Body in car shocks motorist

A MOTORIST in Gweru early this week parked his car and went about his business in town, but upon his return found a “stranger” seated on the passenger seat in his vehicle, and on getting closer discovered that it was a dead body.


Acting Midlands police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident and said investigations into the case are now underway.

“Police in Gweru are investigating a case of sudden death after a body of an old man was found in a parked vehicle,” she said.

She said on Tuesday this week at around 9am, Taurai Shoko (30) of Windsor Park suburb left his motor vehicle parked along Third Street with the front doors unlocked.

Shoko later found a man seated on the passenger seat of his vehicle but did not recognise him. He then realised that the man was motionless and rushed to Gweru Central Police Station to make a report.

Police officers then escorted him to the car and took the body to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

“Police are appealing to members of the public who might be looking for their missing relative to come to Gweru Central Police Station and help in identifying the body, which is at Gweru General Hospital. At the same time, we want to urge drivers to ensure that they lock their cars soon after parking them,” Mukwende said.

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  1. That motorist might be the one who killed the old man. Police MUST thoroughly beat the 30yr old driver and surely, he will spill the beans.

  2. Dwayne Williams

    Who leaves their car doors unlocked, in this day and age? Sounds very suspicious

  3. I am so hurting my’s just unbelievable you had to go like this.RIP

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