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Zanu PF councillors, DA on collision course over Chitown mayoral polls


DAGGERS have reportedly been drawn between Chitungwiza Zanu PF councillors and district administrator (DA) Zivanai Zisango over the recent election of mayor Gift Tsverere and his deputy Jabulani Mtunzi, both from the opposition MDC Alliance party.


The ruling party councillors questioned how the two from the same party won the mayoral seats and accused Zisango of being involved in the scheme.

Zanu PF’s councillor Kiven Mutimbanyoka, who was also eyeing the mayoral seat, vowed to appeal to the Local Government ministry, seeking nullification of the poll results.

He claimed that Zisango was pressured by MDC Alliance officials and some opposition councillors to ensure Tsverere and Mtunzi landed the two influential posts.

“The election of the mayor and his deputy should be set aside because the whole process was just a nullity in the sense that the process and procedure were both flawed and invalid,” he said.

Mutimbanyoka said the councillors were only invited for the swearing-in ceremony and there was no written notice to them to conduct the mayoral elections on that date.

“The election of a mayor cannot be any other business. According to the notices we received, the swearing-in ceremony was the only business of the day, and immediately after the business of the day was conducted and concluded by the town clerk, a motion was raised out of the meeting by the MDC to have elections of mayor,” he said.

Mutimbanyoka said the Zanu PF councillors decided to ignore the motion as it was also verbal and just a proposal.

“Unfortunately, the DA succumbed to pressure by the officials because they wanted to be included and involved in the selection process,” he said.

“After an adjournment there were new notices issued to us which had not been given the due notice period in terms of what’s actually required by law, which is 24 hours according to the Urban Councils Act. This is when I raised the point of order. The selection of mayor is supposed to be done at a special council meeting where it is not subjected to everyone.”

However, Zisango, who presided over both the swearing-in ceremony of councillors and the elections, dismissed the allegations as false and maintained that she had followed due process in conducting the elections and had done what was required of her position at law.

“I did what I was supposed to do. What I did was legal. That’s all,” she told NewsDay on Thursday.

MDC Alliance Chitungwiza provincial spokesperson Bernard Mazhindu said the elections were held according to the Constitution.

“There was no pressure exerted on anyone. The councillors unanimously agreed to hold the elections and there was no objection before the adjournment. It was all legal. In any case, Mutimbanyoka was never going to win the elections as his party only has four council seats while we have 21,” he said.

The MDC Alliance has 21 councillors while Zanu PF has four who recused themselves from voting in protest.

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