Watch as Zanu PF fails economy alone: Mutambara

Agrippa Mutambara

MDC Alliance co-principal and ZimPF leader Agrippa Mutambara yesterday called on fellow opposition leaders to shun being enticed into a coalition government with Zanu PF, but watch from the sidelines as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration struggles to restore economic stability.


Mutambara said there was no point in rescuing Zanu PF through a Government of National Unity.

“The Mnangagwa leadership has no clue to turn around the economy and doesn’t even have the confidence of the generality of our people,” he said.

“They don’t enjoy the confidence of the business people internationally and, therefore, it is very difficult for them to deliver. Already after the inauguration of Mnangagwa, prices have shot up and there is scarcity of basic commodities and even the people who voted for Mnangagwa are blaming themselves for doing so.”

Added Mutambara: “The position that I think we should adopt as an alliance is that if the government says it was elected by the people on the promises that he [Mnangagwa] gave, including turning around the economy, let us not interfere. Let them deliver what they promised and as the alliance we must not be lured to join the bandwagon of Zanu PF. Let them deliver what they promised.

“When we said we are capable of delivering, they said a lot of things, promising economic success to the people of Zimbabwe and let them show us now. There is no need for a GNU and if there is one, I will not be part of it.”

The MDC Alliance co-principal said the new government was not going to last, “not because of anything, but because they don’t know what to do with the economy”.

“We are going to urge our supporters that peacefully, we must air our views that what happened is not right,” he said.

“The leadership of Mnangagwa is not sustainable and in the first instance, the manner it came into power was irregular. They cheated to get into power and used methods that are not right to win the elections.”


  1. Zanu Pf is going to shame the devil. the opposition does not have any stake they lost the election so whether they want to be on the sidelines or not is not their choice its the people’s choice.

  2. you are totally behind time and lost the government is now in place and by monday the train will take off and i am sorry foe fellows like you who have now been relegated to the political dust bin.

  3. Gone are the days when people are told falsehood by the elit. Our nation is nolonger gullible but can make informed decision and have good foresight of what is happening. Learn to respect the will of the people mr.we have moved and will not go back

  4. History will judge you harshly for staying on the sidelines and putting spanners in the works for political mileage. Ultimately its the people who suffer and they are watching. ED may not be the best but certainly the lives of the people would be better served by supporting him and keeping him in check through a good working relationship. A good working relationship with the guy would mean the opposition may at least have his ear to the benefit of everybody.

  5. It is impossible for mdc to sit on the sidelines at this stage. Everyone knows that in November 2017 Biti and Chamisa went to the USA to push for more sanctions so that people suffer more. The mdc must be actively calling for the lifting of the sanctions which are affecting the urban voter more.

  6. There are only two options regarding managing the Zimbabwe economy….continue to fudge issues by declaring good intentions while raping the country Mugabe style, or truly managing the economy professionally which means no rent seekers or manipulation whatsoever. Sadly Zanu Pf only know one way. They don’t have the intellect, political will, or intention to manage it correctly. So, the only way forward is let them fail all on their own.

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