Chiyangwa faces Kamambo challenge

Felton Kamambo

FORMER Zifa board member Felton Kamambo – a rabid critic of the current Zifa leadership – yesterday revealed his bid to challenge incumbent Philip Chiyangwa in elections scheduled for December 1.


With Chiyangwa seemingly having a firm grip on the top football leadership position, Kamambo, who was part of the current board before he quit early this year has taken the incumbent out of his comfort zone ahead of the elections.

Kamambo quit the board together with Piraishe Mabhena in March this year citing the flouting of the constitution when he argued that the board’s term of office had expired.

Chiyangwa, his deputy Omega Sibanda and Philemon Machana remained to carry on in the board.

Kamambo went to Zifa offices yesterday to pick up his nomination form, but returned empty handed after he was allegedly frustrated by the secretariat.

Kamambo, who has wrestled with the Chiyangwa leadership over the manner in which it administered the game, culminating in his resignation, said the Zifa leadership might employ all tactics, but their tricks will eventually come to an end.

“I went to the Zifa offices to pick my nomination form, but I returned without one. I was referred from one office to the other, and couldn’t get the forms. Just imagine nomination opened on October 16 and will close on October 30, but today there are no nomination forms. It’s an attempt to frustrate anyone who challenges the leadership, but that will not work,” he said.

Zifa spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela however, refuted allegations that Kamambo had been denied nomination forms.
“I am not aware of anyone who has been denied nomination forms. All eligible candidates have to get nomination forms and we will never deny anyone access to nomination forms,” Gwesela said.

The former Silo United FC president said he had decided to challenge Chiyangwa because of the latter’s leadership style which he said had failed to unify people and has undermined principles of good corporate governance.

“I have always been critical of his (Chiyangwa) management style. Football is supposed to be unifying people, but he has created divisions. His leadership style leaves a lot to be desired. This is why I decided to resign from this board. Zifa is a public institution and everything it does should be above board. The Zifa board should decide, not individuals. I am ready to take him (Chiyangwa) head-on, and I am confident of winning,” he said.

Kamambo resigned early this year, arguing the term of office of the board had come to an end.

Chiyangwa however, refused to step down, arguing his board still had the mandate to run local football until fresh elections were held. He maintained he had the support of world soccer governing body, Fifa.

Kamambo, who is a senior manager at Grain Marketing Board (GMB), has been involved in football starting as Silo United FC president and then held various positions as board member (Central Region) board chair (Central Region) before he became a Zifa board member.

It had not been clear all along if Chiyangwa, who has been consolidating his position, would be challenged, but Kamambo has returned to haunt the businessman.

Kamambo said that he had done his homework and to him Chiyangwa can be defeated.

He said that if he was not confident of victory, he would not waste his money trying to challenge Chiyangwa.

One is required to pay $5 700 to be allowed to participate in the Zifa presidency elections and the figure has been a subject of debate, with some arguing that it was an exorbitant amount meant to prize away prospective challengers for the top post.


  1. Here comes a man of principle who once to set things straight.He resigns because of floating of constitution.MuZimba kuresign,chishamiso.Gwesela its in your genes that you play mafia all the time.Just recently you refused to take responsibility that you bungled up paNational Sports Stadium and you started the blame game.Every soccer loving person should rally behind this Kamambo for the good and development of the game.

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