Chamisa seeing ghosts, says army

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

THE Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has dismissed claims by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa that he was being trailed by the military intelligence, saying his statement was only meant to seek political relevance.


MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume this week claimed suspicious vehicles belonging to the military intelligence were trailing Chamisa and provided their registration numbers.

However, ZDF yesterday dismissed Chamisa’s claims as “relevance seeking”.

“The Zimbabwe Defence Forces Intelligence does not engage in surveillance of individual politicians, including MDC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa,” ZDF spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi said.

“Accusations of our military intelligence members trailing Chamisa, in our view, are a calculated move by a relevance-seeking politician.”

Mugwisi added the allegations were only meant to draw undue attention from the ongoing inquiry into the August 1 shootings.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed a commission of inquiry headed by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe following the post-election disturbances that rocked Harare and where at least seven people were killed.

Mugwisi accused Chamisa of seeking to play political antics with his claim.

“Our clear position therefore is that we do not want to be dragged into political antics meant to draw undue attention on the ongoing Presidential Commission of Enquiry on post-election violence,” Mugwisi said.


  1. The army spokesman seems to be admitting that they have NC under surveillance? Why does he say the army does not want to be drawn into politics when they are clearly the ones running the politics? Why is it that solders killed civilians in cold blood but no solder is behind bars, and some circus is in town?

  2. Furthermore, why talk of POLITICS at all? Chamisa was talking about his personal SAFETY and PRIVACY. One is left with no choice but to conclude that Mugwisi INDEED dabbles in politics and the side that he supports is OBVIOUS from his comments. Were the registration numbers used to ascertain who OWNS the vehicles.

  3. zim army are opportunist they are money mongers who have together sold minerals and the country to chinese at the expense of zim chinese are just looting minerals
    and in return give zim misiles which are not needed zanupf has sold out

  4. yaaaa am also surprised by his political response. Why not just say whether or not he’s under surveillence? Chamisa ia a citizen with rights for protection. The army is funded by taxpayers.

  5. The response from Army says it all. Why not focus his response on the allegations, instead hes raising his own political issues clearly setting himself up

  6. Chamisa previously claimed that a lot of ZDF generals back him!!! Have these generals now decided to dump him?

  7. By the way, Nelson is rumoured to be mentally unstable due to some unfortunate incident that he came across some years back. It’s probably due to this condition which makes him see things which do not exist resulting in such halucinations.

  8. Comment…kwanai vanhu vezanu munoramba nezvimwe zviripachena zvinoonekwa nebofu chairo kusanyara nyika haife yakabudirira nekuda kwenyu

  9. Comment…we have got the army the army intelligence the cio prisons and how does Chamisa know it’s the army intelligence following him?

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