Chigumba insult tweet too hot for Chitungwiza man


A 25-YEAR-OLD Chitungwiza man was yesterday convicted of criminal insult by a Harare magistrate for retweeting a message from a ghost account named after Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba.


Night Tawona Shadaya of Zengeza pleaded guilty to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.

Shadaya will be sentenced today.

While pleading for mercy, Shadaya told the court that he only realised the next morning that he had committed an offence and had damaged Chigumba’s dignity.

“Your Worship, I was drunk when I retweeted the message from another Twitter account named after Chigumba.

I realised it the next morning that she would be hurt by the tweet.

That is why I deleted it as I was back to my sober senses,” the convict said.

Shadaya, who appeared drunk in court, left the gallery in stitches when he said he often drinks only two Black Label quarts of beer, but on the day in question, he had consumed three.

The State alleges that in August this year, an unknown person created a Twitter account in the name of Chigumba and tweeted a message: “I can’t wait for the elections fiasco to come to an end.

I could do with a holiday and some good sex.

My body needs a break.”

Francisca Mukumbiri appeared for the State.


  1. MaTwitter presidents chimbovapai 3 months imprisonment without an option of a fine. They spread lies and injure the dignity of other people for political mileage. Nxaaa.

  2. How come similar cases are thrown out on the basis that Whatsapp and other electronic social media evidence is so-called inadmissable in court? Hooho nokuti panenge patukwa ordinary citizen asiri mashef nhai? So who is in contempt of the law in such cases? Disgusting!

  3. wow! our justice system is fascinating…kuswero tsvaga zvepa Twitter. ..zve corruption tsvee
    apa yanxi criminal insult..yanga ichifana kunzi civil..
    haa zvakaoma

  4. Seriously someone goes to court for that? That’s an abuse of the justice system. This is a re-tweet and not the original tweet and so what is the problem?

  5. Comment…i cant get my head around this, our justice system are busy figuring who is saying what on social media, let the people share opinions and don’t just criminalise petty cases to protect the few elite. Chigumba is a citizen just like everyone else and the law shouldnt be that selective. Its been happening in our nation for a long time. #zimbabweshallflourishagain

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