Victoria Falls mayor forced to step down

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has ordered Victoria Falls mayor Somvelo Dhlamini to step down and make way for Margaret Varley whose nomination had been rejected by both councillors and residents, MDC Alliance Matabeleland North provincial chairperson Joel Gabuza said yesterday.


Dhlamini and his 10 fellow councillors appeared before Chamisa at Richard Morgan Tsvangirai House in Harare yesterday.

“Yes, he has been asked to do that because he has to comply with the party’s directive and that directive is that, the president (Nelson Chamisa) appointed mayors in terms of the (party) constitution, so he should simply do that.

He is supposed to do what the president directed.

He is not paving a way for anyone.

He is simply going to where he was put [deputy mayor] and where each one of them was put,” Gabuza said.

“The meeting was simply to explain that and for them to explain to us what exactly transpired.

In their explanation, they indicated that they had misfired and erred by not following the party directive.”

Gabuza said Varley was likely to assume the mayoral post after dismally losing to Dlamini who garnered eight votes while she got only three.

“Most probably she will attain her original position because the onus is on them.

We are finalising discussions with them confirming the position because they sold out.”

Asked if Dhlamini would comply, Gabuza said: “If he is a member of our party, he has to just comply.

The president is empowered to choose (people for) those positions.

We can’t have [President Emmerson] Mnangagwa appointing a minister then another minister comes in, it doesn’t work that way.”

“So, firstly, let’s see what happens to that directive.

Once he complies, then the other things will just fall in place,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Dhlamini were fruitless.

Meanwhile, the Victoria Falls Municipality has postponed the 2019 budget consultative meetings after all councillors were summoned to Harare, town clerk Ronnie Dube had said.

“We were left without choice after all the 11 councillors were called to report to Morgan Tsvangirai House in Harare,” he said.

“We will likely resume from Friday [tomorrow] into the weekend, hoping they will be back by then. These issues disturb council operations.

“We will also seek guidance from the Ministry of Local Government on how we should proceed under such circumstances, because we have failed to execute our mandate as council.

The postponement was uncalled for because the budget meetings were scheduled and these councillors should have politely informed their party then travel after that,” he said.

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  1. I am disgusted by Chamisa’s behavior. He must look closely what he wants to achieve. Every elected councilor qualifies to be mayor so there is no need for him to poke his long nose into council democratic processes.
    What MDC-Alliance needs to do is to vet thoroughly all the people who want to be councilors so that anyone of the can freely contest for the mayoral post should the opportunity arise.
    What Chamisa is now doing would destroy the organization and would make citizens view the whole process with suspicion. It is also a breeding ground for corruption. People will ask what Chamisa was given by the people he insists should be mayors. The president of MDC-Alliance should not engage in partisan activities.
    It’s high time people started watching Nelson Chamisa closely!!!

    1. Boys will always be boys! Once a man and twice a child. Hoyo president wenyu, he imposes his will on the people. Shame maningi!

  2. Hitler in the making. Nhaimi council business is the prerogative of the councillors if they want to choose a baboon as Mayor let it be.As a tourist Resort it has to have a face acceptable to the visiting tourists but, what of the residents.This makoroni bhasa village boy is up to no good

  3. The law says the Councillors should elect a mayor among themselves, so they should be careful in following the dictator’s directive that they don’t break the law. I wonder if this is how this boy was going to the run the government if he had won. God is great, the troubles we are in would have been child’s play.

  4. kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  5. MDC democracy stinks. Chamisa appoints all mayors in MDC controlled towns. Councillors who are legally entitled to elect mayors have just to rubber-stand Chamisa’s appointments. His appointees must win or else the election must be redone ! He tried it with Presidential elections & failed. Now he is bulling his little party touts in the wards! Chamisa, ndimbandimba , the bully of Harvest House .

  6. A true dictator in the making. God intervened we could be burning if he had won the elections. Good riddance

    1. He is making stupid mistakes but he is better than ED and ZANU PF.

      1. Hazvina kuti better than izvi.A statesman should never compare himself to others but should always try to better himself in his endevour to improve human good.

