Violence mars Byo mayoral poll

BULAWAYO town clerk Christopher Dube was heckled by residents after cancelling mayoral polls yesterday, arguing that it was unprocedural and illegal to conduct the election at the Large City Hall.


Bulawayo residents demonstrating against the postponement of mayoral polls at Large City Hall yesterday

The election and swearing-in of the mayor and his deputy had been moved to Large City Hall upon the request of ratepayers who wanted to witness the event.

Residents gathered at the hall from around 3pm since the elections were scheduled to begin at 4pm.

Dube only arrived at around 5pm to advise that the election had been called off on legal grounds.

This sparked uproar from the crowd that started booing him.

The angry residents did not give Dube the chance to explain until he left the hall to address journalists in the council chambers.

Following the cancellation of the election, angry residents started demonstrating outside the hall and riot police with water cannons were deployed to monitor the situation.

Dube told journalists that the local authority had been advised that holding the elections at a public hall was improper at law.

“There are two reasons for postponing the elections. The movement of the first meeting of council from the chambers to the Large City Hall was illegal and also for security reasons. In the first place, we had agreed that it was the best thing as on Friday, they were a lot of people who were here and wanted to witness the swearing-in ceremony,” he said.

Dube said the residents had written a petition to Bulawayo City Council, seeking to be involved and to have the meeting moved to the hall.

“So in the spirit of transparency, we thought it was the best idea, but unfortunately we were advised that what we had done was illegal. We are also law-abiding citizens and officials of council (so) we had to listen to the legal advice,” he said.

Dube said the meeting will be held in council chambers on Friday at 4pm.

“It is only dependent on the person who is legally mandated to chair that meeting who is the provincial administrator. It will be an open council meeting, but though obviously the numbers are going to be reduced. We are going to engage all those stakeholders and we will engage all the leaders of the groups who wanted to come,” he said.

Residents have been calling on the councillors to elect a mayor who hails from the province who can relate with their problems.

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  1. Such behaviour is unciviliased and thats the problem with areas which are pro-mdc there still think violence can solve appointments and so forth the political leader must reign in on issues like these, lets change and show the world that we have a bit of education in our heads for heavens sake

    1. Nhaiwe MDC yapinda papi ipapa? Ukawana nguva utikwanirewo

  2. “Residents have been calling on the councilors to elect a mayor who hails from the province…”. What nonsense! All elected councilors are Bulawayo residents so there is no issue there. Bulawayo belongs to all those who live and make contributions of all sorts there. Coltarts, Khumalos , Bandas, Lungas, Mutemas, Patels etc etc are all Bulawayans. You can belong to any race, tribe, religion, sex etc and be the mayor of Bulawayo as long as you qualify to be a councilor there. All councilors are eligible. Please stop the tribal nonsense you are insinuating. Bulawayo is a cosmopolitan sphere.

    1. What you are suggesting is akin to saying Highlanders should forget about its founder Rhodes Khumalo, King Lobhengula’s son. That is madness. I think you are fake Khumalo. You are not a Mntungwa.

      1. Hey, Mboni. You seem not to have understood the gist of the argument. I suggest that you get an interpreter. The argument is simply that Bulawayo belongs to all people who live there whether their ancestors are from England, Zvimba, South Africa or the Great Lakes. Mzilikazi who bore Lobengula came from South Africa.

        1. Khumalo ake uzame ukuyakuba ngu councilor eHarare sibone kumbe Bazaku votela.

        2. Strictly speaking -ts not about whether an individual is Shona nNdebele Nyanja, white or whatever. Its about respecting and retaining the cultural identity and proud history of the City. The whites in Rhodesia were far better in this than the current regime. That is why Bulawayo kept its identity up until 1980. They were not bent on destroying. Since 1980, unless you are a pretender, you can see what has happened to Bulawayo and the whole of Matebeleland with the resettlement. People from outside our provinces have no respect for our identity like the whites were. They are even happy that our languages are dying. What kind of people or Africans are these who thrive on destroying fellow African cultures? All they want is to dominate everywhere in the name of their rights; what about our rights as well as minorities? They also need to be protected. Why are they never satisfied with their dominance in 85% of the country including government and every facet of our lives? Do you think this ZANU PF government’s rejection of the coronation of our King in March was simply a Constitutional issue? Its simply tribalism hidden behind Constitutionalism. Wise up mfethu. Matebeleland people have every right of not trusting these people. We have a right to be!!

