CSOs brief Sadc chair on Zim political developments

Civic society leaders yesterday met the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) chairperson and Namibian President Hage Geingob to brief him on political developments in the country.

By Staff Reporter

The delegation told Geingob that the Zimbabwean society was heavily polarised with a huge trust deficit, and that the post-election period had simply worsened the situation.

“There is an unfolding economic meltdown which has witnessed high levels of inflation, an increase in the domestic debt, which has compromised the government’s capacity for the provision of social services.

If left unresolved, this has regional economic, social and security effects,” the delegation said in a statement.

The delegation also bemoaned the increasing involvement of the military in civilian affairs, in contradiction to Sadc’s democratic governance standards.

“Since November 17, 2017, there has been an unwarranted ubiquitous presence of the military in all spheres of the State, including public spaces and a glaring interference with the day-to-day duties of other entities such as local authorities,” the statements read.

“The events of August ,1 in which the military shot seven unarmed civilians in the full glare of both regional and international media, is evidence of this.”

The delegation highlighted the deterioration of the situation in the country following the 2018 harmonised elections, calling for Sadc to facilitate political dialogue to diffuse escalating tensions.

The delegation members were drawn from the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations and Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum.


  1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    Very stupid idea. How can people who are causing this polarization stand to correct their foolish deeds? What does Civil Society mean and what is their purpose in this country? Are they there for drumming up support for opposition parties or what else is their business in this country? This is why prices are sky rocketing it is these so called civil society conniving with business community so as to push for an inclusive Govt. Manje muri kunyangira yaona and your intentions are so clear for everyone to see. But I think it is good to form their party than hide on the word civil society. Now they are lying that the Military is everywhere just to paint a bad picture of this country and to be seen by their sponsors as doing something so that they get more funding. I think its high time they must go back to their country of origin america.

    1. we need you Lord

      but its true military is evrywhere even on roadblocks,,dnt you see them

  2. Comment…@mangararayi, let think you are obsessed with zanuisim, but there is no problem with those of different feelings to express the same, wherever they want. I don’t think it’s a lie that the army fired on defenceless civilians on August 1, it’s no longer a secret that prices have trebled since the July elections! let the voices of the voiceless speak and don’t you feel offended , NDIYO DEMOCRACY YACHO

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