      2. In what way? Musafurire munhu ari kukanya.

  7. takavhotera MDC because Chamisa and Biti ,vamwe hatitozive councillor and mp wandakavhotera. ayo ma councillor kana vasingaite zvinoda musangano ngavabude mu part vaite ma independent candidates tione kuti vanohwina her?
    ungati munhu wapinda nepart ticket iwe woramba zvinodiwa nepart yakakupinza?
    so wese anoda kuita zvemusoro wake buda mu part muende kuzanu. hamungarege kuita zvataurwa na President we part yenyu ndokushaya hunhu ikoko. vakaramba vachioma musoro recall them Chamisa..
    tozvidira mavhu izvo imbwa dzevanhu

    1. ibasa rema counselors to select mayor of their own choices no Chamisa….hwatova humbimbindoga hwachamisa kuvhiringidza vanhu vakahwina sarudzo kuti vaite basa ravo…rambai makatarisa chamisa achiwondonga MDC sozvaaida kuita nyika yedu …chamisa mwana mucheche chaiye haasati akukodzera kutungamirira bata uyu ungazviramba asi pamberi apo uchazvidemba…dai Mwonzvora atungamira hake MDC zvingaite nani guys

  8. Call that stupid mistakes when a President intervenes and dictates who should be Mayor?Come on. Whether you like him or not it’s better to criticise him so that he can do the right thing. Don’t forget that 9months ago we had a President who would hire and fire Willy nilly. Didn’t listen to anyone. Had a foul mouth. Where did it take us.Well you tell me.

    1. Well said. Let us not protect leaders when they err. Honai kwatakatsvitswa naRobert

  9. Remember they all concur that’s what the party contituition entails that the president appoints mayors though to some it may sound dictatorial somehow.

  10. chematsenganzungu

    dictator uyo

  11. A real rubbish.

  12. No need to attack Chamisa in this case,if anything is to be attacked its the MDC constitution .From my understanding Nelson is right according to the party constitution

  13. Tochida zvakadaro chikomana,nomatter what Zanoids say

  14. We dont eat food from Zanu pf’s tables. If what Chamisa does is constitutional then lets go My President. We infact dont meddle in Zanu pf affairs. You Zanus just shut up. Takavhotera party not individuals. I dont even know my own councillor but I voted for him like what every other party was doing

  15. Stop it Chamisa. Surely he is a worse dictator. It’s good you did not become the Zimbabwean Head of State. Last week you were demanding Maboke from Masvingo as Mayor, you wanted to impose your favourite candidate friend Godfrey Kueauone. This week it’s Vic Falls. Remember you don’t have constituency. We will boot you out. Your predecessor did the same dictatorship.
    ED Pfee better.

  16. Your Name (required):Special Black

    What does the law say regarding electing Mayors? Does a leader of a political party appoint Mayors? Musazotibira mari dze council muchiisa kumabato enyu nokuti kana motsvagirana zvigaro nekuzivana yava corruption. Regai akawiner aite mayor. Hokoyo ne democracy !

  17. Something is not adding up here. MDCA, not MDC contested elections, but MDC Constitution is said to be used in selecting mayors. Is Chamisa prepared to impose PDP or other small parties councillor as mayor whom the resident may want to be their mayor? Truly speaking MDC is no longer a democratic party but a dictatorship. All things are dictated by Chamisa. So what is the difference between Chamisa’s party and Mugabe’s ZANU?

  18. Ndozvamaida hama neshamwari….kuvhotera Chamisa.
    Chimugutayi mega. #Godisinit

  19. Pa Chishona ukaona mutorwa achichema kupinda hama dzemufi zvinoreva kuti ndiye akauraya mufi. Hama dzemufi dzinobva dzatanga kumuudza kuti abve panhamu iyi vachiimba kuti “NDIWE WAKAURAYA—-“. Vanhu veZanu PF imbwa chaidzo kupindira nyaya isiri yavo. Ko ngavachibiridziraka ECONOMY sezvavakaita ma ELECTIONS.

  20. Interesting to note that:
    1. Councillors were voted in as MDC Alliance, not MDC Chamisa, candidates. Follows then the MDC Chamisa constitution may not be used on their conduct.
    2. We have voters who claim to have voted for a party and are not aware of the characteristics of the people they voted for. V

  21. Democracy MDC style. Cherokee gudo tinovhotera long as tiri mu party.
    How can you have a voters who unashamedly declares he does not know who he voted for as councilor?
    I may be wrong, but I believe councillors were elected on MDC Alliance tickets. Why now apply MDC Chamisa constitution on them?

  22. Chamisa worst dictator ever. See how he took over power from Thokozani Khupe. Mudzuri even warned that time will answer that people just followed wind yekuti Chamisa for president without any thinking. Just because they wanted change

  23. Comment…kana zvaramba tovhotera zanu horaiti.akadii kuvhota ega chamisa wacho.verybad.

  24. Nelson “Wamba dia Wamba” Chamisa is a dictator. The councillors voted for an individual who they believed will turn the fortunes of the Victoria Falls Municipality, but alas, Chamisa seated at Harvest House thinks otherwise.

    He bulldozes his way to satisfy his selfish interests.

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