‘Declare hyenas state of disaster’

BUHERA South MP Joseph Chinotimba on Wednesday said hyenas were killing people in his constituency and called on government to declare the situation a state of disaster.


Chinotimba made the request during the question and answer session in the National Assembly where he also asked Home Affairs deputy Minister Mike Madiro to explain why government was failing to avail the Zimbabwe Republic Police with enough vehicles to go on patrol and deal with errant drivers.

Madiro said ZRP only had a fleet of 1 000 vehicles, despite requiring 7 000, making it difficult to do effective patrols.

“The ZRP transport system is affected by lack of resources, but government is attending to that requirement,” Madiro said.

Chinotimba, however, was not satisfied by the response. He further questioned why government was swift in responding to the cholera epidemic while neglecting the issue of persons dying due to attacks by hyenas.

“Whenever we have a national disaster like cholera, government is quick to bring in a lot of money to fight it, but as far as I am concerned attacks to people by hyenas is also a national disaster which needs to be declared by government so that police in Buhera can be given patrol vehicles to service the area,” Chinotimba said.

“Businesses like Econet and donors can assist us to source transport so that the people of Buhera can be assisted.”

Madiro admitted that the issue of hyenas was urgent.

He said the Ministry of Finance must ensure that they prioritise police vehicles when the 2019 budget is presented.

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  1. Cde Chinos.You don’t need police patrols to control the hyena menace.These are “problem animals” whose populations are kept under control through culling.Smith’s Department of National Parks had a unit which specialised in controlling problem animals.It was very effective. Local communities can come up with own initiatives to control the hyena population.

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