Bev, Harpers rekindle ‘romance’

Bev Sibanda

RAUNCHY dancer-cum-singer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda and his manager of nine years, Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze, have mended their relations and are now working together again.


The two were reported to have parted ways early this year after Bev moved base to South Africa where she was reported to have engaged a new management.

Bev performed at the newly launched Zanzibar Nightclub in Bulawayo on Saturday night.

Harpers confirmed that the two have resolved their differences and said although Bev had a number of contracts she still needed to fulfil across the Limpopo, she had not engaged new management.

“She is my artiste and I am still managing her. We only had some challenges but we resolved them. Problems are always there and happen everywhere,” he said.

“She does not have a manager in South Africa but has contracts that I have signed myself in my capacity as her manager. She always consults me if there is any new development. Right now, she is still in the country for some local shows lined up.”

Harpers refuted claims that after his reported fallout with Bev he had taken on board Bev’s arch rival, Lady Storm, also known as Eriza.

“I only manage one artiste, which is Bev. That was just speculation in the industry that I was now managing Eriza. I am the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe president, so I happen to help different dancers in the industry and that doesn’t mean that I am their manager.”

Although the show in Bulawayo was hit by hiccups due to power cuts that affected the city, Bev proved she was not a spent force by showcasing new saucy dance routines that left the full house clamouring for more.

Club manager Queen Jubane said they were happy with Bev’s performance as “she came out all guns blazing” and showcased new tricks she had learnt in South Africa.