this is not corruption then I do not know its definition.Parliament must discuss this nonsense.

  25. wake2004@yahoo.co.u

    Please investigate what Chigumba and were given as well.

  26. Gandanga uchariziva here ukariona rave kutonga Zimbabwe yaro. I have always said it is not all people who went kuhondo who had the right motivation. Most of those in the leadership were abducted from rural boarding schools and forced to go to Moza or Zambia. Some were criminals like Webster shamu and some just followed others because if you were a teenager and not kuhondo the cdes would beat you up for selling out and the Rhodesians would equally be ruthless. These people are bitter for being jailed by Smith and are paying themselves for all the years of their suffering.

  27. Heads of state being bought buy top of the range vehicles.very low and cheap

  28. Kuda Tagwireyi is well connected to both Guvheya and ED and even was also to Gushungo. The so called probes on him are basically a ruse.

    The military used Tagwirei to move & trade its Chiadzwa diamonds via a company called Nyami Nyami. Guvheya hugely benefited.

    Tagwireyi is a front in ED’s Midlands chrome project called African Chrome Fields(ACF) being run by ED’s SA friend Zunaid Moti(currently jailed in Germany awaiting extradition to Russia for fraud). On the face of it ACF is said to be a 50:50 joint venture between Moti and Kuda.

    A lot of money which appears to be Tagwirei’s is infact ED’s.


  30. wotohwa chembwa achitsvaka 15 birrion seasingazive kwairi bwaaa

  31. If these guys are this cruel to such an extent, it means we must have all war vets to heroes acre in order to have stability in Zim. Thats lunacy at its best. It’s a curse. It surely means these so called vets are not real war vets. They need to see the whole country burning and suffering and just because vakarwa hondo nothing is going to move them. There is another bunch of sheepish fools who are still saying ED pfoo but neandawe hauna. Please vanhu changamukai kani. I promise never will Zimbabwe rise with Zpf. Munochena mumusoro muchingodaidzira pfee but munemaandawe akabooka vakomana.

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