          1. shut the fuck up you ndebeles voted for zanu

        3. King Mzilikazi could have come from what you call South Africa, but there was no South Africa at that time. So was everyone else’s ancestors. They all came from elsewhere – though at different times of history. The land between the two rivers belongs to the indigenous Khoi people; the San people; the Nama people etc – not anyone of Bantu extraction. Stealing someone else property first, before the next thief who comes along steals or takes it by force from you does not make you the rightful owner – it doesnt matter how long you keep that stolen property. Even if you keep it for 2 000 years – it still remains stolen property. Its not yours. People should stop claiming!!

  3. kid marongorongo

    zvipiko zveMDC zvakazoitwa pasina hohoho

  4. Stinking tribalism! Send those hoodlums to school . There is no councillor in Bulawayo who isn’t a resident of that beautiful city and so they are eligible to qualify. Don’t be misled by the tribal zealots in the MDC. We still remember what they said to Khupe at the Tsvangirai homestead in Buhera. Chamisa’s venom!

  5. KwaBulawayo was founded by King Mzilikazi. Its a Royal City. Highlanders was founded by King Lobhengula’s son Rhodes Khumalo. YiNqaba; its a Royal Football Club. Those who lead these two should always retain their historical and cultural significance. Everywhere in the world, this is what attracts international tourists and builds the tourism industry. Unfortunately this resistance you see here by the people of Bulawayo is symptomatic of a much deeper problem – a problem of those bent on destroying the Ndebele identity in Zimbabwe. Its been the case in the last 38 years and people know this, hence the resistance!

    1. Peacemore Makhurane

      King Mzilikazi came from South Africa and there were already people living in that area. Mzilikazi came to Bulawayo just some 60 or so years before the whites came. Whites, Shonas, Tongas, Kalangas, Nambya folks, Nyanjas, Indians etc can become mayors in Bulawayo if they qualify to be councilors. Don’t get angry over nothing, my man. Even David Coltart can become mayor of Bulawayo.

      1. There was no South Africa at the time of King Mzilikazi – so what the hack are you talking about? Thats point number one. Point number two, true indeed King Mzilikazi came from elsewhere; so was the case with those people he found there, except of course the Khoisan people. Everyone else including your ancestors came from elsewhere – East and Central Africa to be precise. They all stole Khoisan lands and kept the stolen loot for thousands of years before King Mzilikazi came along and did to them what they also did to the Khoisan. So why this holier than thou attitude? If you can show us the evidence that those people dropped from heavens above – then I will agree with you that; well that was indeed their land. Otherwise your cries are simply the cries of the kettle calling the pot Black. Its tired ZANU PF twisted self-centred history not based on historical facts of which we are sick and tired!!

  6. Dube, the thief and fraudster should leave council

  7. @ Peacemore Makhurane. Of course anybody can be Mayor if voted for. But what I am talking about is the cultural and historical identity of the city of kwaBulawayo. In fact you seem to forget that most of the City fathers who have led Bulawayo are of Non Nguni origin. They were mainly Kalanga; and many of the people in Matebeleland regarded themselves as Ndebele in the past. Nowadays its fashionable to claim one is not Ndebele, except when they find themselves in South Africa. Kkkkkkk Lol!!

  8. Sadly some Ndebeles have a serious inferiority complex. Anyone should be mayor anywhere in the country and everyone should be President. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans. Ongafuniyo kayekhele. U can go to KZN and demand that no Shona should be mayor because that’s South Africa this is Zimbabwe.

    1. @Papa Jose
      Unfortunately in Zim, what you are saying is just theory. No one outside the Shona speaking Provinces will ever be President in Zimbabwe. That much you know, no matter how much you would like to pretend otherwise. Just look at the ZANU PF Presidency and their Government – nobody talks about Kembo Mohadi because uhlobisile nje kuphela. He is just there for decoration and you know it. Pretence and dishonesty is the core of Zimbabwe’s divisions. Learn to be honest with each for once as citizens; only then you will progress!

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