Create own jobs, ED tells graduates

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa last week told over 3 000 Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) graduates that they should create their own jobs or risk sinking into oblivion as formal employment opportunities continue to shrink.


In his acceptance speech as the second Chancellor of the GZU at the institution’s 12th graduation ceremony held at the main campus, Mnangagwa told the graduates to be employment creators.

“As you begin the next phase of life, seek to be creators of wealth and employment. Desire to be positive transformers of your families, communities and the nation at large,” he told the 3 916 graduates.

Zimbabwe is grappling with massive unemployment, estimated to be at over 80%, while government has insisted unemployment was at 15% because the majority of citizens were employed as informal traders.

The country’s various institutions of higher learning annually churn out around 20 000 graduates, without a corresponding expansion of the job market as most major industries have closed while the few remaining have scaled down operations.

Mnangagwa also warned universities against mass enrolment for the sake of raising income as the practice affected the quality of education provision.

“I exhort GZU to increase its relevance, visibility and impact in line with our country’s mordenisation and industrialisation agenda towards the attainment of vision 2030 … In the second republic, institutions of higher learning must no longer merely take pride in student enrolment figures or the glamour of infrastructure,” he said.

He said universities and colleges should provide essential knowledge balanced with the exploitation of natural resources, environmental sustainability and economic development.
The GZU’s current enrolment stands at 15 000, up from 4 000 in 2012, according to its Vice-Chancellor, Rungano Zvobgo.


  1. Baba mataura ndizvo kuti vana vazvimirire vachitanga zvavo, asi hurumende haina mari yekupa vanaava kuti vatange those projects. Informal yacho ndeyamakadzinga mumastreet manjemanje. Saka murikuti kudii apa?

  2. In Zanu pf’s manifesto as they campaigned for the July 30 harmonized elections, Zanu pf stated that it was going to create employment/jobs, actually millions of jobs. All of a sudden the president makes a vault farce and says graduates must create employment. The question is how? The president must give the methodology on how the graduates must create employment by themselves. All in all this is a sign of failure by the current govt, in essence the govt is acknowledging that it does not have answers to the country’s problems one of which is unemployment especially in the formal sector. The modernization and industrialization agenda which the president talks about worketh not. The president wants to modernize and industrialise which industries as most of the companies have and are shutting down. Ever since coming into office there has been too much talk and little action by the govt, and much of the talk has been exaggerated truth (lies). Mr. President aim to fulfill the promises that you made, make policies that encourage/attract investment, be sincere in rooting out corruption, cut on expenditure especially by govt ministers and yourself, demonetize the bond and join the rand monetary union and above all make sure the civil service is well remunerated.

  3. Wise counsel from the Head of state!!!!. Institutions must not take pride in enrollment figures but the quality of graduates being churned out. Excellent prez. hope your recommendations will be taken on board.

  4. Ruling is obviously much easier than leading. A ruler can emit verbal diarrhoea just like that. A leader will provide some solutions or even demonstrate – a task obviously well beyond many politicians. People who have been living their lives on the tax of Zimbabweans since 1980 display some of the most insidious arrogance ever. Lets have chancellors who add value not those who demean the institutions, academics, society or even themselves and whatever it is they stand for.

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