EMA saves business centre from collapse


THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has teamed up with development partners to save Chireya business centre in Gokwe from possible collapse due to deep gullies that had developed in the area.


The major gullies had already eroded a long distance towards Chireya Mission Hospital and threatened Chireya Secondary and Primary schools as well as major roads that lead to the centre.

EMA, with support from the World Wide Fund for Nature, embarked on a project to rehabilitate the gullies to stop land degradation with a target to cover the area around the business centre.

EMA information, education and publicity officer, Simon Musasiwa confirmed the development and said so far the environmental body has covered 55 hectares.

“Severe gully degradation that was threatening Chireya Mission Hospital, Chireya Primary School, Chireya Secondary School as well as Chireya business centre is being worked on as we speak. The project that we are doing there aims to curb soil degradation in the area through the rehabilitation of the existing gullies whilst enhancing community livelihood at the same time,” he said.

“We are conducting effective gully reclamation methods as well as mechanical work to rehabilitate the affected area and protect the threatened infrastructure.”

Musasiwa also highlighted that EMA, together with its partners like Agritex, have also started constructing contour ridges in the farms of villagers in Chireya so as to control the occurrence of land degradation.

“We would also like to urge farmers to construct contour ridges in their crop fields so as to maintain moisture and conserve their top soil which is prone to transportation by water on farm plots that do not have any conservation works,” he said.