Chief Negomo fingered in shady land deal

A Chiweshe widow is up in arms against Chief Lucious Chitsinde Negomo for allegedly failing to effect a judgement he made in 2015 to evict a villager who had duped her of her land.

By Simbarashe Sithole

Ronika Mbasera from Kanhukanwe village said she approached Chief Negomo in November 2015 after her son, Princewell Mudimu, illegally sold her piece of land to Tatenda Kamudiro.

She said Negomo ruled that Kamudiro should be evicted immediately, but to date nothing has been done.

Family spokesperson, Norman Mudimu, who spoke on behalf of the widow, accused the chief of protecting Kamudiro.

“The chief gave a ruling in 2015 that rural land is not sold and Kamudiro should vacate the place,” Mudimu said.

“But chief Negomo went on to give Kamudiro protection and he is now adamant that he will not move out and has gone ahead to build structures on our piece of land.”.

Chief Negomo confirmed ruling against Kamudiro. He claimed that he rescinded the judgment after realising that the widow wanted the matter resolved by the family, instead of following the legal and traditional route.

“Mind you, these people are related so as chiefs we also take that into consideration. The son, who sold the land, does not have, money to compensate the person he defrauded as well,” Chief Negomo said.

Quizzed on why he was protecting offenders, the traditional leader said he did not want Kamudiro to die in prison.

“If we effected the judgment, a docket was supposed to be done for Kamudiro and he would die in prison. That is not good for our society. People should solve their problems amicably,” he said.

The widow approached Mazowe Rural district councillor, John Mudzonga who facilitated the issuance of the prohibition order, but Kamudiro did not budge.

“As council, we issued a prohibition order barring Kamudiro from further developing the land,” Mudzonga, who is also chairperson of the local rural district council, said.

“But surprisingly, the family started saying they want to resolve the problem at family level. If they have a problem, they should approach us and we effect the papers.”

The Mashonaland Central provincial assembly of chiefs, in October last year, resolved that David Gweshe should be the substantive Chief Negomo.

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