AMHVoices: ARTUZ salutes the revival of the fighting ZCTU

AMALGAMATED Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) salutes the revival of the fighting spirit in the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) under the able leadership of Peter Mutasa and Japhet Moyo, among the other esteemed leaders of the Union.

Artuz information dept

Thursday’s protests countrywide were clear testimony that the ZCTU is rising to its former glory of the Morgan Tsvangirai-era.

The ridiculous, but expected arrest of the ZCTU leadership in Harare and the subsequent thwarting of the protest in the capital was a sign of panic from the blundering regime of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. We condemn the arbitrary arrests of the leaders and hereby remind the police that unions, just like churches and funerals, are exempted from the repressive Public Order and Security Act. The police force has no jurisdiction to ban union gatherings.

We call upon the working class and other citizens to rally behind the ZCTU as we fight against both misgovernance and neo-liberalism.

Artuz further salutes its provincial representatives who joined other protesters across the country.

Artuz calls on all teachers to take heed of the 22-23 October schools shut down in protest against underpayment in the unpopular Rel Time Gross Settlement form.

If the state chooses to ban street protests, we have to resort to staying away from work.
Victory is certain.

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  1. For your information there are several teachers who graduated from College but are employed. Try to disturb our kids during this exam period and you will find yourselves in the street, unemployed. I once heard a certain political party asking soldiers to remove the uniform and join politics, so this time I urge the ARTUZ to dump the chalk for politics kwete kuda kunyepera unionism imi muri machinja

  2. true

  3. People who are still keeping on supporting zanu pf up today are apes of origins definitely.

  4. We support policies brought by the party and not sanctions that the MDC-A is clamouring for. Change your mindset mafake. You are totally lost

    1. Policies of fuel queues, price hikes,more taxation, scarcity of basic commodities…indeed.

  5. Why do you blame people supporting ZANU PF? All shortages that were happening were artificial. Go to any big supermarket tomorrow you will be shocked, fully packed. ZANU PF has ubuntu not gaysim. God did not allow same sex marriages but your friends want it to become law so would you want me, as old as I am to bless my children’s same sex marriages? Join us or leave us alone coz there is salvation in ZANU PF, I shall die ZANU PF coz I suffered for it.

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