Zanu PF ‘Young Turks’ target old guard

JOSTLING for Cabinet posts by Zanu PF members has taken a nasty turn, with the party’s “Young Turks” urging their seniors to politely excuse themselves from the race ahead of announcement of a new Cabinet by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, most likely this week.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa

This came amid fears that Mnangagwa could recycle old ministers in an effort to appease them after they helped elevate him following former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster last November.

A top party insider yesterday said there was massive campaign to force the party’s “career ministers” to excuse themselves from the race and allow Mnangagwa to freely choose new brooms for his new government.

“We are having this conversation in the party. For instance, look at most of them, they are old now, but it would be difficult for the President to dump them without causing some discord. If they volunteer to say, ‘Please President, don’t consider me for selection’, it makes it easier,” the source said.

Zanu PF’s United Kingdom branch chairperson Nick Mangwana, who is currently in the country, confirmed the fierce fights, without naming any targeted party bigwigs.

“I would expect some of my leadership to make life easy for my President by making themselves ‘unavailable’ for selection to Cabinet posts. There is a lot to cherish in retirement. If one didn’t put a stash aside all these years, then in all likelihood, it ain’t (sic) gonna happen now,” he said.

Mangwana said he believed that only technocrats and Young Turks had the capacity to fulfil Mnangagwa’s new governance thrust.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said selection of Cabinet ministers was Mnangagwa’s prerogative, adding none of the top party officials could turn down an appointment. “I have not heard of that conversation within the party, but what I know is that it’s the prerogative of the President to appoint the Cabinet, so we can’t speak on issues of speculation on things that have not yet happened,” he said.

Khaya Moyo said he would not turn down a Cabinet post offer.

“I have not been offered a ministerial position and I will not speculate. I am not that kind of person who discounts themselves in advance,” he said.

Khaya Moyo has been a survivor in the Zanu PF political matrix, after surviving the purge against then Vice-President Joice Mujuru and later survived another onslaught targeting former President Robert Mugabe’s allies although he had read out a statement announcing then Vice-President Mnangagwa’s expulsion at the height of Zanu PF internal fights last year.

He ironically, as both party and government spokesperson, had the invidious task of announcing the expulsion of Mujuru, Mnangagwa and Mugabe, but miraculously survived the purges.


  1. tendai chaminuka

    Young Turks who won in their constituencies whilst the President lost in those same constituencies.Can ED trust such a team of over zealous politicians.Actually these young Turks carried over what they had envisaged during Kudzi’s tenure.VaMugabe Chete Chete vamwe vese hameno hameno.

  2. But the writer cannot be serious to say there is a race for ministerial posts! Will President Mnangagwa organise another election for ministries?! What then is this race they are talking about? The president just makes the decision on who takes up which ministry and how does competion come in there? Honestly I do not seem to get this one at all. Our newsmen and women need to be more serious!! Or are these youngsters the ones on a mission to impeach President Mnangagwa? Maybe!

  3. Actually the drama continues there are rumours that the junta is being arm twisted into GNU which the MDC A is refusing despite calls by the US,Churches council and Britain to so except the EU, the junta may choose members of the MDC I know most Zanoids wont like this but why should I care if good comes out of this like in 2009-2013 then its worth it on the other hand the MDC A is demanding constitutional and electoral reform which the junta would likely refuse as it would weaken their grip on power

  4. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Vechidiki, hapana hapana. Zvazviri ndozvazviri. Cabinet was disolved towards elections anditi. Asika Makurukota eHurumende arikungoita mabasa awo. Mofunga kuti pane shanduko dzichaitika. ZVAZVIRI NDOZVAZVIRI hapana dzimwe shanduko dzichaitika apa vechidiki. Mototamba irikutorira iyoyi muchimirira 2023. Musazvinetsa henyu vechidiki.

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